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Naruto never got to finish his answer as an earth-shattering boom shook the very foundations of the village. An ANBU jumped in through the window before the shockwaves had time settle.

The ANBU woman knelt before her, "Lady Hokage, a giant snake has appeared and just slammed into the-"

Her voice was drowned out as another boom, louder than the first, shook the village again. Tsunade nodded, "Have the ANBU engage while we assemble all able-bodied ninja." A third boom knocked some of the books of the shelves surrounding the Hokage's office. The ANBU bowed and jumped off. Tsunade turned to Jiraiya, who nodded and followed the ANBU out the window.

Naruto jumped out his chair and ran to the window shouting "I'll go join up with the other genin!"

Tsunade jumped up to grab him from the ledge, "No! Naruto who do you think-" but she lost her balance and almost fell as a fourth boom echoed around them, and watched as Naruto slipped into the fading daylight. As she steadied herself, she shook her head, 'Kakashi should realize what Naruto would be doing, so he should be okay for now…'

She ran up to the roof of the building, and as she got there, she bit her thumb and slammed her palm into the ground, "Summoning no Jutsu!" As she did, a giant blue and white slug appeared in front of her. "Katsuya, please split up and take my chakra and heal whoever's wounded. Also, have one of you tag long with Jiraiya, Kakashi Hatake, and Naruto Uzumaki…" she squinted her eyes and put a hand to her forehead in though, "…as well as Hinata Hyuuga."

Katsuya gave a light nod of her giant head, "As you wish, Tsunade." As she finished, she slid slowly off the edge of the roof, while at the same time slowly melting into hundreds of miniature versions of herself that all crawled off into the village.

Tsunade sat down and crossed her legs, picking up one of the mini-Katsuya's and placing it in her lap. As she concentrated, her thoughts became dark. 'I was prepared for this as soon as I accepted the position. I just hope I have enough chakra for-' She looked up as another boom shook the town, only this time the boom was followed by a sound of sliding rocks and debris. Tsunade grimaced, 'They've broken through…'

As Naruto ran down the street towards the source of the sounds, he silently thought to himself, 'Why did the sounds stop? Did Jiraiya already beat all of them?' He was halfway there when he had to pull up as someone jumped in front him.

"I can't let you do that, Naruto," Kakashi said matter-of-factly. He put a hand on Naruto's shoulder and carefully, but firmly, turned him around. "Let the other ninja's handle this."

Naruto clenched his fists, "I'm a ninja too! Even a genin needs to help at a time like this. I-"

"Will go help Iruka evacuate the village." Kakashi gave him a little nudge.

Naruto turned around, anger in his face, "I'm not going sit around while other people are fighting!"

Kakashi sighed, "Naruto, I didn't want to have to say this, but who do you think they are after? They're not just attacking…" he stopped as Naruto turned back around, looking defeated.

"I'll go, but please make sure Hinata is okay," Naruto turned running in the other direction.

Kakashi yelled after him, "Don't worry! I feel sorry for any of the forces ordered to attack the Hyuuga complex!" Kakashi turned around, considering his next course of action. 'That was easier than I though it would be…'

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