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The Next Move

It had been a month since they all returned to Volterra, and things had been…tense, to say the least.

After his allergy attack in Seattle, Edward had been so out of it that he hadn't given much thought to the way both Alice and Jasper had reacted to his escape. Edward had always seen them as family—the older brother and sister that looked after him and Rosalie—but once he was home, Edward had finally had time to think and recognized he needed to set some boundaries. Once they were all home, he had made a few decisions, decisions he realized he should have made a long time ago.

Although Edward understood that his actions in Seattle were irresponsible and disrespectful—not only to his security team, but to his subjects as well—he didn't agree with the way Alice and Jasper had spoken to him. He had reminded them that he was the one in charge and, while he respected their input, his decisions regarding his life and private affairs weren't up for discussion.

It had been a wake-up call for both Alice and Jasper. They still remembered how insecure and scared young Prince Edward had been when he ascended the throne. They had always been very protective of both him and Lady Rosalie, but things were different now. They both understood the necessity to separate that protectiveness from their duties. After apologizing for their behavior, Alice and Jasper decided to step back and not get too involved in Edward's personal life, giving Edward the space he clearly needed.

After that, everything went back to normal…or as normal as could be expected during election time.

The last couple of weeks had been extremely busy for everyone, until a new Prime Minister was elected. It had been a tight race, but a few days ago a winner had finally been declared, and now they were all waiting for the transition which was to take place next month.

They had all been looking forward to a less stressful week, but things didn't turn out the way Edward and Alice had expected. It all started with some issues at CC's German branch. As days passed with the situation remaining unsolved, Edward became short with everyone. He finally demanded that the man in charge of the German branch come to Brume to settle the matter.

Then the owners of the Fairmont decided to come to Volterra instead of waiting for them to travel back. While the meeting was a success and the business was handled flawlessly, Alice couldn't help but notice the tension Edward exuded throughout the meeting. She didn't understand why he was so anxious.

Alice didn't dare probe him for answers after having promised to not get too involved, but it frustrated her to no end. The only one who knew what was bothering Edward was Lady Rosalie, who had returned home at the same time as Edward and his entourage. In spite of their differences, the siblings had always been close, and lately they had spent a lot of time together.

It was strange to see Lady Rosalie in the palace. As the art director of the Royal Art Gallery, she often travelled, scouting talented artists around the globe. The Masen Scholarship, granted to young and talented artists, was Lady Rosalie's pride and joy. Although she worked closely with the Head of Admissions of the Roinne Art Institute, Dr. Tia Masri, in selecting those new young artists, Lady Rosalie had the final word. She took great pride in her scholars and loved to see them flourish under the RAI's tutelage.

Alice wanted to approach Lady Rosalie and ask about Edward, but she always chickened out. While there was no longer bad blood between them, their relationship was cordial at best. Any semblance of friendship that once existed had disappeared the night of the ball.

Eventually, Alice decided to just leave it alone. If Edward ever needed her help, he knew where to find her.

Everything changed when Lord James Olsen finally came to Brume.

Lord James was the person in charge of CC's German branch. Though his résumé was pretty impressive, he had barely any experience in holding a managing position; he only got the job through family connections, being a distant cousin on Edward's father's side. Edward didn't approve, but since Lord James had been appointed by his father, he had chosen to keep him since he was doing a good job. At least, until the last quarter.

Edward was known as a very calm and collected listener and leader. He took his time and heard all parties involved before making any decision, but during the meeting with Lord James things got out of hand fast. While the members of the board had more say in how positions were filled in most companies, CC was a different case. Prince Edward owned fifty-two percent of the shares and, therefore, he held majority voting power to remove someone from their position, should he choose to do so. As Edward listened to Lord James's long ranting excuses as to why parts of the funds had been incorrectly allocated, he snapped. He didn't even call for a vote; he simply fired Lord James on the spot and ordered to audit his business accounts.

Lord James was escorted out of the premises, raging and screaming, while Edward remained seated at the head of the table, his face stoic and calculating. Lord James earned a lot of enemies that day…but so did Edward. He had never been quite so cut-throat before, but he was sick and tired of all the favors traded amongst the nobles. This was the first time Edward voiced his discontent so openly and acted upon it.

