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His sweet Dream

Hermione sighed as she rubbed the lotion on her swollen stomach. It was the day she was to leave for her last year at Hogwarts and she was 5 months pregnant, and to top things off she didn't know who the father was.

She pressed her hand to her stomach hopping that the baby would kick but of course it didn't, it never kicked when she wanted it to.

She didn't know what the baby was yet. She had only been to a few appointments with a muggle doctor. She knew she would be delivering in the Wizarding world and was just going to have Madame Pomfrey give her a complete check up when she got there.

She smirked if you would have told her that her first day back at Hogwarts she would be worried about stretch marks she would have laughed.

She pushed her shirt down and put on her school robes. She took one look at herself and cast the concealment spell that Dumbledore had given her; she wasn't ready for anyone other than her best friends to know about the baby.

She walked slowly down the stairs only to find both of her parents waiting for her. Her mother was crying and her father just looked concerned "I wish I knew who got you pregnant just so I could kill him."

Hermione gave a weak smile. She had told her parents the truth. After all she was still the goody goody bookworm Granger. She had only had sex with one person in her whole life and only once, the only problem was that they had both been in costume.

It was one night of revenge sex and she would regret it for the rest of her life.

Hermione had found Ron cheating on her with Lavender Brown, Ron had claimed that he was perfectly content waiting until she was ready.

Of course he was content he was shagging Lavender.

Ginny had also found Harry in a compromising position with Cho.

It seemed the two friends were just a little too sexually frustrated to wait on their girlfriends to be ready. That was the day before the annual slytherin Masquerade party.


"Come on Hermione they can have some fun so can we. No one will recognize us."

Hermione bit her lip as she looked at Ginny. She had to admit she would not have recognized her if she saw her on the street. Ginny had magically dyed her noticeable red hair to a platinum curly blond, she was wearing a sexy nurse outfit and a silver mask to cover her eyes and nose.

Hermione sighed but magically dyed her hair the same platinum blond only making hers straight. She then dressed in a skimpy French maid's uniform and a matching silver mask to cover her eyes, and nose.

The party was already in full swing when they arrived and they didn't recognize almost anyone. That was the purpose of the party. Hermione and Ginny both were given drinks right away.

Ginny automatically downed hers and looked to Hermione. "Come on let loose have some fun. Just think about what Ron did to you."With that she left Hermione to go flirt with a black masked Prince Charming.

Hermione downed her glass and grabbed another shot of fire whiskey from a nearby Greek god. He smirked watching her down the shot.

"My, eager are we?" Hermione felt herself blush but nodded.

"Let's just say I need to get my mind off of some things."

The Greek god laughed and handed her another shot "Don't let me stop you."

Hermione took the shot and downed it. She then examined the man. She was trying to figure out which slytherin he was. He had dark black hair, and a silver mask like hers. She had no idea who it was. He was wearing a toga showing off firm muscular legs and arms. She did not recognize the voice either.

The fire whiskey was really working fast. Before she knew what was happening she was dancing with the guy. She didn't care who he was she was having fun. She was letting loose and she was getting back at Ron. Before the end of the night she found herself in a random bedroom with the God. She had become quite tipsy by that point and he began kissing down her neck sending shivers down her entire body.

Hermione tensed as he began to peal the tight French maid uniform off of her shoulders. The Greek god chuckled "nervous my little servant?"

Hermione sucked in a breath "No."

She was then pushed down the on the bed and the dressed pulled off. She was lying there in nothing but her bra, panties, and a silver mask. The Greek god got on the bed and began to kiss down her stomach. Hermione moaned as his mouth reached the edge of her panties, He then bit the edges and pulled them down her legs, Hermione was suddenly very aware of how exposed she was and began to pull away only to have herself pulled back down by her hips. Before she could say anything she felt his lips on her most sensitive spot.

She squirmed and moaned loudly "Oh Merlin what are you doing?"

The Greek god said nothing only pulled her down further licking , and suckling hungrily. He then slowly slid one finger into her causing her to gasp. He chuckled again "So tight my little servant, tell me your not a virgin."

Hermione covered her face even though she knew it was still covered with a mask.

The Greek god slid another finger into her kissing her inner thigh lightly " Nothing to be embarrassed about just looks like we will have to prepare you." Hermione did not even try to hide the moans she wanted this.

It just felt right it felt so good. She pressed and moved with the rhythm of his kisses and fingers. Suddenly it happened what her body had been fighting for. It felt like a million little fireworks all over her body. It felt so good she didn't know what to do next as she lay there waiting on him. She heard him remove his toga and felt him climb on the bed. She suddenly looked up and saw his face. She could not see anything but the color of his eyes. In the candle light it looked as if they were grey almost silver.

He then began to kiss her and positioned himself at her entrance. "Are you sure about this my little servant? It is going to hurt."

Hermione nodded and pressed her hips up giving him the signal to continue.

Hermione tensed when she felt him pressing inside of her. Her cries of pain were covered by his kisses. He did not move for a moment letting her get used to him inside of her.

Hermione grinded her hips realizing the pain had subsided to be replaced with a very pleasant feeling. The Greek god took this as a sign to continue and began to pump in and out of her kissing her passionately. It wasn't long until Hermione got used to the rhythm and began moving with him.

The Greek god moaned "Oh Merlin are you sure you're a virgin?"

Hermione smirked and rolled him over on his back straddling a top him. She was kind of shy at first not really knowing what to do but the Greek god put his hands on her hips and began to show her what to do. Showing her how to ride him when she got the rhythm he reached between them teasing the sensitive bud bringing her back to ecstasy. The second time was too much for the Greek god to handle releasing his seed inside of her. Hermione feel on top of him trying to catch her breath.

After calming down she rolled over and began getting dressed. The Greek god watched her not saying anything. When she went to leave he cleared his throat "Who are you?" Hermione gave him a small smirk as she stood at the door about to walk out. "I was just a sweet dream. Its best we keep it that way." And with that she walked out of the room.

After the war was over and Harry had defeated the dark lord Hermione found she was pregnant.

She debated telling anyone at first but knew she would need the support of someone when she went back to school and hiding it from her three best friends would only make them hate her when the time came.

Harry and Ginny took the news a lot better than Ron had. Ginny and Hermione had told the boys that they went to a muggle club where they had found some random guys.

It was already bad enough to Ron that she was pregnant. If he knew that it was by a Slytherin he would never speak to her again.

She had tried thinking back many times to think about who the father was. She just couldn't figure it out.

This was going to be an interesting year.

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