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"Oh my gosh! - Okay, you really wanna go there?"

"Yeah, I'm there."

The level of her incredulity is extremely genuine and highly amusing, so of course he carelessly answers back with the simple words he knows will further rile her.

He doesn't even attempt hiding his mischievous smile as he calmly revels in the secret entertainment she so obliviously offers him.

"You're really going to tell me that Nsync was better than the Backstreet Boys -

"I'm seriously starting to doubt your taste in music, Bonnie..." he scoffs. "Next you'll be saying TLC was better than Destiny's Child."

"They were!"

In the middle of her bedroom, cell phone pressed against her ear, Bonnie Bennett freezes, glaring wildly into space.

"Okay, you're on musical opinion probation."


"Yeah. You are. Gonna have to earn back your credibility before I can trust your taste again..."

Stefan Salvatore shakes his head to himself as he continues wandering the dark roads that lead to her house.

Talk about an odd pairing. She had always gravitated to his brother, don't ask him why, but for whatever reason, despite arguing like cats and dogs, the two of them worked well together and trusted one another.

Sort of like the trust Stefan and Bonnie had, if not completely different.

That particular relationship, he didn't know quite how to describe...

"Oh my gosh! Your brother is freaking me out!" the girl's sudden groan of frustration reaches the vampire's ears, breaking him out of his musings.

Bonnie chews into her bottom lip, pacing the span of her small bedroom, with her phone clenched tightly into her fist.

"He watching you again?"

The witch nearly jumps out of her skin at the sudden presence of Stefan Salvatore in her quiet house and sitting on her queen sized bed.

If looks could kill, the vampire would be good and staked, he realizes as his friend glares into him while panting softly and holding onto her chest. It's a sight he finds himself appreciating instead of avoiding.

The 17 year old absently wonders how in the world the man got inside, before her eyes land on the now open window of her bedroom. She purposefully marches over to it, rolling her eyes in annoyance of the black bird perched outside of it, before closing the glass tightly. She makes a mental note to start locking the thing...

"Apparently he's not the only one." Bonnie reprimands, turning to face Stefan with a pointed look as she closes her useless cell phone and places it onto her dresser.

"Sorry" he smiles.

It's one of those adorable ones she's started to equate with him not being the least bit apologetic. "I worry." the undead Adonis shrugs off before groaning long and stretching out on the teen's bed. His head comes to to rest on her pillow, with his hands resting casually behind it as he lounges.

"And sorry about Damon. My brother seems to always want what he can't have..."

"Sure, make yourself at home!"

"Okay" the vampire deadpans, before shamelessly grinning at the scowl the one-syllable answer produces from the gorgeous witch.

"Shoes off," Bonnie distractedly admonishes, before recovering from her temporary sidetrack. "And worry about what? I happen to be a very powerful witch, or do I have to remind you?" she teases with quite the arrogant smirk, before it breaks into a sudden frown at the realization of her friend's other statement, about Damon… crushing…on her, of all people. "And please, your brother is totally in love with Elena."

The caramel skinned beauty goes to scoff, but finds herself grimacing instead at the deep frown the words immediately evoke across Stefan's features.

Great. Salt and vinegar to the very fresh wound... dancing upon the wet and ripe grave... kicking the recently beaten dog when it's down...

Bonnie closes her eyes and runs a hand through her long hair, mentally admonishing herself. She opens her mouth to verbally apologize, just as Stefan directs a reassuring smile at her.

"I don't know, Bonnie, he's very attracted to you. It's kind of obvious."

She merely studies the vampire at the words, to which he grins widely while simultaneously kicking off his shoes. "I actually think he's trying to make you jealous by dating Elena." he further reveals to the woman standing at the window of the room.

There is a moment of silence where she seems to zone out, absently giving her back to the glass porthole as she contemplates the words and the thought of Damon Salvatore actually wanting her.

Stefan finds himself less than mirthful of her pondering anything about his brother, so without warning he rises from her bed, moving with the speed of light to stand directly behind her.

"And I know you're a very powerful witch. Doesn't mean I can't worry…" he whispers into her ear, loving the way she shivers in response to him, before he quickly moves to stand before her.

His beautiful gray eyes pierce into her stunning brown-green.

"I worry" he whispers quietly, gaze darting over her features before moving back to assault her's.

Bonnie doesn't answer. She merely finds herself getting lost in the storminess of his orbs as the atmosphere begins to shift. It's thick, palpable, intense... potent, and for a moment she's sure something will happen. She's not sure what, but something has to give.

Nothing does. Nothing ever does...

"Elena is very stupid." the petite witch finds herself mumbling quietly into the silence of the room.

"And why is that?" Stefan asks just as quietly, at the sudden words, as he smirks down at the woman standing barely a breath away from him.

"No reason." she quickly recovers, bringing an end to the juncture as she takes a calculated step away from the vampire.

Bonnie silently berates herself for speaking her thoughts aloud, as Stefan merely nods his head, a teasing grin on his face as he walks over to her dresser and absentmindedly fiddles with a couple of her photos.

"Cute PJs, by the way." he suddenly turns to face her once more.

