Kaname is forced to be homeschooled. After all Purebloods are rare and his parents had tolerated normal school long enough. Will Kaname be able to adjust? What happens when being home so much sparks something that Kaname had suppressed for so long? How will Rido take it? AU – YAIO

Okie dokie… this was going to be a oneshot… then I was sort of stalking Sagakure's live journel (cause it's awesome)… and I saw that she wanted more RidoXKaname-ness… so I changed it to a series! Yay! Enjoy everyone!

Okay just real quick before you read just so it makes sense. 1- Rido isn't bad… he's the lovable doting uncle. 2- Haruka and Juri are still around 3- Yuki is engaged to Kaname as a child and she is still a vampire. 4 – Rido isn't in love with Juri (he doesn't swing that way… hehe)

Now you can enjoy!


Chapter 1: Time

This totally sucked! Kaname was angry because he had been pulled out of normal school and was now being homeschooled. And why? Because he was a Pureblood. The young brunette Vampire stalked through the huge mansion to his sister's room. He knocked. "Come innnn Onii-Sama!" Yuki called. When Kaname entered she was sitting in front of her huge dollhouse swinging her feet as she sat on the pink bench. "Come play!" Yuki smiled widely.

"I don't feel like it Yuki." Kaname put his hands in his pockets.

"What's wrong Onii-Sama?"

"I'm going to be at home for school just like you." Kaname sigh.

"Why are you sad about that? I loves it at home!"

"Ya. But I liked being with my friends. Now Takuma and everyone will have to come here if they want to see me."

"Oooooh. Well. It'll be fun! Uncle Rido teaches me sometimes! He's funny. And he doesn't teach long! But when the scary tutor man is in it takes a very long time."

"I know. You've told me before."

"Well if you don't want ask mommy and daddy to change it!"

"I have and they want me home. Apparently sixteen is a major thing and I should start acting like a Pureblood." Kaname sulked. Besides he wasn't looking forward to classes with his uncle. Ever since that day at the lake two years ago Kaname had felt something more than a nephew should for his uncle.

"Oh… well at least you'll have fun with uncle Rido!"

"What do you mean?" Kaname's heart started to beat really really fast.

"You liiiiiiike him."

"NO!" Kaname blushed.

"It's okay I won't tell." Yuki mimed zipping her lips and throwing away the key

"Whatever." Kaname practically ran from the room. For a five year old Yuki sure was smart. Sometimes a little too smart. But Kaname couldn't change that. He just hoped that she didn't realize how much Kaname really like Rido. In fact he didn't want anyone other than Takuma to know how much he like Rido. After all he shared everything with Takuma and he'd already told his blond friend.

Takuma knew just about everything about Kaname and vice versa. Kaname had told his friend about his fixation with his uncle not long after he got home from the lake holiday. It hadn't fazed his friend in the least. When Takuma was completely honest with Kaname he'd told him he thought it was cute. Recently when they had spent the weekend together the two boys would come up with ways that Kaname could confess is feelings to Rido then take it a step further. They were all ridicules ideas because none of them would work in a million years. Besides Kaname was expected to marry Yuki when they got older and there would be a huge scandal if Kaname really did hook up with Rido. Besides Kaname didn't know if his uncle was into guys. After all he was engaged to Shizuka Hio… Kaname hated that woman.

Kaname was wandering the house while deep in thought so he wasn't paying much attention to where he was walking. But he started when he ran into someone. "Gomennasai" Kaname said and looked up to see who he'd so rudely bumped into. His eyes widened. "Gomennasai Rido-Oji-Sama." Kaname bowed deeply as he blushed deeply.

"Daijobu Kaname." Rido smiled and ruffled his nephews long hair. "I was just trying to find you. I heard you'll be homeschooled now."

"Ya." Kaname tried to sound happy but it was hard to keep his emotions in check with his uncle so close.

"No need to sound so upset." Rido's brown furrowed. He was a little concerned for his adorable nephew.

"I know… I'm just going to miss my friends is all."

"Ahh… yes I remembered that feeling. When Your parents and I were pulled out of school it took a lot for me to adjust to not seeing my friends every day." Rido smiled.

"I guess it'll just take time."

"On the bright side I get to tutor you three days a week."

"Great." Kaname tried not to sound too excited. But he was also a little apprehensive. Would he be able to keep his feelings inside?

"See that's that attitude. Just keep smiling okay?" Rido tilted Kaname's chin so he could see his nephews stunning smile.

"I'll try Oji-Sama." Kaname's face heated up at his uncles touch.

"Oh and I heard your parents were getting you a cell phone to keep in touch with your friends." Rido started to walk off. "So it won't be that bad." Rido waved as he walked away from his nephew. That kid looks just like Haruka. Rido smiled at a memory that floated through his head about his brother. Ah yes… the good old days. A shame Pureblood duties got in the way. Rido shook his head and made his way toward his study.

