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Something There - Chapter 5: Part 1

Bonnie sprints into her house, immediately dropping her heavy, burgundy duffel bag by the door, and darting up the stairs to her bedroom.

She doesn't think she's ever experienced a more stressful day! Attempting to avoid Stefan – stressful. Being mad at Stefan – stressful. Ignoring Stefan – Stressful. Not talking to Stefan – stressful. Arguing with Stefan – stressful. Stefan – stressful.

The day has been filled with one stressful scenario after the next, and Bonnie is good and tired and very much thankful for the lengthy football practices. She hopes they'll practice all night long!

But just in case they don't, the green-eyed witch decides to take advantage of her time alone, for surely Stefan will be at her doorstep the minute his Coach blows the whistle. Persistent little bastard.

She burrows herself into her bathroom. The temperature is set, the water turned on, and her clothes shed, within a matter of seconds.

The hot spray of water feels good, soothing, and Bonnie closes her eyes once she's under it, simply basking in the heated liquid, allowing it to wash over her and simultaneously wash away the stress of the aggravating day.

She stays like this for a few moments, simply enjoying the cascade of the water over her lips and eyes, down her chest and legs. It feels so good. She simply soaks it in for a while, before grasping her Lavender-scented shampoo and squeezing a generous amount into her palms. She works the lather into her scalp, and my gosh, it's even more soothing than the hot water.

Bonnie keeps her eyes closed in serenity as she washes her hair, literally feeling her muscles relax as she does so, tenseness lulled into submission by the spray of the shower, the mist of the shower, the scent of her shampoo, and her massaging touch to her scalp.

She sighs, moving her fingers through her long tendrils, kneading and rubbing the roots of her hair, and working the sweet smelling shampoo into it, immensely enjoying each movement as she thoroughly cleans her the mass of curls.

Once her hair is washed, the witch grabs one of her rarely used loofahs (she's more of a wash cloth kind of girl) and goes to work on her sweat-caked skin. (Thank you cheer practice!) She's rough at first, sure to wash the dirt of the day completely away. But after the first couple of times, she's gentle. Allowing the gentle touch of the plush object to relax her into a blissful finish.

Bonnie ends the euphoric shower and emerges from the tub, breathing in the fog of the room and wiping some of it away from her mirror, before drying her body with a long white towel and wrapping it at her bust, around her body.

She exits the bathroom, towel drying her curly, wet hair, and humming to herself. She feels amazing. Refreshed. A shower is just what she'd needed to reboot from her trying day. Suddenly Stefan's visit wasn't seeming so death-inspiring. She feels so calm, so relaxed, so oddly chipper. Powerful. She feels as if she can take on the world.

The cheerleader lathers her body in lavender scented lotion (a part of her lavender-scented Bath and B), and quickly dresses, before exiting her room and descending the stairs of her house, a bit of a skip in her step as she does so. She's clad in a white tank (very much like the blue tank she'd worn the previous day) and dark brown cheer shorts (exactly in the style of the shorts she'd worn the previous day.) There are diamond studs in her ears, and a pair of white ankle socks on her feet. Her hair is loose, and it's damp and curly, but beautiful. She runs her hands through it absentmindedly, moving all of her locks to the right, as she mutters incoherently to herself whilst descending the staircase.

Once at the bottom, Bonnie jogs over to her duffel bag, swiftly opens it, and retrieves her purse from it's confines. She digs through the black, leather bag and grabs up her cell, sighing heavily when she notices that she has 4 missed calls. Mixed feelings overcome the witch at this observation. On one had she's still angry at Stefan and very much annoyed, especially at his stolen kiss! But on the other, she's eager to speak to him, somewhat excited by his relentless pursuit, and extremely ecstatic at his stolen kiss. It's these feelings that have the witch biting down on her bottom lip and fighting off a smile.

The happy look soon turns into an all out frown, however, when she selects the missed calls and sees that they are all from the same person, but not the person she'd expected.

"What the heck is Caroline so excited about?" the caramel-skinned teen asks herself, burying the disappointment she feels from not receiving a single call from Stefan, and instead calling her blonde friend. She always had a way of cheering her up when she was down...or at least distracting her!