It was a reckless move that could have severe consequences, and Jasper hit the roof when he found out. Jasper's only concern was the prince's security, and knowing Lord James's past connections with some unsavory characters, Jasper had immediately dispatched two surveillance teams to keep an eye on Lord James for the rest of the year, in case he did something stupid like trying to provide those connections with information about the prince. Jasper had a great fear of retaliations, especially since a similar situation had caused the downfall of the late Queen Esme.

Alice shook her head, trying to dispel those thoughts. She had nothing to fear, they were all safe—Jasper made sure of that. She dropped off some reports with the CFO, and then took the elevator to the top floor, where Edward's office was located. The Cullen Corporation Tower was a forty-five-storey skyscraper located in the center of Brume and was mainly self-sustained. The CC Tower had solar panels and wind turbines to provide the energy it needed, and all materials used in the construction were environmental-friendly.

The offices were almost empty now, like they usually were on a Saturday. It was rare for Edward to do business in his office at the tower, preferring the comfort of the more private office at the palace, but he had a meeting that he couldn't miss with a couple of board members and he chose to meet them here.

The elevator dinged and Alice stepped out, the envelope in her hands feeling like lead. She wasn't sure how Edward was going to react to the contents of that envelope, but she needed him to see that she was on his side and wanted his happiness, even after everything that had happened in Seattle.

"Good day, Lady Whitlock. May I have a word with you?"

Alice stopped in her tracks a few feet from Edward's office and held back a sigh. She was already stressed out of her mind, and the last thing she needed right now was someone trying to weasel in a proposal through her. Squaring her shoulders and reading herself to rebuff the man calling for her attention, Alice turned around, but was pleasantly surprised when she saw who had called out to her.

"Good day, Prime Minister. How may I help you?"

Lord Aro smiled and kissed her hand like the gentleman he was.

"I'm not Prime Minister yet, my dear," he reminded her and winked.

Alice smiled. "What are a few weeks? The people of Volterra have elected you, my Lord."

He chuckled. "Still, for the sake of our current Prime Minister, let him keep the title until it's official."

Alice giggled. "All right, my Lord. Now, what can I do for you?"

Lord Aro placed his hand on the small of her back. "Would you walk with me, my dear? I have something on my mind that I would like to discuss with you." He guided her back to the outer office without waiting for an answer.

Alice knew better than to say anything, trusting the man.

Lord Aro Volturi came from a long line of nobles loyal to the crown. He was respected by all his peers and admired by the people of Volterra. After Rosalie's abdication, he had been Edward's main supporter, and was known to follow both tradition and the law quite strictly. In his late sixties, his kind eyes and open demeanor had earned him the confidence of the citizens of Volterra. He was always sharp-looking and could command a room with his mere presence, but he was aware his position was beside the throne, not on it. He had just been elected for his second term as Prime Minister and Alice couldn't be happier, knowing a man as noble and just as him would hold that important position.

"I'm a little worried about our Crown Prince," Lord Aro said as he escorted Alice down the hall towards the bank of elevators. "I've noticed that lately he's been a little…distracted during meetings, and word about the altercation with Lord James has spread. I'm concerned this will have repercussions that we're not foreseeing, and the last thing I want is another incident like the last one." He shook his head and sighed. "Do you know if something is bothering His Highness, my dear?"

Alice slowly exhaled through her nose and carefully considered her response to that very loaded question. "Well, I think it's because of Queen Esme's anniversary next week," she finally said, trying to sound as convincing as possible.

Lord Aro gave her a look, which clearly showed he didn't buy her explanation, but chose not to push the subject further.

"Just take care of him, Lady Whitlock. There are so many people counting on him, especially now with such an unstable economic and political situation around the world. Volterra needs their bright Prince to keep us all afloat." Lord Aro wondered why King Carlisle never left the company to his cousin, since the company was originally his uncle's. It would have lessened the workload for young Prince Edward, for it couldn't be easy to carry so many responsibilities on his shoulders at once. Lord Aro chose not to comment on that and instead carried on with his former sentiment. "I'm sure His Highness has a bright future ahead of him, but it's important to keep family and friends close."

