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Chapter 30: Almost Doesn't Cut It

It was past midnight and Kaname knew that he should be asleep but his mind was still racing. He had read every single one of Rido's letters and he wanted to go home right away but… it wouldn't do. Kaname just knew that his father would keep him from Rido and he'd be unhappy. If he stayed at Cross he could be happy. He liked ignoring the rest of the world and his family.

If he went back Kaname was sure that he'd be back to how it was before the wedding. He wouldn't be hungry or tired and he'd simply dwell on things that were impossible. Here he had plenty of things to distract him. He had homework and duties as a Guardian and Zero always kept his mind off things but he still felt empty sometimes.

Sometimes on nights like this he would think about Rido and feel so empty on the inside because he thought he could never have Rido ever again. Tears stung Kaname's eyes as he remembered their vacation they had had together. He remembered how nice it was to sleep in Rido's strong arms and his heart ached for it. Yet he couldn't have it. There was an image that had be upheld and Kaname knew he would ruin the Kuran image if he pursued Rido again.

Sighing Kaname stood up and walked to the window so he could look outside. It was so strange being awake in the day and sleeping at night… he liked the night much better. Everything was beautiful and mysterious. Kaname rested his head against the cold glass as hot tears slid down his cheeks and he grasped at his hurting heart. "I still love you…" he sobbed.

Yuki had received the call a few minutes ago from her mother so she made her way to her mom's office. "Come in." Her mother called and Yuki entered.

"You called?" Yuki smiled as she took a seat in front.

"Yes. You see I have a feeling that your uncle will be looking for Kaname quite soon and I don't pan on keeping Kaname away much longer. So when Rido leaves to your brother back I'm going to need your help."

"I would do anything to see Kaname happy again. Please let me help as much as I can."

"Splendid. Now I already got Shizuka's approval. And when Rido leaves to find Kaname I would like you to help me move his things to Rido and Shizuka's house."

"Is he going to be moving in with them?"

"Yes he is. I think that is the right pace for him to be."

"Oh that's just wonderful!" Yuki clasped her hands over her heart and her eyes glistened with tears. She was so happy right now.

"Good. Now I heard that you're doing good in lessons. I'm very proud of you." Yuki looked at her mother weird. What was with the change of topic?

"Um… I suppose I am…"

Just then the door banged open and Rido stormed in. "Juri…" He stopped short when he saw Yuki. "Yuki."

"Hello, Ojii-Sama. Actuallly…" Yuki hopped to her feet. "I was just leaving. Bye!" she walked out of the room. She smiled widely. Kaname will be home soon. I should start packing his things!

"Juri I know that you sent Kaname off somewhere. I really would like to know where he is." Rido looked his sister straight in the eyes. He was deadly serious. It had been months since he had seen Kaname and it was wearing him down.

"I don't know what you're talking about." She tried to shrug it off.

"JURI!" Rido grabbed her shoulders and held her tight. "I need to see him. It's not a joke."

"Use your Blood Bond to find him."

"He… shut me out…"

"Well I would love to tell you but I promised him I would not TELL anyone where he was." Juri moved away from her brother and went to her desk draws. "So I truly am sorry Rido-Onii-Sama." Juri pulled out a letter and set it on her spotless desk. "Now if you'll excuse me I must go find Haruka." She smiled and left. Rido made to follow then something told him to turn around and go to the desk. Juri was already out of the room.

He walked calmly over and examined the envelope she had placed on her desk. His heart leapt when he noticed the perfect script. "Juri… you sly girl." Rido flipped over the envelope and saw the Cross Academy school crest on the back. He smiled because this was the school that Juri had helped found. Why he hadn't thought of checking here sooner, it made Rido feel a bit dense. "Cross here I come." Rido walked out of the study and made straight for his car. He dialed Shizuka.

"Hey Rido."

"Listen I'm going to be leaving for a while."

"Did you find Kaname?"

"Yes." Shizuka couldn't help but smile at the joy that was in Rido's voice. This was good news. It meant that Kaname would be moving in when they got back.

Kaname lay on his bed in the dorm he shared with Zero and the Hunter lay next to him. They had been talking about Rido again. "I messed this up real good."

"You can always fix it. I mean it's not like you've been gone all that long."

"But I have… and I don't have the courage to go back. Like I really want to but I still don't want to face reality. My dad's still going to keep Rido and I apart and I don't want that…"

"How do you know? Have you read any of the letters from your dad?"

"No. How could I? I know they'll just confirm my fears…" Kaname sigh. He just wanted to open his bond with Rido again. He wanted to feel his lover's warm arms again.