"Bout time, Bonnie!" is how she is greeted by the Cheerleader captain, after approximately one ring. And dang, was she holding her phone, waiting for her call? And dang, she doesn't sound too friendly! The realization causes Bonnie to groan inwardly before speaking.

"Sorry, Care. Was showering; what's up?" she asks, keeping her voice as light and pleasant (hoping it'll cause Caroline to calm and be more pleasant) as possible as she moves around to her kitchen, in search of food.

"I don't know; you tell me." the blonde fires back, and the witch can just see the feisty arched eyebrow the girl is sporting. "How long have you had feelings for Stefan?"

Bonnie freezes in the middle of her trip to the silverware drawer, pausing to take in the weight of Caroline's sudden question. She also absentmindedly takes note that she's retrieved a pint of Reeses ice cream from the freezer. She just screams heartbreak.

Damn. Caroline wanted to talk about Stefan. She should've known. The blonde was a very good, caring, and loving friend. She was a good listener and gave great advice, but let's face it, she was nosy as hell! You had to love her though.

The witch sighs heavily, frozen in the middle of the kitchen, as she fidgets with her carton of ice cream, moving the container side to side as she thinks. She wants to lie. It'll make things so much easier. She can just lie, say she has no feelings for Stefan.

But more than likely Caroline will know she's being untrue. She knows her like she knows fashion. Which is damn well! And Bonnie does desperately need to talk to someone about the situation. So...

"I don't know. Two weeks ago? A month ago? Always?..." the doe-eyed woman sputters helplessly, waving the ice cream container around wildly, before realizing what she's doing and placing the carton onto the counter top, before working her newly freed hand into her curls.

"Always?" Caroline gasps in surprise.

"Well I've always been aware of him..." Bonnie corrects.

"How so?" the female vampire presses, and the green-eyed beauty groans out in frustration, hand moving from her hair to cover her closed eyes. Caro was really digging deep with this.

"I don't know...I've always thought him attractive." she explains, wincing at the thought of what Caroline would think of this news. "He's always given me butterflies...But I had never thought about him, because he was with Elena!" Bonnie quickly assures.

The blonde doesn't speak, and this only helps to heighten the witch's already nervous state, and so she continues, starting to ramble slightly.

"I didn't even want a close friendship with him, because I knew there was a high chance I could develop feelings for him! So I never got close to him!...Until now..." she continues to explain. And finally Caroline speaks, awe and realization in her voice.

"And now you've gotten to know him, and you've become close friends with him, and you're falling for him. Just like you knew you would..." she says slowly, seemingly attaining more information as she speaks.

"Yeah. I guess so." Bonnie confirms softly, finally opening her eyes and removing her hand from over them as she chews thoughtfully on her bottom lip.

"Oh my gosh, that is so cute!" the cheerleader suddenly squeals happily, and Bonnie is shocked stupid. "I wonder if he's always been attracted and aware of you as well! I bet he has! Oh my gosh, you two are so great for each other!" she raves, excitement evident in her voice.

Bonnie doesn't say anything. She's completely silent, a million different thoughts moving through her brain. Was she in some sort of parallel universe? Why was Caroline being so supportive of her and Stefan? Why had she seemingly given up all hope for Elena and Stefan, and suddenly hopped onto the Bonnie/Stefan bandwagon? It seemed she was their number one fan!...Were her and Stefan really that cute of a couple? Had Stefan always been attracted to her? And – WHAT THE HECK WAS SHE THINKING? There was no her and Stefan! There was no bandwagon to hop onto, for them! He'd seen to that the previous night!

Bonnie sighs heavily at the realization, before finally retrieving a spoon from the silverware drawer, and sullenly grabbing up her ice cream.

"Apparently we're not so great, Care." she informs, making her way into the living room, and plopping down, heavily, onto her sofa, before momentarily letting go of her phone to tear off the ice cream top, and plunge her spoon into the round container. "He doesn't want me like that." the witch sighs before taking in a spoonful of choc-lately peanut butter goodness. No wonder people ate this stuff during break-ups and heartbreak; it tasted freakin amazing.

"The hell he doesn't!" Caroline exclaims indignantly, and Bonnie groans in frustration. Her friend could be so stubborn.

"He doesn't, Caroline! When we kissed last night, he ended it! He said he "couldn't do it!" she exclaims, willing the blonde to believe her, because if she doesn't, she'll somehow convince Bonnie not to believe, and the new hope will cause her to hurt even more than she's already hurting, if it's false hope.