"You have absolutely nothing to worry about, my Lord. I assure you my husband is taking all necessary security measures, and His Highness is completely involved and focused on all matters of the company and the state."

Lord Aro chuckled. "I'm not worried about security, my dear. Your husband has proved to be quite efficient in that area for years now. As for the other matters, I know how well Prince Edward takes care of them. He's a very capable young man." They reached the elevators, and Lord Aro pushed the call button. "He never ceases to amaze me. Though he was never first in line, King Carlisle was nothing but cautious and taught both of his children how to rule since they were young."

Alice simply waited, knowing the real question was coming any minute now.

"His Highness might've been born a genius, but his charitable side and gentle disposition came from our beloved late Queen Esme." His expression softened and he made the sign of the cross.

Lord Aro and Queen Esme had become close friends during the time she was engaged to King Carlisle. It was his first term as Prime Minister, a coveted seat he'd won through hard work and not just because his late wife, Lady Sulpicia, was King Carlisle's second cousin. Lady Sulpicia had taught the future Queen all matters of etiquette and protocol. When tragedy struck, Lady Sulpicia had been at the Queen's side and became a collateral victim in the events that had transpired almost fifteen years ago. That horrible day Volterra lost their beloved Queen as well as the woman that was a pillar of strength in their Prime Minister's life. It was a day that would forever taint the history of Volterra.

After his wife's death, Lord Aro finished his term as Prime Minister and then stepped back from all political matters. He went back to practice law and became a judge a few years later. He was approached to run for Prime Minister several times throughout the years, but the bad memories had him refusing time and time again. He wished he had accepted five years ago, for the current Prime Minister was sloppy and lazy. Prince Edward had to step up to the plate, and even though he had flourished under the pressure, Lord Aro wasn't sure he wouldn't eventually break. So, when he was approached again about running for the seat a year earlier, he had accepted. His goal was to help Prince Edward bring Volterra back to its former glory and keep the promise he once made to the late Queen to always look out for her children.

The elevator doors opened, and Lord Aro stepped aside to let the let people inside walk out.

Alice stood next to him, still waiting. She suspected there was something troubling him and she needed to know what it was.

"Prince Edward is very level-headed," Alice edged, trying to coerce what Lord Aro wanted to say. "He's very strict too, even with his own blood," she added, pride coloring her words.

Lord Aro smiled. "Indeed, but sometimes I wonder if His Highness is more than just a ruler." Alice frowned, not understanding. He entered the elevator while Alice stayed just outside the doors. "Tell me, Lady Whitlock, do you suppose someone as levelheaded as the prince would let his emotions blind him? It can't be easy to keep such control all the time, especially under extreme circumstances, which makes me wonder if he will ever be willing to open up and share himself with another person. I know duty will always come first, but what about the duty to his own happiness?"

Then the elevator doors closed and he was gone.

His questions hung in the air, leaving a bad taste in Alice's mouth.

It was true that Edward had always been very career-oriented, there was no denying that. His achievements in business and in politics were widely known, but he had never been afraid to show his emotions to his inner circle, and much less neglect his personal life.

Unlike many royals, Edward was known as a serious monogamist. His last relationship had ended after two years of courtship. Tanya Denali, a journalist and editor in chief of a recognized European magazine, had been perfect for him in every sense of the word. She was beautiful, honest and humble. The only reason they didn't marry was because she had admitted to not being ready to give up her career to take on royal duties full-time. Edward understood, and they both decided to part ways after that. Nonetheless, they remained friends, and whenever they were in the same city, Edward would make a point to have dinner with her.

Past relationships aside, Alice understood how Edward could come across as cold and detached. He rarely let anyone see his softer side, not to mention that he was a very private person. Alice wished she could understand why the Prime Minister felt the need to point out Edward's lack of a girlfriend all of a sudden. He must have had something troubling his mind and Alice vowed to find out what it was.

Little does he know he's got nothing to worry about.

Alice smirked at that thought.

If only Lord Aro knew that their beloved Prince was more than capable of showing his emotions and sharing himself with someone else—more specifically, with a certain brunette from the Olympic Peninsula.

Alice's smirk grew wider and she let out a small chuckle.