Kaname leaned against the wall to regain his composure from meeting his uncle. It had never been this bad before. But lately all he could do was think about his uncle. Shaking his head Kaname stood and wandered back to his rooms. This whole Pureblood thing was getting complicated and it was no fun. There were too many rules and now that he had to stay at home… This is going to be torture! Kaname slammed the door to his chambers as hard as he could. "Why the Temper Kaname?" Haruka asked as he son stormed into the room.

"You know! I don't want to be here!" Kaname looked his father right in the eye. They were almost the same height now so Kaname didn't feel so inferior right now.

"It's the same thing your mother, Rido-San and I did. It's not appropriate for a Pureblood to remain in normal school at your age."

"I'm sixteen! Sixteen! That's still a child! Especially in Pureblood years! Look at Rido-Oji-Sama he's 3,000 years old! And I'm sixteen!" Kaname yelled. This was beyond stupid.

"I know. But you must start acting like a Pureblood. Your mother and I have allowed you to run as you pleased before. Now you must step up to what is expected of you." Kaname clenched his jaw and balled is fists.

"Fine." He seethed.

"Your mother and I have agreed that you can have a cell phone so you can keep in contact with your friends. Also you will be allowed out of the house one day a week but you must have someone accompany you. I know Rido volunteered to go with you if you so choose."

"Brilliant. Now leave me alone!" Kaname left his common room leaving his father alone. Right now he was just angry and wanted to be alone. Kids at school had always talked about the duty of a Pureblood and how it was going to catch up with him soon. Now he understood. And he hated it.

* * *

The town was crowded when Kaname and Rido entered. They walked to meet up with Takuma and Shiki at the small coffee shop. Kaname walked in and waved to his friends. "I'll be over here if you need me. Go have fun." Rido gave his nephew a small shove toward his friends.

"Thanks Oji-Sama." Kaname smiled at his uncle before he walked over to his friends.

"Why didn't you have Rido come sit with us?" Shiki asked sipping his coffee.

"He didn't want to." Kaname shrugged.

"Lucky you. You and Rido in the car together all the way here to town." Takuma smiled.

"Ugh it was torture! It was so hard not to just stare at him!" Kaname laughed.

"Ahh. Why don't you just tell him?" Shiki asked.

"Cause… I dunno. It's just useless. And besides he's one of my tutors. Can you say awkward?"

"Ya well it's been what almost two years you've been homeschooled. What hasn't he taught you? Look at it this way. You turn eighteen in two months and if he hasn't taught it to you by now…" Shiki smiled. He'd been egging Kaname on since he had found out Kaname's feelings. The brunette Vampire thought that Kaname would be cute with his Uncle. But the Pureblood had yet to make his move. "Come on you've been after him for years now!"

"I know! But Purebloods live forever! If I fuck it up now then well… I've got the rest of my life to have to deal with this."

"I can see your Pureblood 'training' is going good. You're being all diplomatic." Takuma smiled. The three quieted their conversation when a waitress came to take Kaname's order. When she left Takuma said. "You should just make a move on him. If he doesn't like it then be like well I was just curious is all."

Kaname laughed. "I don't think I could pull that off. Besides," Kaname looked over at his uncle who was staring right at him. "Totally don't think he'd be game for it. He's been spending lot of time with his fiancé and all."

"So that doesn't mean much." Shiki said. "You're good looking enough to turn any man gay." Shiki smirked.

"Oh shut it." Kaname kicked his friend under the table.

"Just saying. He's been staring at you the whole time." Takuma pointed out.

"Well he is sort of my body guard." Kaname shrugged and sipped his coffee.

"You should see the way he's looking at you." Kaname spun to look at his uncle. Rido's eyes flicked away from him.

"You guys are just leading me on."

"Ya like we'd lie to you about this." Takuma leaned in close to whisper. "Seriously Kaname I'd be willing to bet that he loves you as more than just a nephew."

Rido was watching the trio intently. He was a little frustrated that the café was so loud because he couldn't make out their conversation. But at one point they must have been talking about him because all three had turned to look at him. Damn kids. Wish I knew what they were talking about! Would be nice to listen in… could figure out why Kaname's been acting so weird lately. Rido thought as he drank his tea. He'd been rather concerned for Kaname lately because he'd been trying to skip out of lessons when he taught and it was rather frustrating because that was the only thing Rido looked forward too. And he knew that it was wrong on so many levels to like his nephew the way he did… but he couldn't help it. So he'd tried to push those feelings out and try to get along with his fiancé. But spending so much time with Shizuka made him hate her even more. Sighing Rido turned his eyes back to his nephew. Wish he'd sat so I could see his face. But I guess his hair isn't that bad of a view; Just like Haruka's used to be. Except Kaname's curls more. it's cute. Damn stop that! Rido shook his head. He need to stop this or it was just going to make everything worse!

A few hours later Kaname was ready to head back home. When the silence was too much for Kaname he looked at his uncle and asked. "Oji-Sama how's Shizuka doing? I noticed you've spent a lot of time with her lately."

"Oh she's fine. Just as much of a bitch as always." Rido shrugged. Kaname let out a laugh at his uncle's response. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing. I just assumed that since you've been spending so much time with her that you actually liked her or something."

