It's Real this time



Part One

Kristina had told the truth that Kiefer did beat the hell out of her and after a short vacation she came back to Port Charles and in the start of her return, she was in the wedding of Jason and Sam. As Kristina came back and got dressed for school, she knew that Kiefer would be there and wasn't worried at all about that. Of course she was a little bit but who wouldn't be/ As she walked into the school, she wasn't the most popular in the world since Kiefer had loyal followers but had a few choice friends…Michael greeted his sister and was also an outcast himself too after confessing to the murder of Claudia…He got justified homicide and the cover-up went perfect. So as they would talking about class, Kiefer came down slimy as ever after doing therapy. He walked to them and just had a smile. Kristina never took her eyes off him and then blew it off. It was gym and Kristina was getting ready for it. As she was hearing more whispers about her and just decided to ignored them all…

"The whole family are nothing but thugs anyway." A senior said and Kristina got up to responded, "So if we are a bunch of thugs as you say, why would you want to talk about me behind my back when you know it would make me angry?" The girls just flew away like rats….

She would watched very carefully and see this woman who she could only imagination with bruises all over her face.

"Because my dear now there lives have a purpose…" The girl from behind said and walked to Kristina.. "My dad is a cop and I have heard everything from I'm daddy girl I get away with everything and my favorite snitch…" The woman said and Kristina was listening somewhat.. "Who's your father?" Kristina asked and the girl responded, "Gabriel Cash-man. Best dad ever.." Kristina wasn't used to someone praising there dad. "Best dad.." Kristina said and the girl responded, "Yep. I mean he's gets over-protected but his heart is in the right place. Always told me baby-girl listen to what I say because it's more important then how I'm saying it. If that boy had touched me….." Kristina didn't know if she should be friends with this cop's daughter but what's her dad going to do be mad at her besides she lives with her mom. "I'm Kristina.." Kristina said and the girl responded, "My name is Isabella." "Like the girl from…" Kristina said and the girl gave her a look.