I was planning on updating sooner, but as always, there were complications. This chapter is a little longer i think. I'll be gone for a little while, so the next chapter may take some time, but I already have the whole plot planned out for it. I hope everyone enjoys, and I'm really greatful to those who have been reading this story and offering their opinions and questions. Enjoy!

The four girls took a moment to laugh at Kitty's indignation; however, reality struck them much sooner than they had expected. It was very clear by now that despite how wild and loud the other students could be, it was impossible for them to make this much noise and make the entire mansion shake this much. The mirrors in the bathroom appeared to be on the verge of falling and shattering into a million pieces. It was clear now that Alexis was not the only one concerned.

Just as the four girls began to exit the bathroom into the hallway, a small rectangle floated toward them. Upon closer inspection, which didn't last very long, Alexis discovered that it was a playing card. While she thought this a rather curious and random object to be floating to the ground in the middle of the bathroom, she did not expect what came next. As the card began to glow, she was jerked toward the door by three very horrified looking girls.

Alexis felt as if she was going to fall and she squinted up her eyes, hoping to avoid a painful landing. Instead of landing face first as she had expected, Alexis noticed the feel of a soft rug under her feet which was not there before. In her confusion, Alexis opened her eyes, wishing she hadn't because now she was even more perplexed than before. She looked around to find herself in a room full of books just as a very loud explosion sounded overhead.

The room had a cozy aura to it. There were giant arm chairs that looked very inviting. Candles lit the walls and cast a mysterious but entrancing light upon the room. Alexis noticed a chess set on one of the many tables positioned around the room. The more of the room that Alexis admired, the more confused she became because she was sure that this room was not what awaited the girls on the other side of the door in the bathroom.

For the first time since she opened her eyes, she took note of the look of panic on the other three girls' faces. Kitty looked a bit tired and drained for some reason, almost how Alexis felt after she herself had used her powers. Rogue was muttering to herself and running around the library as if she were looking for something. Alexis heard something like, "That darn cajun" and, "What the heck was he thinking?" Then suddenly Rogue let out a yell of frustration saying, "Well, what should I expect; that boy never thinks!"

Alexis was very perplexed by Rogue's musings; however, she was not so distracted to ignore the fact that Jean had a calm look on her face and seemed to be concentrating very hard despite the current situation. Alexis realized that Kitty had overcome her stupor and had begun to assist Rogue in the search for something in the room. All of a sudden, a panel opened in the wall and there appeared a very futuristic tunnel. It reminded Alexis of something out of a Star Wars movie. The door which Alexis thought lead to an elevator of some sort, even made the same swooshing sound.

While Rogue and Kitty played with the panel and the many buttons on the wall, Jean appeared to become very frustrated. Alexis tried to put into words her curiosity about the door, such as why it was there, where it lead to, and how did it get there, but she simply couldn't. Simultaneously, many loud bangs resounded. All four of the girls, each giving up their task, looked towards the door from which the banging had come. Kitty and Rogue quickly began to run toward the elevator motioning for Jean and Alexis to follow. Alexis was starting to head to the elevator, when Jean heaved a sigh of relief.

Jean ran toward the door, swung it open and moved away as the tornado of ice, fur, and explosions entered the room; however, on closer examination, Alexis realized that this tornado was smaller than the original one. There were only three people this time: a boy who seemed to be carved out of ice, a girl who had been a wolf only moments before, and a spunky girl holding a few bright yellow balls that looked as if they would explode at any minute. The three rushed through the threshold the moment the door was opened.

"Hurry! You have to come help!" exclaimed the three. Alexis now noted how truly concerned each of their faces was. Jean, Kitty, and Rogue looked at the three and tried to calm them down.

After much hysteria, it was ascertained that a boy named Jamie, a girl name Amara, and another boy named Sam were stuck in a room somewhere. Alexis still did not understand what was so horrible about this.

"Why doesn't someone just call a locksmith?"

Alexis received incredulous looks from everyone accompanying her in the room. For the time being, she was ignored.

After much debate, it was decided that Kitty and Rogue would go with the other three to liberate those trapped, while Alexis and Jean went to the hanger in order to find the professor.

On the way down to the hanger, Alexis began to feel a bit awkward. She knew that she was not being told the truth. The only problem was that she didn't know rather it was intentional or not. Alexis finally decided that she was going to get some answers, starting with how Jean knew where the professor was and why everyone was so worried about some kids locked in a room. It wasn't as if there was a mad murderer on the loose.

Jean started to smile a little as a small chuckle escaped her lips. Upon realizing that Alexis had taken note of her laugh she made a point to contort her face into one with less emotion.

"What's going on here?" Alexis finally exclaimed, "I thought I was going to get some answers by talking to the professor and visiting here, but so far all I am is even more confused!"

Jean opened her mouth to reply, but was interrupted by Alexis again.

"And what is the big deal about calling a locksmith? They're not that expensive!"

Jean could not control her face any longer. She not only smiled, but burst out in a laughing fit. Alexis did not find this quite comforting. At that moment the elevator gave off a loud chime, signaling that they had reached their destination. The two girls exited, and Alexis took in the giant underground of the mansion, even more amazed now than she had been by what was above. Although Alexis didn't think it possible, this was even more of a labyrinth than the above ground area of the house; however, this part had a much more ominous feeling than the warm and welcoming nature of the decorated halls above.

"We've got a bit of a walk ahead of us. We are on the opposite side from the hangar," Jean said.

All that Alexis wanted was to have some of her questions answered. Jean seemed to realize this because she opened and closed her mouth a few times as if she were trying to think of what to say. After a few minutes of indecisive mumbles from Jean, she finally seemed to have decided what it was she wanted to say.

"Alexis, I understand that it must be hard for you to be thrown in here without answers and us asking you to just have faith in us, but there is a huge picture here and I'm not sure that I am the one to explain it. I don't honestly understand all of it." There was a brief pause in which Alexis tried to comprehend what Jean had told her, and Jean attempted to decide what to say next. "In general, whenever anything happens, we meet the professor in the hangar. With you here, he's concerned about your safety and asked that we keep you out of harm's way."

This all made sense to Alexis, but once Jean began to speak again, Alexis wondered when the professor had told them this, and what was the danger and harm that jean spoke of. Alexis soon found out.

Alexis didn't see or hear anything out of the ordinary other than the fact that she was running around in something similar to the set of a Star Wars movie with mutants, and she was being lied to. Other than that, Alexis didn't notice anything until Jean collapsed onto the floor, with her face contorted into a look of pain and clutching her head.

"Jean! Jean!" Alexis looked to her on the floor in horror. She had no idea what to do. She didn't even know where she was. "Jean, what's wrong?" Jean started to get up as her face relaxed a little.

As Jean looked up at Alexis with a shocked look on her face, she exclaimed, "Alexis, we have to get to the hangar now!"

The girls ran, picking up speed the further they traveled. That's when Alexis finally decided that if she was running around underground a mansion full of mutants, she was going to get some answers.

"What's happening, and why are we running?" Alexis didn't think this was an outrageous question. She felt that she had a right to know what on earth was going on.

"We have to get you to the professor now! There's somebody here, and Kitty and Rogue thought that they could handle it but apparently they couldn't. They-" Jean never got to finish her sentence for at that moment another floating rectangle appeared before the two girls.