And he thinks I know nothing about her...

Alice still couldn't believe Edward thought she had bought the whole "she was just a girl" line he had tried to feed her that day at the hospital. It was her job to always know what was going on with him and keep track of any information released to the press. Jasper's team made sure that no photos of Edward's collapse at the park and his arrival at the hospital were leaked online. Jasper and Paul were so focused on getting those pictures off the net, that they never noticed the pictures of Edward smiling like a fool at a pretty little brunette with brown eyes and porcelain skin.

Alice had been pleasantly surprised when she saw those pictures, but chose not to call attention to them. She saved some of them and bid her time. When things started to slow down, she had managed to get some basic information about the girl, knowing that doing a more extensive background check wouldn't go over well with Edward.

Alice looked down at the envelope she was still holding and pushed Lord Aro's cryptic talk out of her mind for the time being. She had more important things to talk about.

She turned around and walked straight to Edward's outer office. She asked Seth Clearwater, Edward's personal secretary, to hold all calls and instructed him to only interrupt them if it was a matter of life or death. He knew better than to disobey Alice and promised to comply, but requested her to make it quick since Edward had a meeting in half an hour.

Alice winked at him and walked into the office, Seth having already announced her through the intercom.

At the sound of the door opening and closing, Edward looked up from the stack of papers on his desk and smiled.

"Good morning, Alice. You missed the meeting with the new Prime Minister," he commented.

"I know; I spoke with him on his way out. He looks good."

Edward nodded, his smile not reaching his eyes. "He certainly seems strong, though he gets tired faster now. Nonetheless, he's still Volterra's Prime Bull!"

Alice snickered at Lord Aro's nickname from his days as a judge. He'd certainly built himself quite the reputation during those days. She wasn't exactly sure how that name came to be, but his strong and no-bullshit personality were good indications.

"I didn't come here to talk about our beloved new Prime Minister, Edward. I came to discuss a very important issue." She walked towards his desk and sat down on the corner, dropping the envelope right on top of the stack of papers he was working on.

Edward sat back in his chair and picked it up with an amused expression. Upon opening it, he didn't recognize the pictures at first, but then his eyes went wide for a second before he quickly smoothed out his expression.

If Alice hadn't been paying such close attention to his reactions, she would have missed it.

What's that word the Americans use?

Oh yeah…


"So, you got pictures from Seattle," he said with indifference.

"I got pictures from Seattle, all right." She leaned in and pulled out a clip from a magazine.

Edward shook his head and chuckled. "Very well, Alice. I should have known you would find out soon enough."

Alice picked up the photo from the file and dangled in front of him. "She is quite pretty, Edward. I have to admit it."

He huffed and snatched the picture from her. He had to fight a smile as he gazed at the photo in his hands. This particular picture was one of the leaked photos circulating on the net. It showed Edward and a mystery girl standing on a street corner. Edward's arm raised in offering, while the girl's small hands were wrapped around his bicep. They were both smiling like loons and you could see the dazzled expression on the girl's face.

"Should I assume that neither Jasper nor Paul had anything to do with this envelope's contents, since you are the one delivering it to me?"

"Those two shmucks are too concerned with all the tech and safety issues to notice you making gooey eyes at a pretty girl, Edward."

Edward nodded, quite happy that this information hadn't been passed around.

Alice looked down at the magazine clip. "Her name is—"

"Isabella Swan, but she prefers to be called Bella," he said quietly, surprising Alice. "I met her at the hotel, in the hallway outside the bathrooms." He didn't mention that he hadn't discovered her last name until a couple of weeks ago. It was around the same time he had started to think that maybe the concept of destiny wasn't just a fairytale.

Alice slapped her forehead. "That's why she looked so familiar!"

"What do you mean?" he asked with curiosity.

"I have been wracking my brains trying to remember why she looked so familiar in the first place. She was talking to someone on her mobile, or more like arguing, as I walked into the bathroom. She was on her way out, but I noticed she was quite the spitfire." Alice giggled, remembering the fire in the girl's voice, which reminded her how she herself often talked to Jasper when she refused to take some of his orders.

Oh yeah…she would definitely be a handful.