"You'll never know if Rido wants you back if you don't go home."

"But Zero… I don't know what I'd say."

"So what? Just say whatever is in your heart."

"What if he rejects me? What if he's actually happy with Shizuka? What if he's changed since he wrote his last letter?"

"If you get rejected then at least your tried. It's better then sitting around here doing nothing."

"I know. I think I almost have enough confidence to go back."

"Almost doesn't cut it. Just go all the way."

"Thanks Zero." Kaname hugged his friend.

"Let's go get food." Zero walked toward the door and opened it. "By the way I'll beat you there."

Zero took off down the hall. Kaname smiled before chasing after his friend. He liked this best about being at Cross. He could act like a kid and run around campus because he felt like it.

Paroling had been a pain in the ass, it was cold and the moon was just a sliver in the sky. But Kaname had finally finished and they were now in their dorm working on homework. Kaname was reclined on the bed and Zero was sitting at the desk. "So when are you leaving?" Zero asked randomly as he copied a problem from the textbook.

"Not sure yet…" Kaname replied of handedly as he too worked on the math problems.

"Well hurry up and leave. No offence I love having you here but my dorm is cramped with two beds and two people in here."

"Somehow I don't think that's all it is." Kaname looked up from his work and smiled at Zero. "I think it has more to do with the fact that Kaito just started teaching here."

"Shut up!" Zero blushed.

"I knew it." Kaname grinned and went back to his work. "Don't worry I'll try to leave sometime next week."

"That would be fantastic. So if I ever want to get laid by my teacher I can bring him to my room."

"You do that. And call me afterwards and let me know how it went."

"You're such a pervert." Zero chucked a pencil at Kaname's head. The Pureblood dodged the projectile.

A knock came at the door. Zero shouted for them to come in. It was the other prefect, Yori. "Hey Zero." She smiled at the silverette. "Hey Kaname."

"What's up?"

"The Headmaster sent me to collect Kaname-kun. He has a visitor." She smiled.

"Oh… that's weird my mum usually doesn't come during the week." Kaname got off his bed and grabbed his uniform jacket. "Well I'll be back Zero. Later."

Kaname followed Yori out of the boy's Sun Dorm. They parted and Kaname headed off to Cross's office. He couldn't think of a reason for his mother to come during the week. She had promised not to force him home and she usually called before she arrived. Perhaps something was wrong? "No someone would have called. She wouldn't waste her time coming here first…" Kaname continued to ponder what this meant as he walked into Cross's house and toward the office. Knocking he went in.

"Kaname-Kun!" the chairman beamed. "Your uncle came to fetch you home."

Kaname froze as he took in the whole office. Rido stood off to the side. As their eyes met Kaname felt his heart stop and his knees go weak. "Hello Kaname." Rido said calmly even though he wanted to sweep Kaname into his arms and kiss him senseless.

"Ojii-Sama." Kaname bowed awkwardly.

"Splendid. I guess this means you should go pack. Rido fixed up all of your paperwork to leave." Cross smiled.

"I'm leaving?"

"If you would like." Rido smiled.

"Alright I suppose. I will need to fetch some things from me room. Would you like to come?"

"I would indeed." Rido turned to Cross. "Thank you Chairman Cross for all of your help."

"Anytime Kura-Sama. Have a safe trip home."

"We will." Rido smiled before he turned and followed his nephew.

Kaname felt nervous as he lead his uncle toward his dorm. Half way there Rido finally broke the silence. "Kaname, I've missed you."

Kaname stopped dead in his tracks as his heart completely melted. He had been so afraid to say the same thing. He turned to Rido and looked him right in the eyes. "I missed you too." He walked over and threw his arms around Rido. "I've missed you so much." He said into Rido's neck as he kissed his softly. "I still love you."

"I never stopped." Rido hugged Kaname back and crushed their lips together in a passionate kiss.

Kaname's eyes slid closed ass he melted into the comfortable feeling that Rido inspired in him. He had missed this so very much and he couldn't put his feelings into words now. So he simply kissed his lover. Kaname was the one who broke the kiss first. "We should get going. I still need to pack." Kaname took Rido's hand and they walked hand in hand back to the dorm.

Zero was still at the desk doing work when they walked back in. He looked up and a smile split his face in two. "Rido-Sama it's a pleasure to see you."

"It's good to see you again Zero." Rido smiled.

"Hey Kaname do you want me to leave?"

"No. No. It's fine. I'm just packing my stuff real quick."

"So you're leaving right?" Zero smiled even wider.

"Yes I am. Rido came to pick me up." Kaname's eyes sparkled as he spoke.