She'd like to die from the grin on his face and the way his eyes roam over her short sleeved Tweety bird shirt and matching pajama bottoms. She becomes extremely interested in the ground below her instead, as she blushes profusely.


Stefan finds himself oddly tempted to pinch her cheeks.

Get the hell away from her!

Damon's livid voice suddenly enters his head, distracting him from the urge.

The interruption is more than a little unwelcome as Stefan removes his gaze from the rose tinted beauty and wrenches his eyes closed in frustration. .

Why don't you? he bites out an angry reply of his own, glaring into the crow at the large tree before Bonnie's window. Stop stalking Bonnie like some lost puppy. You have a girlfriend, remember?

Bonnie's mine. His brother's voice growls furiously in response, and for some reason the words have a dangerously riling affect on the vampire. His jaw has to clench tightly to keep the fangs at bay.

The black and blue veins refuse to be held off however, as they adorn his eyes with a vengeance he's never before felt.

Momentarily. Before he is finally able to reel them in. He always knew his brother had a thing for Bonnie...

Really? Tell her that. Stefan finds himself challenging in return to his sibling's possessive words. Oh wait, can't. Not invited in...

The entire mental conversation takes swift occurrence while the enchantress's cheeks are burning in embarrassment, and ends once she finally composes herself, looking back to her undead friend. He just manages to cover his glare and direct a friendly smile at her.

So what? Are you looking to the best friend for a rebound? Damon's sneering voice re-enters his head, to the immediate stiffening of Stefan's smile.

He literally has to turn away from the girl to glare outside her window with incredulity. His reply is almost instant.

Please. Bonnie's way above rebound material; you and I both know that.

Just stay away from her. Damon quickly throws back.

Fine. Stefan returns just as swiftly. But oddly his voice his not frustrated or fed up; it's calm.

For tonight, the younger Salvatore reiterates, but only because she's tired. His ears tune in to the witch's second yawn of the night. But you leave too or I stay the entire night.

The ripper ends the conversation with the promise, closing his mind off. He moves swiftly, coming to stand directly in front of Bonnie with just two steps, discarded shoes now snug on his feet. He quietly runs his eyes over her, enjoying how antsy the action makes her, before he suddenly grasps her chin, gently running the pad of his thumb down it in thought.

Damon could try to get Bonnie if he wanted, but she wasn't like Elena. She was way too loyal. She couldn't even stand being in the same room with Damon because of what he'd done to Stefan and Elena's relationship!

And then of course there was the whole him basically killing her Grams...

But why did he care? Why did Stefan care whether his brother wanted Bonnie or not? Did he want her? Stefan honestly didn't know... Did she want him?

"I've got to go." the vampire quietly announces, escaping his reverie as he reluctantly releases the chin in his grasp.

Despite his tumultuous thinking, he still can't help his gaze from naturally moving down to the witch's beautifully mesmerizing eyes.

"You don't have to." the 17 year old corrects, whining slightly - which is honestly way too cute because Bonnie Bennett does not whine, like at all. "It's not even ten yet." She argues.

"Yeah, but I've heard you yawn twice Bon-Bon." the handsome supernatural softly maintains, grinning pleasantly at the adorable pout on the young woman's extremely kissable lips. "You need your sleep. So I'm gonna go." Before I do something stupid…

Stefan goes to move past Bonnie and towards her bedroom door, before her gentle hold stops him.

Looking down, he stares minutely at the small hand wrapped around his bicep, before looking expectantly into it's owner's eyes.

"Will you come by tomorrow?" she quietly asks as the vampire almost laughs.

Why wouldn't he? Because it's the weekend? Because he had other plans? That hadn't stopped him so far... All of his plans included her. Why was that? Because he found himself always wanting to be around her. Was that exactly grounds for a platonic relationship?

"Of course." the handsome man smiles the questions away. "I have to get my daily dose of Bonnie. Maybe I'll even stay 10 minutes this time." he jokes, suddenly regretting his exit.

"Well it's your fault for leaving in the first place."

"No. It's your fault for being so tired. What? Tyler wearing you out with all his constant flirting." Stefan returns, ignoring the allure of Bonnie's slightly puckered lips.

"Jealous?" she challenges back in reply, eyes sparkling with mischief.


Yes. Very jealous.

But was he going to admit this? No. Because he shouldn't be. And what the heck did it mean that he was?!

"See ya later, Bonnie." Stefan sighs heavily, with eyebrows furrowed and forehead brooding, as he ends their conversation and simultaneously moves out of her grasp, or at least attempts to. His little witch only holds on tighter, resultantly halting him once more. She leans up, pressing a chaste kiss to his cheek.

"Bye" Bonnie quietly lets go of the ripper's arm, smiling shyly up at him, to which he grins adorably goofy down at her, before grasping onto her shoulders.

Ignoring the butterflies in his stomach and the tingling of his skin everywhere she'd touched and kissed him (what is really happening with the two of them?!), Stefan presses a chaste kiss of his own against her forehead.

"Bye" he whispers into her hair before disappearing the next instance.


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