What if Iruka had decided to give Naruto a bit of extra help so he could pass his graduation exam? Alternate timeline, very NaruHina. Naruto isn't going to get any god-like powers, though I'm still going to tell the story my way. I'm going to mostly keep people in character.

"Tomorrow's graduation test will be over the Bunshin jutsu." Iruka told the class. "Make sure you're prepared to practice your handseals!"

'Oh hell!' thought Naruto. 'My worst jutsu! Why can't it be something else.' "Iruka-sensei! Can't we do a different jutsu?"

"No Naruto. It's not my decision, but even if it was, cloning is a basic technique that has several purposes, and is important for every ninja to know." Iruka explained. He looked at Naruto, and his heart dropped a little when he saw the downcast look on the kid's face. This was Naruto's third attempt at passing. Granted, he was still the same age as the rest of the class, but he knew it would break his heart if he didn't move on with the rest of his class.

Getting an idea, Iruka scanned over the class. 'Who would be able…?' as he thought about each student. His eyes lingered on the Uchiha, who would no doubt pass the exam with flying colors, but knew asking him to help Naruto would accomplish nothing. His next pick would be Sakura, her pink-hair standing out among the students, but knew that the end result would be the same, as she treated Naruto the same.

Then it struck him. Naruto needed help with chakra control, he couldn't believe he hadn't thought of it earlier…

"Iruka-sensei, lunch started 5 minutes ago! Are we dismissed yet?" Naruto was jumping up and down, having completely forgotten about the exam already.

Iruka knew this would work. "Alright, everyone's dismissed! Except you Naruto. I need to speak to you and Hinata for a few minutes."

"What!? I didn't do anything today!" Naruto honestly said. He hadn't pulled a prank today, though he had a few in mind…He slowly drug his feet up to the the front of the class, taking on a Shikimaru-esque demeanor about this.

'Oh no!' Hinata had given a small "yeep" of fright when Iruka had called her up. 'Did I fail the last test? Father isn't going to be pleased.' She waited until everyone else had left before making her way up the front where her teacher and Naruto were.

"Iruka-sensei, I swear I didn't do anything…."

Iruka stopped him, "I know Naruto, or at least, I don't know of anything you've done, but that's not why I called you up here. You seemed worried about the exam tomorrow so I thought Hinata here could he-…"

"I'm not worried! I have this in the bag Iruka-sensei!" Naruto interrupted, putting on a smile of confidence that he always did.

Iruka couldn't help but smile back, "I know you have the determination to do it Naruto, but sometimes that just isn't enough. Hinata, would you be willing to help Naruto a bit after school today?"

Hinata blushed. 'Help Naruto? I'd like nothing better than to help him.' "Y-yes, b-but I d-don't know how I c-could help."

"I know that you are able to effectively use the Hyuuga's Byakugan, right?" he inquired. After she nodded, "And, I also know that you have the best chakra control of almost anyone in your class. Naruto needs help being able to control his chakra, and I think you'd be perfect to help him improve his cloning."

She blushed from the compliment"W-well, I w-will t-t-try t-…"

She was abruptly cut off as Naruto hugged her with a "Thanks Hinata! You're the best!"

'I'm the…best?' Hinata blushed and soon fainted, the hug and compliment from Naruto had been too much for her to handle.

"Wha-what?" Naruto held the fainted Hinata in his arms. "Iruka-sensei!"

Iruka smiled, he would be sad when his students graduated, he saw Hinata always glancing at Naruto, but he didn't think it was like this…"It's okay, she's just fainted. Take her and her lunch outside and put her in some shade, she'll be fine after a bit. Make sure you two schedule a time to meet up."

"Sure thing Iruka-sensei, and thanks!" as he gave his trademark grin and jumped out of the classroom.

Iruka smiled even more, 'I'm gonna miss you being your teacher, Naruto.'


Hinata slowly opened her eyes, the sun was bright. 'How did I end up outside? Where's Iruka-sensei, and Naru-..' she blushed again as she remembered what had occurred. 'Did Naruto carry me outside!?' She blushed even harder at the thought.

"Hinata, you're up! Here's your lunch." Naruto handed her her lunch. He was laying against the tree with Hinata.

'He's sitting next to me! Has he been here the whole time?' She took the bag and slowly opened it. She took out a roll and gave it to Naruto. "T-thanks for c-carrying me o-out-s-side."

"Aww, it was nothing, but I've never been one to turn down free food!" He grinned and took the rice ball. He ate it in two bites, with a look of wonder appearing in his eyes. "This is amazing, Hinata! Where did you buy these at?"

Hinata blushed again, "I m-made them this m-morning."

Naruto gaped "Hinata that's awesome! You should cook me stuff more often!"

Hinata blushed even further, 'He likes my cooking that much?' "W-well if we're m-meeting tonight I c-could b-bring some more f-f-food."

