iLost my memory

Summary: Sam falls out of a tree when she's hiding from Freddie because she pulled a prank on him. When Freddie almost finds her, she wants to flee and falls out of her hiding spot. In the hospital they find out she lost her memory, and the doctors don't know when or if she will get it back. But what happens, when she's getting really close to Freddie, and she gets her memory back?

Disclaimer: I DON'T own ICarly, All I own is my head, and if I could, I even sell that.

Chapter 1 ''Stupid tree.''

Sam's POV

''Why Sam, WHY.'' I heard a voice behind me scream.

''Why not Fredweird, it's just to easy to pull a prank on you.', I said, laughing.

Freddie was totally white because I dropped a bucket with white paint on him. It was a classic. I thought he would like being white. Neh, I just liked him to be white, I chuckled.

''You're never going to get me, Fredward, I'm way too smart for you,'' I shouted.

Freddie started to run as he tried to catch me. But I fled, running to the forest. When I arrived at the forest after running 5 minutes I looked around and there was no sign of him. The nub needed to work out more, I thought to myself.

I looked for a tree I could climb in, since I was in a forest, I think that was not that hard. I found a tree and climbed in it. Leaning my back against the trunk of the tree. Waiting for Fredward the nub.

About 10 minutes after I arrived at the forest, I heard a voice scream.

''SAM PUCKETT, I KNOW YOU'RE HERE, IT'S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE I FIND YOU!'' Fredweird, his hear was still white, but he was now wearing sweatpants and a clean T-shirt, and he had find my hiding spot.

I chuckled, there where like 300 trees in this forest. He may be looking for me a long, long time. I tried very hard not to laugh, when the nub passed my tree several times.

After 20 minutes, Freddie was getting really close to the tree I was sitting in, so I decided it was time to go. After I made sure Freddie wasn't looking, I moved my back of the trunk of the tree and wanted to place my foot at the branch under me. I slipped, falling out of the tree. A horrible scream left my lips, and I fell on the ground. I lost my consciousness.

Freddie's POV

I heard an awful scream coming from behind me, and I ran to the sound. I saw Sam lying unconscious. I kneeled next to her, trying to wake her up.

''Sam, Sam can you here me, please wake up!'' No answer. I quickly dialled 911 and 5 minutes later the ambulance arrived. Sam was still unconscious. And the paramedics laid her on a stretcher and put her in the ambulance. I climbed in too, and we drove to the hospital.

In the ambulance I didn't spoke, and just sat there in a corner as the paramedics tried to wake Sam up. They hooked her up with a breathing tube and other things I can't name. I hide my face in my hands, didn't want to see Sam this way. She always seemed so unbreakable. I couldn't see her this way. I was so worried, as much as I hated her, she was one of my best friends, and I really hated seeing her in pain.

As soon as we arrived at the hospital, the paramedics got Sam out of the ambulance. I got out of the ambulance as well. I had no idea where they were taking her. But I was in a trance, I walked inside and sat down on a chair. Not being able to move.

I sat in the waiting room for the next 10 minutes, till Carly and Spencer arrived. I called them right after I called the ambulance. Carly ran to me and hugged me, sobbing on to my shoulder.

Spencer and a women came also walking towards us, the women about 35 years old, with blond bouncy hear that touched her shoulders and bright blue eyes, the where exactly the same as Sam's. ''Sam's mom,'' I murmured. I had never seen Sam's mom before, but she looked a lot like Sam.

''O my gosh Freddie!'' Carly said, when she calmed down a bit. ''What happened, where's Sam? She isn't dead, is she? Please tell me she's okay!'' Carly cried out. She said the words so quickly I didn't hear all of it.

''I don't know Carls, I just know she fell out of a tree and I called 911. When we arrived here, she was taken from me, and I haven't heard anything since,'' I said. ''The doctors won't talk to me.''