A/N: Today is my three-year anniversary on this site! WHOO!!! This little ficlet came to me one day as I tried to work on another story that was epic fail and never got started, much less finished. But I thought the idea was cute, so here goes. I'll proofread this later, but I had to get it posted tonight for my three-year anniversary of joining ff. In parts of the country it's already Thursday. Anyway, here you go. Hope you like it.

They exited the shop and Mello sat down at an outside table with his chocolate cone. Matt followed suit, a cup of vanilla ice cream and a spoon in his hand and sat across from the blond.

"Remind me again why we had to go out for ice cream when there's a perfectly good tub of it in the freezer at home?" Mello asked.

Matt sighed dramatically. "Because, we haven't had a real date in forever." Mello opened his mouth to argue but Matt cut him off. "And sharing a pizza while watching 'Kira's Kingdom' doesn't count as a date just because of what happened after."

He received only a "hm" in response. Mello turned his head to watch the people and cars that passed by on the streets. Observing his companion's lack of attention, Matt's eyes took on a mischievous glint and he darted his spoon across the table and scooped a bite of chocolate ice cream.

Mello turned his head slowly, but any anger or annoyance melted at the sight of Matt with the spoon hanging from his mouth and his eyes wide in a very deer-in-the-headlights look. The expression was so ridiculously adorable that Mello had to laugh.

At that, Matt relaxed and brought his spoon back down. Mello reached over and plucked it out of his hand. To Matt's surprise, he did not dip the spoon into the vanilla ice cream, but instead back into his own chocolate. Matt's brow furrowed in confusion until, with a look of rapidly increasing dread, he realized that Mello was not bringing the spoon to his lips, but bending it backward and shooting Matt and devilish smirk. Matt's eyes widened, but he had no time to move before a large glob of chocolate ice cream landed on his cheek.

Mello smirked more, leaned across the table, and flicked the ice cream off with his tongue, and then placed a very chocolatey kiss on Matt's lips. When he pulled away, he smiled and licked his lips slightly. "Mmm…" he hummed. "Matt and chocolate, my two favorite tastes."

He sat back in his seat and resumed licking his ice cream cone, albeit a bit more slowly and dramatically than was absolutely necessary.

Matt swallowed hard. He had learned a very important lesson:

Never steal chocolate from Mello.

A/N: Yay! Complete and typed. I'm not sure how much I like this, but it was just a cute bit of fluff that popped into my head because I get fed up with stories that imply that Matt doesn't like chocolate. Make my anniversary great! Give me reviews! (please…)