"Which is man talk for "I want you so badly, I'm afraid to be around you right now!" the head cheerleader echoes Bonnie's statement passionately, and the witch's spoon stills at the words. She freezes, and her eyebrows furrow as she thinks over her friend's words.

Could Caroline be right? Did Stefan really want her? Did he really have feelings for her, as well? She wants so badly to believe it. She wants him to love her, because she loves him so much. But it hurts too much to believe. It hurts too much to hope. Bonnie doesn't want to set herself up for disappointment.

"Caroline, he just sees my as a friend, alright? And honestly I'm glad, because it wouldn't have worked out between us anyways!" she exclaims passionately, strongly, attempting to cover up the way her voice is wavering, the way her heart aches.

"Liar" Caroline bites out. And Bonnie wonders why she even tries. "Oh Bonnie, just be honest with me, babe, please." the blonde coos. "I know you love him." she says softly, seeing right through her witch's attempted tough fascade, knowing that the girl is drowning in her sadness.

And Bonnie sighs, wrenching her eyes shut, and dropping her ice cream onto the coffee table before her. Suddenly she isn't hungry anymore. Not even for Reeses Cup Icecream. So she sets her spoon aside as well, and places to top over the discarded carton of chocolate, before sighing out once more, in defeat.

"What's the use, if he doesn't feel the same?" she whispers brokenly, finally giving into the emotions of her hectic day, and wiping hastily when a tear slides out of her closed eyes.

"Bons...anyone with eyes can tell that that's just not the case." Caroline echoes slowly, tone equally as soft and gentle as Bonnie's. "I saw that today."

She wants to believe so badly. Really she does.

"I don't know, Care..." she sighs heavily, running both hands through her hair as she sets her phone onto the table and opens it into speaker mode, just in time to catch a heavy sigh leaving her friend as well.

She knows it hurts the blonde to hear her sad. She really is such a great friend. And way more empathetic than people give her credit for.

"Well you should know, Bonnie! You should!" Caroline exclaims, and she sounds very frustrated, but Bonnie doesn't know why. And before she can even attempt to calm the girl, she's nearly yelling at her.

"I mean, did you see the way Stefan was looking at you when you two were fighting? Did you see how he pulled you into him? And OMG, that kiss? The whole squad saw it, and wow. HOW COULD YOU NOT THINK HE HAD FEELINGS FOR YOU?" the blonde rants, voice raising in octaves as she speaks.

"I mean it's so obvious it's maddening you can't see it!" Caroline continues to exclaim, and Bonnie lets her words wash over her.

He was staring at her so intensely. And he had pulled her so tightly into him. And he had KISSED her. Why?

"Even Elena noticed for heaven's sakes! I mean, I'm sure you saw how uneasy it made her; she's obviously jealous!" the cheerleader continues without cease, interrupting Bonnie's racing thoughts.

"What? - She did?" the witch suddenly sputters in shock of her friends words, instantly grabbing up her phone once more and placing it to her ear.

"Yeah, she noticed! Couldn't you tell by all of her longing looks towards Stefan? She knows he likes you! I know he likes you! The squad knows; everybody knows except you!" the blonde exclaims all in one breath, before panting slightly into the phone. "I don't know why Lena's all jealous anyways, she's got Damon..." she mutters lowly, but Bonnie ignores her words because she can only focus on one thing.

"So Stefan really likes me..." she says quietly, voice dazed, a small hopeful smile on her features.

"I'd say that's an understatement.." the blonde echoes, and Bonnie sighs happily.

"Then why did he leave last night?" she questions, confused.

If Stefan liked her. If Stefan loved her. Why had he left her last night? Why did he say he "couldn't do this?" And why had he seemingly changed his mind about it so quickly?

"I don't know, Bon Bon. That's a question I think you need to ask him." Caroline says softly. "Which means, you need to start talking to him." she reiterates, and Bonnie can just see the stern look on her face.

"Okay okay, I will." the Caramel-skinned woman assures, laughing slightly as she rises from the couch and carries her ice cream and spoon into the kitchen.

"NOW" Caroline clarifies, and Bonnie all out laughs this time. "I mean it, Bennett!" the blonde says sternly before hanging up.

