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Aquia (Aqua) smiled at her reflection, brushing her long straight black hair back. Her sapphire blue eyes twinkeled as she stepped away from the mirror in her Ranger union room. She had done it, she was a Pokemon Ranger! Pulling Her Ranger jacket on, she looked over to where Sapphire, her Vapoereon napped.

Curled up on the single lavendar sheeted bed, Sapphire snoozing, her tailfin curled up as well. Saphire was her partner pokemon an they had b een through so much together. Her black-blue eyes opened as soon as Aquia twisted the door knob.

Sapphire yawned, gazing at her trainer. "Vaporeon, on?" Jumping off the bed, she went to her trainer and rubbed against Aqua's legs in a very Delcatty like manner.

" Hey Saph, Let's go." Aqua scooped up her water type eeveelution, before opening the door and walking into the hall.

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