A/N: Another short chapter. Hopefully they'll start getting longer. This is where it starts to get fun~ Enjoy! :D

Chapter 3

Stickler awoke to a dark room. Or at least, he thought it was a room. Couldn't really be sure, considering just how dark it was. He sat up slowly and had to stop himself from falling over due to the annoying dizziness. His head throbbed and he felt it with his finger tips. A nasty bump, but no blood, he realized. Probably not even a concussion.

Blinking to try and get his eyes used to the light, he noticed a green glow emanating from the bottom of a door. He also noticed a low beeping coming from the same direction. He sighed irritably. He was seriously reconsidering his future career goals.

He stood slowly, and made his way towards the door, gladly noting that the dizziness was fading to a slight lightheadedness, though coupled with a still painful throbbing.

Trying the handle, but expecting the door to be locked, he was surprised (and somewhat concerned) that it gave way with ease. He slowly pushed it open a crack and peered in. The green glow, he now saw, was coming from a green screen on a wall panel. The beeping seemed to be coming from that. Glancing around quickly, he ascertained that no one was around and went in.

After several minutes of observation and slight tinkering, he came to a rather shocking conclusion. He was about 20,000 feet below sea level in a CIATSS: CIA Top Secret Submarine. Judging from the radar (which was starting to get annoying with the "blip-bing…blip-bing") he was somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, not too far from the East Coast, but headed northwest.

Realizing that he was being sent on his father's mission, he pulled out his cell phone only to realize that there was signal 20 leagues under the sea, if for a special agent. He did a thorough search of the machinery of the submarine only to find that there were no communication devices. Some "Top Secret Protection-Detection Avoidance" thing. He groaned and sank in the chair behind the steering column, which was useless as the marine transport was in non-override autopilot.

"Dude. Where are we?"

Stickler snapped around to see Newt standing in the door way of the cockpit.

"N-Newt?! What-How? What are you doing in here?!"

"I'm not really sure. I was walking around the White House with Cory, when suddenly he got lost and I was somewhere I've never been before and then I like…fell down a hole or something." He rubbed the back of his head, "Kinda hurt."

Stickler just stared. Not only was he on his father's secret mission, but he was on his father's secret with Newt. Headed to who-knows-where to do who-knows-what. With zero contact to the outside world.

Stickler started to panic.