"Nope. I have to. You know duties of a Pureblood and all." Rido really didn't want to be talking about this to his nephew he happened to find attractive. That's wrong stop it! He'll never go for you.

"Ya being a Pureblood blows sometimes."

Rido laughed. Kaname wished he'd laugh more because it was such an amazing sound. "And you're only eighteen. Just wait till you've been around a few thousand years."

"I can only imagine Oji-Sama."

"Why are you always so formal? Even in classes."

"I don't know it's what I've been taught." Kaname shrugged.

"Well if you want in private just call me Rido."

"Sure thing, Rido." Kaname smiled widely at his uncle.

When they got back to the house Kaname went to his room to call Takuma and tell him about the conversation he'd had in the car with his uncle. At least I'm making progress! He doesn't want me to be formal with him. And he doesn't like Shizuka!! Kaname jumped around his room.

"Onii-Sama!" Yuki came in.


"Just wanted to say hi! I missed you today!" Yuki said reaching up to hug Kaname around the waist.

"I missed you too Yuki." Kaname picked up his sister.

"Did you have fun with Oji-Sama?" Yuki flicked Kaname's nose.

"Yes." Kaname smiled.

"Good! Now put me down please!" Kaname laughed and set his sister on the floor. "Byeeeee Oniiiii-Sama!"

"Bye Yuki." The little girl ran from the room and left Kaname shaking his head at how odd she was sometimes.

It had been a long time since Kaname could say that he had had a good day. Today had just ranked up among the best days recently. True it had been nice to see his friends but it had also been nice to sit with his uncle in the car and talk. It felt like butterflies were in his stomach.

* * *

Kaname only wore a pair of loose black pants as he walked toward the gym. His father had decided that twenty one was the right time for him to learn to use his Pureblood powers to their fullest extent. So now on top of his studies he now had to spar four times a week. But his father had not mentioned who would be Kaname's teacher. The young Pureblood hoped that it would be his uncle but at the same time that would make it hard for him to concentrate.

Over the last few years Kaname had gotten closer to his uncle. Mainly because Rido accompanied Kaname whenever he left the house but also because they started to talk more outside of lessons. this only made Kaname fall even more in love with his uncle and now Kaname could hardly look at another guy the same way. Takuma was now dating Shiki and they were still trying to get Kaname to make a move on his uncle. But he had kept his distance. It did not seem like the right thing to do… not yet. Kaname walked into the gym and kicked off his shoes and walked to the center of the mats where he sat down waiting for whoever was going to spar him.

The door opened a few minutes later. "Ah I see you're early Kaname." Kaname's red-brown eyes widened as he turned toward the doors.

"Rido!" Kaname smiled. "Guess this isn't going to be too bad after all."

"Let me know when you're sore afterwards if you still think it's not too bad." Rido kicked off his shoes and pulled his shirt off over his head to reveal his perfectly muscled chest. Kaname stared as his uncle prepared to spar with him. Kaname took a deep breath this was going to take a great deal of effort not to mess things up. Don't think about how good it's going to feel to touch his bare skin… damnit! Stop that! Kaname berated himself mentally as he looked away and stood.

"We'll see who's sore." Kaname smirked. Would love to be sore in another way… Kaname's mind started to drift and he had to pull himself back violently or else his hard on would be a dead giveaway. Concentrate you can do this! Kaname faced his uncle. "Okay so what are we going to do first?"

"I just figured we start off with some hand-to-hand to see how you skills are right now."

"Alright then." Kaname squared off with his uncle and waited for his uncle to make the first move.

The two stood ready on the mats for a few seconds before Rido burst into action. He decided to try and keep it simple for the first move so he moved around behind Kaname intending to push him off balance. But the young Pureblood Rolled out of the way and kicked Rido's legs out in the process. Kaname was back on his feet in a fluid movement from his roll with a grin on his face. "Come on. I thought this was going to be hard or something."

"You snot." Rido was back on his feet and he kicked out to try and throw Kaname off balance. But again his attack was blocked and Rido had a hard time staying on his feet. As Kaname smacked his foot wide.

"Come one actually try." Kaname trotted and smiled. Okay so this is going to be way fun.

Growling Rido backed off and reevaluated his plan of attack. So apparently Kaname had been practicing. No need to go so light then. Can just dominate him… Rido let his thoughts slip off for just a minute as he thought of other ways to dominate Kaname. That's when a fist slipped by his defenses and slammed into his chest. "Damn it." Rido's arm shot out gripped Kaname's throat so he could lift him up and slam him into the mats. The air whooshed from Kaname's lungs at the impact and Rido's knee on his chest made it hard to regain that lost breath. "Lesson number one. Don't hang around once you've scored a hit." Rido smiled enjoying the feeling of pinning Kaname to the ground. Kaname on the other end couldn't really complain about having his uncle on top of him. What fun it was going to be later to lead Takuma and Shiki on with this sparing match. But right now Kaname wanted to continue fighting so he thrashed around on the floor for a minute before Rido let him back up and they faced off again.

Okay in case you were confused this did skip a number of years. First Kaname was sixteen, then eighteen, then the last part he was twenty one. In case you didn't catch that in the reading.

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