For the Sake of One

By Notgonnasay09

Note: The original plot for this was based off of thymistical's "Betrayal." Yes, I have permission to use his concept for my fic, but I will try to make this as much my own as possible.

I also do not own Naruto. If I did, Naruto would not be as oblivious to affection as he is in canon, and Sasuke would simply have been satisfied with killing Itachi with the understanding that he did what he had to do out of duty.


Three figures sat in a darkened room one late summer evening, with a lamp being the only source of light. One appeared to be a young woman no older than perhaps twelve. Her face could not be seen, but one could feel a hardened mindset around her. The other two, sitting directly across from her, appeared to be in their late sixties or older seventies. Not much could be seen of the elderly group's features, mostly due to the lack of light, but one could make out a pair of glasses and a bun hairstyle with an extended sebon in the hair of what appeared to be the female of the pair.

"You know what you must do, child?" asked what appeared to be the only male of the group of three. He sat in a chair facing the two other figures in the room, sounding like a general informing a private of his or her mission.

The youngest member of the room stared back at the two elderly people in front of her. "Yes, I do. I must kill Naruto Uzumaki. He is a threat that must be eliminated. His presence will only endanger the village as a whole. It will be done. And in exchange…"

"We will guarantee you a place as the wife of one of the most prestigious clans in Konohagakure no Sato when the time comes." The elderly woman smiled, which betrayed the rather sinister nature of her request.

A smile came from the third member's pink lips. "Consider it done." With that, the youngest member left the room.

"Have we done the right thing?" The elderly woman asked.

"It is for the good of Konoha. There are simply too many risks involving the boy. If he survives, Konoha will become a major target for anyone looking for his power. This is for the best." The elderly man stated.

Little did anyone realize that this plot against one young man would change the village forever…