Counselor Deanna Troi looked up as the door to her office hissed open. Her understanding smile faded a bit into an uncomprehending one as two children walked in, dragging a scowling Wesley Crusher behind them.

"Are you Counselor Troi?" the girl asked in a worried voice. And she was truly worried. Deanna could tell, because, as she enjoyed reminding people, she was half-Betazoid.

Deanna smiled and nodded. "Yes, I am. What can I do for you?"

The girl looked relieved, and Deanna was proud she could do so much for people with just a few words. She truly was a great counselor.

"I'm Mary Sue," the girl said, "and this is my twin brother Gary Stu and our cousin Wesley." She indicated the two boys next to her.

"She already KNOWS my name," Wesley snapped.

Deanna winced as she focused on Wes and felt the angry emotions radiating off him.

"Wes, you're angry and upset…" she began.

A sudden gasp from the twins cut her off.

"How does she KNOW that?" Gary Stu gaped.

Wesley stared at him. "Are you kidding me? It's kind of obvious!"

"I am an empath," Deanna informed Gary Stu and Mary Sue, ignoring Wesley. She was grateful for a chance to tell of her incredible abilities to someone who did not already know—and not just one someone, TWO! "I can sense the emotions of others. My mother was Betazoid and my father was human."

"Wow!" cried Mary Sue. "You're part Betazoid too?"

Deanna looked puzzled. "'Too'?" What did she mean, 'too'? No one else could be part Betazoid. Being part Betazoid was what made her SPECIAL, damn it!

Gary Stu nodded in earnest. "We're one-eighth Betazoid! We've found that we can communicate with other telepaths!"

"Really," Deanna thought at Gary Stu and Mary Sue.

"Really!"the twins sent back in unison, beaming.

Deanna smiled.

Wesley had been sitting on the couch for fifteen minutes, watching silent conversations between his cousins and Counselor Troi.

Damn couch, he thought angrily.

At last, Deanna turned from his cousins to look at him. After getting to know them better, she had realized that they were just as special as she was, and she no longer felt threatened by them being special in the same way she was. Who knows? Maybe she would even get the chance to serve with them someday. "Wesley, from what your cousins have told me, you seem to have severe anger issues. I suggest we meet once a week to discuss this."

"I DO NOT HAVE ANGER ISSUES!" Wes screamed, jumping to his feet. It felt good to scream away the frustrations of the day, but when he saw the counselor and his cousins staring at him in stunned silence, he realized that that hadn't been the best idea and sighed. "Look, Counselor, I just…don't think that's really necessary."

Deanna gave Wesley a stern glance. She knew just how to handle stubborn children—how many times had she had to deal with the captain, after all? She knew who was really running this ship. "Now Wes, do I have to speak to your mother?"

"No!" Wesley groaned. "Fine! I'll be back in a week." And with that, he stalked out. The twins gave each other worried glances before racing after him.

"Wes! Wait up!" Gary Stu pleaded.

"What do you want NOW?" Wes groaned as he turned around.

"Wesley, we only want what's best for you!" Mary Sue said.

Wes stared at them. "You have GOT to be kidding me."

The twins looked at him with large, imploring eyes, and Wesley had to sigh. "Oh, fine."

The faces of Gary Stu and Mary Sue immediately brightened. "Oh, thank you, Wes, thank you!"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," muttered Wesley.

"Can we…keep going on the tour?" Mary Sue asked timidly. She brushed her blonde hair back behind her ear.

Wesley rolled his eyes. "Fine. Whatever. Have you guys talked to my mom yet?"

The twins shook their heads.

"But Wes, it'd sure be dandy if we could see Aunt Beverly!" Gary Stu said cheerfully.

Wes stared at him in disbelief. 'Dandy'?

"Okay," he said out loud. "Sickbay's that way. Let's go."