Alice looked at Edward and pursed her lips. "Is she the reason you wanted to go back to Seattle?"

Edward nodded. "I wanted to call her, but I only got a business number. I'm not sure if she lives there, which is why I wanted to go back and look for her."

"Why didn't you say something sooner?"

"Because I wasn't sure where to look for her," Edward said with a sigh. "I only found out after Rosalie saw the photos online and then came to me with the information I needed."

Alice frowned, not understanding how Lady Rosalie could have acquired that information unless...

"She's a recipient of the Masen Scholarship?"

Edward's nod was all the confirmation she needed.

Edward had been able to gather some information about the girl that had captivated him through his sister, but there was just so much Rosalie could share with him. At least, he got the basics and even an address. He yearned to go back to Seattle, he needed to talk to her and assure her that he was all right and no harm would come to her for what happened.

The intercom buzzed and Alice scowled at the interruption. She'd clearly told Seth to hold all calls—

"Good mornings, lads!" They heard a booming voice from the outer office.

Alice groaned as Edward chuckled.

The door burst open and a large man in a grey suit walked in. Poor Seth was hot on his heels, trying to push him out of the office.

"Squirt! Working hard or hardly working this glorious morning?" Emmett boomed, his voice getting louder and louder, while pushing Seth aside like he weighed nothing.

Seth gave up. "I'm so sorry, your highness. I tried—"

"It's all right, Seth." Edward chuckled and waved him off.

Seth sighed and bowed. He scowled at Emmett, who just smirked at him, and then left the office, closing the double doors on his way out.

Alice groaned and rubbed her temples. When she found out her brother was moving to Brume, she had been over the moon. She had missed Emmett dearly since he moved to France, but now she wasn't sure if having him so close was such a good idea.

Alice sighed and glared at her older brother. "Emmett, what are you doing here? And can you please quiet down, people are trying to work!" she hissed through clenched teeth.

Emmett grinned. "Well, my dear sister, I heard a certain royal kicked some royal arses, and I decided to come and congratulate the poor bastard for allowing me to see a new side of Jasper. I call it: the Jazz Freak Out!" He finished with jazz hands and a booming laugh.

"Oh God…" Alice groaned, "You went to annoy my poor husband?"

Emmett scoffed, "No, of course not!" Alice snorted and he frowned. "Truly, I actually had a meeting with him." Alice raised an eyebrow. "Work stuff," he simply said, waving off Alice's curious looks.

Emmett Brandon was the new liaison from Interpol. His job was to facilitate international cooperation between police forces, but his presence here had worried Alice. Jasper and Emmett had been having these meetings since he arrived, but she wasn't sure what it was about.

"Everything all right?" Edward asked.

Emmett nodded and Edward smiled.

For the first time, Alice felt completely out of the loop.

"Is there something I should know?" she asked both men.

"Nothing to worry about, sis." Emmett said with a wink. "It's all being taken care of as we speak." Before Alice could ask another question, Emmett turned to Edward. "Anyways, I came here because you owe me another polo class this afternoon, your Highness!"

Emmett had been welcomed with open arms in Volterra. His warm personality and happy attitude instantly charmed the entire staff. In Emmett, even Edward had found a friend he could trust, and had taken him to a polo match. Emmett, unable to resist any kind of outdoor activity, had gone with a smile and promptly fell in love with the sport.

After that, Edward had offered Emmett the use of his horses and even the services of his personal instructor, looking forward to an opponent that wouldn't let him win during practice just because he was the Crown Prince. He had introduced Emmett to his team mates and they had all bonded over their love of the sport.

Alice grimaced, thinking of Emmett's first polo lesson.

It wasn't that Emmett couldn't ride—he was a Brandon after all, and all Brandons prided themselves on their riding skills—but what made Alice cringe was the memory of Emmett's first meeting with Lady Rosalie. That meeting didn't go well…and that was an understatement!

Lady Rosalie had been in the castle for over a week, but Alice rarely saw her, except when she came to meet with Edward. That day, Edward and Emmett had spent all afternoon practicing hitting the ball. Alice had been watching them from the sideline, when Lady Rosalie made her appearance.