"Really? That would be amazing! Oh, when do you want to meet? Is 5 o'clock at the park good?"

"Y-yes, that would work." 'I would meet you anytime Naruto…' Hardly believing what she was hearing, she slipped into deep thought about what to she was going to cook.

Still blushing at sitting under a tree, next to Naruto, her thoughts were interrupted by Iruka calling the class back in for the afternoon. As Naruto bounded off inside, Hinata couldn't help but let a small smile come to her lips as she made her way in.


'It's just about 5' Hinata though, as she waited on the bench, looking down at the ground. She had spent 2 hours earlier cooking rice balls and some noodles for Naruto. She was nervous, she had never imagined spending time with Naruto like this, especially after school.

"Hinata, hey!" Naruto was running up. "Sorry I was napping and woke up late. Is that our dinner!?" He exclaimed as Hinata pulled out her carefully prepared meal.

'Our food? He wants to eat WITH me?' Hinata blushed. "Oh, n-no, Naruto its all f-for you."

"No, that's not right, you made it after all! We'll just split it!" Naruto broke a rice ball in half and gave the rest to her.

Hinata blushed for hundredth time today, but took the rice ball anyway, and started nibbling on it. Eating in silence, Hinata felt an internal happiness that Naruto was enjoying her meal.

Quickly finishing most of the food, Naruto licked his lips, "That was amazing Hinata! No one ever does nice things like this for me."

Hinata, feeling a twinge of sadness at this, looked down at the ground. 'Everyone's so mean to Naruto, I don't understand why. He seems so nice…'

"Well, we should probably get started training Hinata, I need to learn to control my hand seals better! Or was it my stance?" Naruto puzzled over it.

"I th-think it was ch-chakra con-tr-trol." Hinata thought about how best to help him.

Naruto smiled, "Oh, right! Thanks Hinata. Well, what should I do to start?"

"W-well, I g-guess you sh-should m-make a c-clone," she thought as she prepared to activate her Byukugan. "Byakugan!"

Naruto's eyes lit up in amazement, "What is that!? Your eyes, they got all white and stuff!" he stammered out as Hinata glared intently at her. Naruto had never seen anything like it before and he didn't understand what it was.

Hinata looked down in shame, 'He think's I'm a freak now!' as tears welled up in her eyes.

"That's so cool! Does it like help you fight? Can you teach me how to do that!?" Naruto shouted, "Byakugan!" Nothing happened, so he asked, "Did my eyes change too!?"

Hinata, startled but relieved, explained the Byakugan to him. Naruto seemed put off that he couldn't do it, but was impressed Hinata could. "So you can see my chakra flowing through me?"

Hinata looked at him. "Y-yes, so w-when y-ou make y-your clone I can s-see what you're d-doing wr-wr-wrong."

"Alright, well, here goes. Bunshin no jutsu!" Another Naruto started to materialize, but…it flopped over and lay on the ground.

Hinata was stunned, she could see all the chakra flowing through him 'He used up so much chakra, but he seems to be fine! He used way too much for a simple clone though.'"Y-you used t-too much chakra. P-put less into it."

"Less? I though just using a bunch would work. I'll try it though. Bunshin no jutsu!" Making a replica able to stand this time, Naruto jumped for joy. "Hinata your awesome! I made a good one!"

Blushing again, Hinata was impressed, he had picked it up quickly. "Y-you should k-keep practicing th-though. Just t-to be s-safe." 'And so you graduate with us, I couldn't bear it if you didn't. Hopefully I do well too…


After a few hours of training, Hinata thought Naruto was ready for the exam. 'The amount of chakra he has is enormous! I would have run out an hour ago!'

Naruto was getting tired though, panting, he smiled and asked "Think I got it?"

Hinata got up the courage for a smile "Yes, y-you sh-should do g-great!"

Naruto, with his usual grin, had an idea, "Thanks Hinata, I owe you one! Say, would you wanna go to Ichiraku's right now? I could use some more food after all this!"

Hinana blushed, and gulped 'With me!?' "I sh-should g-get home, my f-father w-will worry a-b-bout me."

"Well, maybe tomorrow then? We can celebrate graduating together! I'll see you at school!" he shouted as he rushed off.

Hinata was left dazed. Not only had she spent half several hours with Naruto, cooked a meal that he enjoyed, and helped him train, but he had even asked her out to eat! 'I hope it helped enough,' she worried as she slowly trotted of towards the Hyuuga compound. She would never have guessed this is what the day would be like when she woke up.


Laying in bed after a good luck meal free from Ichiraku, Naruto was happy. 'Hinata is so cool! I wonder why she never talks though? At least she did when she was helping me. And she doesn't seem to hate me like most the other guys do. Maybe I should try and be friends with her?' he pondered as he slowly drifted off into sleep.

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