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The Scarlet Rose

The old grey tabby walked cautiously and quietly in the pouring rain trying not to draw any attention. Well not yet anyway. A small pouch in her mouth carrying what seem to look like something very small. "Where is it? Ugh! I just hope this works," The small tabby thought to herself.

After walking a few more blocks at last she finally found it. The entrance to the Jellicle Junkyard. The two small street lights by the main gate marked the entrance. As she neared the gate she placed the small pouch down on the ground and signed in relief

As the pouch fell open it revealed two small very young kittens. One (the eldest) had bright red fur with tiny black patches all over mixed with a white bib giving her a very sexy and beautiful look. Even for a kitten. The other had black and gold fur, and also had a white bib like her sister. Her tiny eyes barley opened. The young kitten began to meow and shiver from the cold rain.

The grey tabby looked at the two beautiful kittens. She didn't know how she could even think to be so cruel to them. Abandoning them like this, but she had no choice. This place would be a better home for them. This place would give them a life that she could never give them.

The grey tabby put one of her paws gently on the red kittens head. Brushing her head fur very smoothly as the young kitten began to purr. The young one looked up at her mother. Innocent emerald eyes drilled right into her. Tears began to fill her eyes, as sorrow filled her heart. "My dear, I am very sorry," the tabby began. Her voice filled with sadness. She had to stop a second and swallow a sob before she could talk again. " I am sorry, but I must leave you and your sister here. Don't be afraid for this tribe were friends of mine once and they will take excellent care of you. They will be more of a family to you more than I could ever be." The kitten just kept starring at her. But after a few seconds just nodded towards her mother. The young kitten then wrapped her arms around her younger sister trying to give her what warmth she could.

The tabby then said, "Please, watch after your sister. She will be all you have left of me and she will soon be one of your many strengths. I see a bright future for you. Be strong my Bombalurina, My Scarlet Rose."