"That's nice." Zero went back to his work as Kaname moved about the room.

Finally he was all packed and had said his good byes to Zero. Kaname had to promise that he would go on missions if Zero needed him. Then the Kurans left to the airport. The whole way Kaname couldn't help but think about how lucky he was.

"I guess you read all of my letters?" Rido looked at Kaname.

"I did." Kaname bit his lip.

"Why didn't you come back?"

"I was afraid that I'd be kept from you."

"You know Juri spoke to Haruka and it seems that he's okay with us now."

"So I'll be able to see you?" Kaname's face lit up.

"Yes. I'd like to believe you can come visit on weekends too." Rido leaned over and kissed Kaname.

"That would be nice." Kaname felt himself relaxing. He had been stressing over this for so long and now he didn't have to worry. Everything seemed to have worked itself out while he was away. "At first I really didn't want to come home. I didn't want to face the change. And now… I think the change is going to be good."

When they landed Rido was just sliding into the back seat of the limo when his cell started ringing. Seeing Shizuka's number he picked up. "What do you need?"

"I just wanted to tell you to come straight home."

"But I have to drop Kaname off first."

"Don't bother. No one knows where you went. And besides I realllllly want to see Kaname." Shizuka whined into the phone.

Rido looked at Kaname. "Would you rather go see Shizuka and spend the night with me before going home?"

"Do you even have to ask?" Kaname smiled at his lover. These months away had been too long indeed and he was happy to be able to have Rido back. "Anyway, where are you staying?"

"The Chateau."

"I see. So why didn't you tell me before I left? Why did you shut me out of our bond?" Kaname wasn't hurt by this anymore, he was simply curious.

"I was angry." Rido shrugged. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay."

"If you had known where I was would you still have gone to Cross?"

"Probably not. I would have run away and moved in with you." Kaname smiled. "That's still an option though right?"

"What? The running away or the moving in?"

"Both I suppose… if they won't let me then I'll run away… And if they do let me move in with you then no problem." Kaname leaned over and kissed Rido's cheek. "I've missed you."

"I missed you too."

When they got to the chateau Shizuka was waiting inside for them. She squealed and hugged Kaname tightly. Then she proceeded to babble on about how lonely she's been and about how mopey Rido was and then she paused and grinned. "And you want to know the best part?"

"What?" Kaname asked.

"You're living here now."

"He's what?" Rido asked.

"Kaname's moving in with us! Yuki and Juri dropped his stuff off yesterday and I set it all up!"

"What?" Rido thought Shizuka was pulling a joke on him.

"I'm serious. I moved Kaname into the room across the hall from yours. Isn't that cool! And since I practically live in Akustki's room Kaname can practically live in yours!" Shizuka clapped her hands.

"No way!" Kaname smiled and turned to Rido. "Well then shall we go check out my room?"

"Lets." Rido took Kaname's hand and tugged him off toward his new room.

The two of them still didn't believe it till they opened the door and saw Kaname's belongings set up in the room. "Guess this means everyone is okay with us." Kaname smiled. He felt so happy right now.

"Guess so." Rido also felt over joyed, he finally had Kaname back.

Rido walked slowly in to the room, he still wasn't sure if he was dreaming or not. Kaname grinned as he saw his opportunity. Kaname closed the door and turned to tackle Rido onto the bed. "What the-" Kaname crushed his lips to Rido's.

Kaname maneuvered himself so that he was straddling his uncle's hips, then he leaned down and connected their lips. Rido smiled into the kiss and wrapped his arms around his lover's neck. They kissed passionately for a few minutes before Kaname's hands started to wander. First he worked on getting Rido's shirt undone then he ran his hands over the bare skin and reveled in the feel that he had missed so much.

"I love you." Kaname said before he started kissing down Rido's body.

He pulled down Rido's pants and looked up at his lover. Then still holding eye contact Kaname took Rido's whole cock in his mouth. Rido let out a moan and gripped Kaname's hair. His whole body seemed to go numb from the pleasure as Kaname sucked him. "Slow…down…" Rido managed to pant as he felt his release coming before he wanted it too.

Kaname let Rido's dick slip from his mouth and smiled. "No way." And leaned back down to finish. Rido was panting hard as Kaname bobbed his head. Finally Rido gave up trying to hold off his orgasm and shot his cum into Kaname's waiting mouth.

Instead of swallowing Kaname pulled away and let some dribble onto his fingers before he swallowed he rest. The pressed one of his cum covered finger to Rido's entrance paused. "May I?" he asked shyly.

