It's Real This Time



Part 14

Elizabeth then showed pictures of Isabella dead. Brenda didn't believe it at first and then showed them as slides. Brenda was beginning to believe it and Elizabeth set the gun aside to show it was the same type Isabella got shot with. "You know you listen very carefully and take notes to make sure you have detail right when your getting somewhere back. A daughter for a daughter you almost caused me." Elizabeth said and Brenda broke down. "You took the baby, God told me to do it! God told me to do it! ME!!!!!!!" Brenda yelled and added, "He told me to hurt you whore, he told to rape you whore and killed that pretty little D.A. All of you are whores!"

Kiefer was sporting a nice black dress, Kristina did his make-up. "You know maybe you should dress like your not in high school anymore.. You should dress more mature. You should be a woman. What do you think Kiefer? Is this how you saw me the night you fuck me up?!" Kristina yelled and Cyrus pushed him down.. The high heels on Kiefer feet was killing him. Isabella took off her jacket and looked at Kristina. "I'm sorry if this is going to bring you bad memories." Isabella said and then she opened the door…Just like Kiefer did that night.. She played the part and soundly kicked his ass just like he did to Kristina that night and then it was Michael's turned to finished it with a .22 caliber to Kiefer's head. "It was a sniper that made me sleep for a year. I didn't do anything to deserved being in a coma for one year! Kristina didn't deserved to be beaten like that you fucking pig! Good night motherfucker." Michael said and Kiefer yelled no. Then a stream of yellow liquid came down Kiefer's dress…Michael got up and laughed. They all laughed as couldn't believe it worked. Beaten him up and truly humiliating him. Michael pulled the trigger and it was just pig's blood. Isabella got the call and mysteriously Brenda's beaten body was found. It was taken to General Hospital…

As the kids backtrack to make sure no knew it was them. They went to General Hospital and as Isabella prep for her "reunion" with her mother. She opened the door and to find the bed emptied with a note…

"I will get you for killing my daughter.." Thanks to a good disguised, no one could report she was at G.H tonight. The kids all said goodbyes to her and Michael shared an emotion one….As Isabella walked to her car, her dad gave her the keys and said, "She heading to Landview right to Mitch Lawrence, Scarlet."

As Scarlet remember one thing after her kiss with Michael, she said one thing very clear, "We belong together and always protect your sister…" Michael said and Isabella not the avenging angel that Scarlet is hugged her friend really hard. "You are truly my only friend….He's my only boyfriend…" Isabella said and Scarlet walked out….