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Yusuke sighed as he flew out of Keiko's house, "That went well."

"Wonderful! Now you just have to finish the ordeal and you can get your life back," Botan smiled as she joined him. After a moment she frowned, "Is something wrong?"

Yusuke smirked, "There's one more person I want to visit."

Sasuke's room was simple, a dark blue twin bed against the far wall and a black desk in front of the window. An ebony dresser against the closest wall and a wood floor with dark blue walls and ceiling. The Uchiha crest painted on the left wall and a sheathed black and white sword just under it the only other colors in the room (1).

Sasuke himself was curled on his side with his left arm over the covers and his right under the pillow, his black nightshirt blending in with the blankets.

Yusuke hovered just slightly above the floor next to the Uchiha's bed. Botan came up behind him, "He doesn't look so cold when he's asleep."

It was true. The living teen's features could be called relaxed, his breathing deep and even. He looked almost… nice. Not that Yusuke would actually tell him that.

Yusuke snorted, "He's all talk. He's really big softy deep down… Deep, deep, deep down."

Yusuke crossed his legs and floated above his friend. Taking a deep breath he started, "Hey smartass,"

Unlike Keiko's mind which was warm and inviting, Sasuke's was colder and quite surprising. When Yusuke looked around he found himself in a large room. Red stone walls held up with black pillars rose incredibly high. Tan stone made up the floor but black designs brought his attention to the far wall. A raised platform with a throne-like structure stood tall and proud. The wall on his right had a large window open showing a forest that gave Yusuke a creepy feeling. The moonlight came through the window and lit up a decent sized area. Yusuke stood on one end of the light, farther away from the throne. On the other end stood Sasuke. However, this Sasuke was wearing a white open kimono top with dark blue pants held together with a red sash. Weird looking dark blue sandals covered his feet and his sword was strapped to his back (2).

"Sasuke! Where are we!? What the hell are you wearing?" Yusuke exclaimed.

"What are you doing here, Yusuke?" Sasuke's face had its stoic mask on and his voice was monotone. To most, he was completely emotionless, but Yusuke could hear the slight curiosity annoyance in his voice thanks to the fact that they had been friends for several years.

Yusuke looked stunned, "You're not surprised to see me?"

Cue the famous Uchiha smirk, "Of course not. I'm just wondering why you came to visit now."

Now it was Yusuke's turn to smirk, "You know something like a car crash can't keep me down for long."

"Yet you're still dead."

"Shut up!"

Sasuke chuckled, "How long until you come back?"

Blink blink, "Huh?"

"That's why you're here, right?" He gestured with his right arm to his surroundings, "To tell me you're coming back?"

"Ye-yeah… But how did you..?"

Sasuke looked down and closed his eyes, "You're not the only one with secrets Yusuke Urameshi."

Yusuke looked at him with a serious face until it was replaced with a frustrated one. He stuffed his hands into his pocket and sighed, "Seriously, you're way too troublesome."

Sasuke looked up and walked forward until he was in front of the invading ghost, "That's never stopped you before."

"You still haven't told me what this is," Looking around again Yusuke discovered the room was also a wreck. Holes were everywhere in the stone the glass was shattered, it looked like a warzone.

Sasuke looked around, sadness seeping into his features, "Maybe one day I'll tell you, when you follow through with your promise."

Yusuke looked at his friend with a hard expression.

It was quiet for a bit until Sasuke suddenly spoke up, "See you in school tomorrow."

Yusuke blinked, "What do you- Ah!" He was abruptly cut off as he was forced out of his friend's mind. When he stopped rolling and regained his balance, he noticed he was floating upside down above the Uchiha home.


Sasuke watched Kuwabara talk his friends out of finding the people who had clobbered him.

He turned to look back out the window, "Idiots."

"Hey! I've never seen Kuwabara studying this much since ever! And he's doing it for his friend!" Yusuke came up beside him.

"He can't hear you Yusuke," Botan reminded him.

The dead punk sighed, "I know Botan, but-"

"It won't matter if he passes or not," Both spiritual beings turned to look at the raven-haired youth still looking out the window, "Akashi-sensei will still fail him."

"You can hear us?" Botan asked dumbfounded.

He gave her a blank look.

"You have some explaining to do, Uchiha!" Yusuke pointed accusingly.

Insert smirk, "After you come back."

"Why you little- Hey! Don't you walk away from me!" Sasuke had started toward his homeroom.

Sasuke stopped and looked over his shoulder, "Botan,"

The ferry girl looked up in surprise, "Yes!"

"Make sure he doesn't mess up. I still need him." With those lovely parting words Sasuke continued down the hall.

The spirits hovered in the hallway until Botan spoke up, "How did he…"

Yusuke snorted, "I've stopped trying to figure him out long ago."

A thoughtful look grew on Botan's face, "What did he mean by that, he still needs you. And the other day, he was talking about a promise."

Yusuke looked down solemn, "When we were younger, I promised him I'd help him get back what he had lost. He never said what, just that it was important to him."

Botan nodded, "Well, I hope you can help him."

"So do I."

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