"Please Kaname… I want to feel all of you." Rido said as he let his hand run over Kaname's shoulders and arms.

Smiling Kaname pressed his first finger into his lover and started preparing him. Rido was hard by the time Kaname was scissoring him with three fingers. After making sure Rido was well prepared Kaname pulled his fingers out, gouged three with his nail and coated his erection with the blood. Rido moaned at the smell of the blood he loved most in the world. Kaname lined himself up and pressed the head of his cock to Rido's waiting entrance. "Ready?" Rido responded by bucking his hips up and forcing Kaname to penetrate him. Smiling lovingly Kaname thrust the rest of the way in.

Rido arched off the bed in pleasure as Kaname purposely brushed against his prostate. "Oh fuck!" Rido grasped at Kaname's shoulders as his nephew started to move inside him. He locked eyes with Kaname as he pulled their faces together for a searing kiss.

"Kami Rido, you're so tight! I love it!" Kaname moaned out as he thrust faster.

Rido was already nearing his second climax. Sensing this Kaname pulled out and just as Rido was about to protest when Kaname lowered himself onto Rido's erect member. Being caught by surprise as Kaname's heat took him in Rido came the second his length was fully inside is lover. Kaname moaned at the feeling of being filled by Rido's semen he reached down and started jerking his cock. "Fuck Rido! God I love the way you cum feels inside me. Rido!" Kaname shouted his lover's name as he shot his load on Rido's stomach.

He leaned over and panted. Rido reached up and combed his finger through Kaname's hair. "I forgot how absolutely amazing you are. I love you."

"I love you too." Kaname said as he got off Rido's lap. "How about a shower before we sleep?"

Rido got up and followed Kaname to the bathroom. They got in the shower together and washed quickly before returning to bed. Kaname snuggled into Rido's chest and inhaled deeply. "I love the way you smell."

"I guess that works out since I love the way you smell too." Rido smiled and kissed the top of Kaname's head. "I'm so happy to have you back."

"I'm sorry I left. I thought it would be better for you right after the wedding if I wasn't around."

"As long as I have you now it doesn't matter."

"I thought of you all the time." Kaname kissed Rido's chest.

"Don't as Shizuka what I did while you were gone."


"You'll lose respect for me." Rido laughed.

"I doubt that… but I must remember to ask her."

Rido just sigh. "Good night."

"Good night." Kaname tilted his head up so he could kiss his lover.

Kaname reveled in the heat of his lover for a few more minutes before he got out of bed. He pulled on a robe and left the room. He walked quietly down to the kitchen where he got some coffee and went to stand by the huge windows in the dinning room. He pulled out his cell and dialed his mother. "Hello Kaname. How are you?"

"Fine." Kaname smiled to himself.

"Have you gotten home yet?"

"I have. Thank you for letting me do this."

"Your old enough to make your own decisions now."

"Thank you. I'm really happy that I get to live with Rido."

"There is one condition though and that is that you musts start working at the company with Rido. So whenever he goes into the office you must go with him. And if he ever has to go on business trips you also have to go." Juri smiled.

"I see. And was it you who put that condition onto this arrangement?"

"Of course. I couldn't very well have you moping around if Rido goes on his business trips like he normally does."

"Again thank you."

"I would do anything for you. As long as you and Rido are happy I have no qualms about letting you two be together."

Kaname was about to thank his mother again when warms arms wrapped around him and Rido took the phone. "Hello Juri."

"Oh Rido! How long have you been eves dropping?" she giggled.

"Just a few minutes. And I must apologize, you see I have the intention of stealing Kaname away right now." Rido kissed Kaname's neck. "And I plan on keeping him busy all night." Kaname flushed at his lovers words.

"Very well. Have fun. I love you both."

"We love you too. Bye." Rido ended the call and slipped the phone into Kaname's pocket. "Good morning." Rido said as he held Kaname close to his chest. Kaname just smiled and leaned up to kiss Rido. "You know you gave me quite a fright when I woke up. You weren't there and I thought that everything had been a dream."

"What gave it away?" Kaname looked into Rido's mismatched eyes.

"The bed smelled of you and I could locate you with our bond."

Kaname hummed his approval and nuzzled into Rido. "I thought you were going to keep me busy tonight? This isn't the busy I like…"

"And what type of busy do you like?" Rido grinned.

"The Busy where I'm on my back, begging you to fuck me hard." Kaname grinned right back.

"Well then… lets get it." Rido picked Kaname up and threw him over his shoulder. Kaname just smiled to himself as Rido walked back toward the bed room. It looked like everything was going to turn out just perfect.

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