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Are these really?-" Ed asked, shocked. Harry nodded but, realizing his friend couldn't see it, answered verbally.


Shaky hands slipped easily over their edges. "where did you find them? And how? Can someone call Alphonse- My thoughts are all jumbled… I don't know what to do." Harry grinned as a small smile fell onto Edward's face. Luna smiled too, patting the other blond's hair in a semi-weird/semi-comforting way.

"The ministry was making them apparently. I spotted them but we were in too much of a hurry to save Sirius that I couldn't mention it. And even better, I can bring you a phone."

Edward nodded, half eager, half nervous. His fingers strayed out ward, searching for the phone that was supposedly there. The curved handle met him and suddenly he realized he didn't know what number to call. 'The colonel, he will probably know where all is.' He dialed the familiar number quickly, thankful that it was ingrained in his muscle memory.

In central, Roy Mustang glared at his piles of paper work, ears trained for the nerve-wracking sound of a gun cocking. Instead of that, the ringing of a phone met his ear drums. He picked it up quickly with a Professional, "Colonel Mustang Speaking."



"Yeah… Do you know where Alphonse is?"

"Right this moment he is researching the philosopher's stone at the library. But he is staying in your military dorm."

"He doesn't need to be doing that."

"Hmmm?" Hawkeye watched as confusion spread across her superior's face.

"Al doesn't need to be researching the Philosopher's stone because I found it. Three of them. Or actually, my friend Harry did."

"Fullmetal- are you serious? How?"

Ed hesitated, speaking only after Harry had been called away by someone in the door way.

"Harry had reason to believe his god-father was in danger so He, I, and our friends Luna, Ron, and Hermione, went to this place called the ministry of magic to find him. There was all kinds of weird stuff there and Harry found three philosopher's stones and stole them. He couldn't tell me until afterwards though because it was a trap."

"was every one alright?"

"Mostly. Most everyone got away unscathed."

"Who got permanently hurt? I'm sorry that one of your friends got-"

Ed cut him off, "No, all of my friends are fine."

The words made Roy freeze, His casual twisting of the phone cord stopping immediately. "But that would mean…"

"Yeah. When do you want my resignation? I doubt the military wants a blind state alchemist." Ed's voice broke a little bit.

"… I'm sorry."

"Yeah. Thanks. Could you get Al to come out here please? He should get his body back."

"alright. But Hawkeye and I are coming too.

"Aw, Do you hav-… Thanks Mustang."

"See you tomorrow."


Actually smiling, more at the prospect of seeing his brother than seeing Mustang, Ed hung up the phone and settled back into sleep.

It was strange, Ed thought, waking without the process of the gradual brightening of a room. His eyes were open, but it was as if someone had poured ink over them. Ink. That was a thought, did they change outwardly at all? Did he care? Well, not enough to ever admit it to anyone, but he had been rather fond of his eyes… He was rambling.




The first voice was the Colonel's, usually accompanied by a smirk- I wonder if he has one now?- the second was metallic and echoed hollowly, and the third made him think of dodging bullets. When he had fallen asleep, Luna's warmth had been at his side. It was gone, and surprisingly, he missed it.

"hi guys" Edward smiled weakly, straining his ears to detect the slight creaking of his brother's armor.

Alphonse looked at the Colonel, then back at Ed, who was smiling and looking blankly into space. Mustang had said something had happened but he hadn't elaborated, saying that it was for Edward to tell. "Brother? What's wrong? Why won't you look at me?"

"Mustang, did you not…"


"Ahh… Al, do you want the good news or the bad news first?"

"…Good, that way I can hope that it will even out with the bad."

Ed smiled, "Believe me it does." And pulled out the stones from his bedside table drawer. Two gasps of shock came from somewhere to his right and he angled himself towards them.

"Brother is that?"

"Yep, three philosopher's stones. We can get you back to normal within the week."

Staring at the red stones, Alphonse was lost for words. He could be human again. But then, what could be the bad news… "That's amazing, but… What is the bad news."

A small intake of breath was the only preparation Ed allowed himself. "My friend found these during a fight. I was an idiot and forgot to watch my back during the fight and got hit by a curse… I'm blind. "

"Blind… as in…"

"Yeah, I guess I'm lucky even in my bad luck. If we hadn't found these before I lost my sight it would have been almost impossible for us to find. So… "


"I'll be fine, besides you need to actually get going and act on your crush or Winry will stop waiting."

"Hey! It's not like I could do anything about it while I was in the armor!"

"Are you sure you just weren't scared!"

The conversation trailed off into bickering and Mustang smiled, looking up at Hawkeye. "They still are kids aren't they?"

"Yes sir, sometimes they are."

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