Chapter 1

Third person's POV


It was a boring day for House: no new interns, no patients, no interesting cases and nothing-interesting going on with his teammates' lives. However, he had no idea there was a murderer in his midst, a killer in his hospital. He was oblivious to this because he thought they had died naturally from natural causes. The killer used poisons that stopped the heart and don't show up on regular tox screens. The medical examiner never would have noticed this.

Until he got the news that, a killer was loose in his hospital. No one knew who the person was! It could have been House himself but he doesn't like killing, he loves saving people. Could it be Cuddy? No, she's the dean of the place. It couldn't have been Wilson because he's House's best friend. It couldn't have been Thirteen, Taub, Foreman or Chase because he works closely with them and they usually have the same shifts as him. He was beginning to run out of ideas.

Just as it started, the person had stopped. It was a mystery. The killings first started a few years and stopped… and now, they've started again.

Spencer's POV

BAU main office

"Voltaire once said 'Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing'."

"Everyone, gather 'round," Hotch announced. Everyone stopped what they were doing and went to the main meeting room. I sat down and sighed. I dared not to stare or look at JJ. "Lately there have been killings in the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in Princeton, New Jersey. The killings first started about five years, stopped and now they've started again. No one knows who it is yet but the main physician, House, there thinks it's one of the newer doctors that work there, so we have to consider that." Derek looked at me funny because I was staring off into space, even though I did want to stare at JJ… "Reid, did you get that?" Hotch asked.

"Y-yeah, I did," I replied. "Just thinking about how we'll pull this off, that's all."

"All right then," he replied. "So, let's head out to our jet. We should be there in a few hours." Everyone got up and walked out. I sighed and no one heard me. This was going to be an interesting case….

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