The green-eyed witch rolls her eyes slightly, at her best friend's adamant behavior, a small smile on her face as she puts the ice cream back into the freezer and tosses her spoon into the sink.

She chews on her lip thoughtfully before moving to call Stefan.

What she was going to say to him, she didn't know. She didn't get him! All the signs pointed to rejection, when he'd left her the previous night. It was rejection, a sure sign that her affections were one-sided. Now she wasn't sure what the heck the signs were pointing to! He was staring at her, he was pursuing her relentlessly, he was kissing her. He was so confusing! And so, when he answers his phone, she decides to tell him this.

"Hey! Bonnie?" he answers on the third ring, and he sounds eager and excited to hear from her, and it's cute and distracting; so she says the first thing that comes to mind. What she's been thinking practically this entire day.

"You're such a confusing man, you know that?" she immediately exclaims fiercely, nearly cutting off the man's greeting as she begins to pace around the kitchen, one hand clutching the phone to her ear and the other perched on her hip.

"I don't mean to be." comes Stefan's solemn, peace-making response after a couple of seconds.

"Well you are! And you're infuriating! You're so damn infuriating!" she continues, not really knowing where she's going with the conversation, but saying whatever comes to mind. Which apparently is a lot of animosity...

"So are you..." she hears the vampire, mutter quietly, and she loses it.

"We are talking about you right now!"


"You're the one who screwed up! You're the one who pushed me away - And why am I infuriating?" she rants, all in one breath, and it's quite comedic. The entire conversation really.

Bonnie pauses her pacing of the room, Stefan's words finally sink into her pores, and she awaits his answer. What the heck did she do that was so infuriating?

"Because you ignore me! You don't answer my calls! You flirt with other men, and you have no idea how jealous it makes me!" comes the gray-eyed man's exclamation through the phone, as soon as he's given the chance to speak.

And the witch stalls. Okay that is pretty infuriating: ignoring him and not answering his calls. But...

"Why would it make you jealous?" the cheerleader questions nonchalantly, hopefully, closing her eyes and awaiting his answer.

"Because you're mine, Bonnie! You're mine." Stefan nearly growls out possessively; and Bonnie immediately opens her eyes and slowly lets out the breath she'd been holding.

Stefan's words act like a fire, and warm her entire being. They make her extremely happy, but also, they make her heart speed. She's not used to Stefan being so passionate and so possessive, and it's off putting, but she loves it. It's so arousing and so intense. And he's so intense. And gosh he said she was his. She's his! She couldn't have asked for a better answer.

She walks over to a counter top and rests her hands upon it, not fully trusting herself to stand without help, she is on cloud nine.

"I thought you didn't want that." she finally says softly, after a couple of elating moments, chewing on her bottom lip as she does so. "I thought you didn't want me..."

She veers off, and suddenly voices that had once been distant, become more present on Stefan's end of the phone, and the football player is silent for a moment before, swearing loudly.

"Damn it!" the vampire bites out angrily into the phone, before sighing heavily. "Coach is calling. I have to call you back, but Bonnie..." he says hastily, all in one breath, before slowing suddenly. "You're the only one I want. I want you, Bonnie. So badly." he tells the witch, and her heart races within her chest, attempting to play a beat as fast and jovial as the way she's feeling.

Bonnie wrenches her eyes shut and runs a hand through her hair, a beautiful, irremovable grin on her lips. She wants to tell him it all, at the moment. She wants to apologize for the way she's treated him. She wants to tell him how badly he hurt her. But most of all, she wants to tell him how much he means to her, how deeply she loves him. But she'll have to wait. She wants to tell him face to face.

"I'll talk to you later, Stefan, okay?" she says after a few seconds of silence.

"Count on it." he echoes, and Bonnie can practically see the playful smile on his face, the twinkle in his eyes. Damn she loves him.

The background voices take over once more, before Stefan's voice is heard a littler more distant. "Bye Bon!...Elena? What are you still doing here?" the witch hears him ask, voice becoming increasingly distant.

"I need to talk to you!"

The brunette's exclamation is the last thing the green-eyed woman hears just before the call ends. And a deep frown overcomes her features, as she squeezes her phone slightly before placing it roughly onto the counter top, feelings of insecurity, betrayal, and rage overcoming her tiny being.


Something There

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