Lady Rosalie had blushed bright red at the sight of the very sweaty Emmett and became very shy, barely speaking to him. Lady Rosalie's reaction was completely unexpected by both Edward and Alice. Though it was no secret that she still carried feelings for Jasper, she had never reacted that way towards him. On more than one occasion, Alice had caught Lady Rosalie looking at her husband with longing, but being the lady she was raised to be, she never flirted with him, and always treated Alice with respect.

If anyone was shocked by Rosalie's reaction, then Emmett's definitely topped it.

Once introductions were made, Emmett turned into what Alice called The Inspector, the cold Interpol agent that could make the most evil criminal shake in terror. To suddenly see him turn into that detached and cold person caught Alice completely off guard. During the entire afternoon, he barely addressed Lady Rosalie; in fact, he barely talked while she was there.

Alice was so shocked that she was unable to break the tension like she usually did. Even Edward was dumbfounded at what he was witnessing.

Later that night, Alice had approached Emmett and asked him what the bloody hell he was thinking, treating Lady Rosalie the way he did.

His answer shouldn't have shocked her, but it did.

"How do you expect me to be respectful and friendly when she was anything but to you? No, Alice. She insulted you, my blood, and therefore she has wounded me as well. I won't be rude; you know I can't be rude to women, but until she is finally capable of apologizing for her horrible behavior towards you, and finally accept that the only thing you did was fall in love with a man who had no commitments whatsoever to her, I refuse to be her friend."

Yeah…she was speechless after that.

Alice managed to keep Emmett and Lady Rosalie apart for the rest of her visit. A day earlier, Lady Rosalie had gone back to Roinne to meet up with Dr. Masri and finish organizing the annual Up & Coming Artists Show. Before departing, she had left invitations for everyone, including Emmett.

As of right now, Alice knew Emmett wouldn't be attending that show.

"I see you haven't gotten your ass kicked enough." Edward snickered as he stood up and walked towards the big man.

"Well, perseverance is everything. I will win soon enough!" Emmett said with the utmost confidence.

Alice rolled her eyes. "Emmett, we're kind of busy right now. Maybe—"

"Nonsense," Edward interrupted, clasping Emmett's shoulder. "There's nothing that cannot wait until tomorrow."

"What about…?"Alice looked down at the photos on his desk and then looked back at Edward with a raised eyebrow.

"It can wait."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Alice. I'm sure." His clipped tone and pointed look told Alice she was about to cross a line.

"As you wish, Your Highness."

Edward frowned at the use of his title, but since they were in the office, he let it go. It had been an understanding that when they were in the company of friends and family, he didn't mind his staff using his given name, but at the workplace titles should prevail. Still, it bothered him how a title could make some people react and he tried to make people not use it unless necessary.

"Your Highness…" Emmett rolled his eyes. "Always so formal, sis. I have a question though. Shouldn't it be Your Majesty?"

"No," Edward answered before Alice could even open her mouth, "I'm not the King, at least not yet."

"But didn't you have a coronation ceremony?" Emmett asked in confusion.

"Yes, I'm the Crown Prince and that makes me capable of ruling, but I will only become King when I marry."

"Huh… interesting. Always complicating things, you bunch of monarchs."

"Emmett!" Alice hissed.

"What? Just stating the obvious!" He shrugged.

Edward laughed. He was really unfazed by Emmett's informality; he actually enjoyed it. It was such a change from the way people always treated him. Very few were capable of addressing him without the requisite formalities, with the exception of Lord Aro, Alice, Jasper and now Emmett.

"Yes, you were, Emmett, indeed!" Edward added, still chuckling.

"See? He doesn't mind," Emmett added cheekily and winked at Alice.

Alice huffed, but then let out a small giggle. Emmett was always good at making light of any situation, something Edward admired.

Before they left the office, Edward put the photos back inside the envelope Alice had brought and stuffed it in the bottom left drawer. Alice thought she had the upper hand, but as Edward looked down at the photos and the papers he already had inside that drawer, for once he was glad he was one step ahead of her.

Emmett had come at the right time, though. His enthusiasm for polo was the distraction he needed, at least until he could return to Seattle and find Bella.

Just wait for me, mia bella. Only one more week to go.

With that silent promise, he locked the drawer and left the office.

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