"Demon Talking"

'Demon Thinking"

--(Scene Change)--

A/N: Chapter Four Rolling Out. Okay, this story will be based mainly on the anime. A bunch of you wanted Naruto to have a travel partner(s), so I'll see what I can do in that department. I've never tried to write an OC before though. For those people who are finding errors in my writing, I'm sorry. I'm just a high school English student who has never taken any other sort of writing lessons with not a lot of time on his hands. Mistakes do happen and I don't always find them. I've taken a couple liberties with Mt Moon here, please don't kill me. Its shorted than I wanted, but I have been really busy and I wanted to get at least something out.

I have re-uploaded this chapter. Fanfiction deleted all mention of Mt Moon in the chapter...not sure why though.

Chapter 4 : Baby Steps

The next day brought clear skies with the lovely sound of birds chirping. It was quite peaceful...except for the sounds of battle and the explosions of dirt and air.

"Now Pidgey, Steel Wing into Gust!" the voice of a young man rang out through the air.

The wings of a small bird high in the air lit up to a brilliant white and it rapidly flapped them, causing its opponent to go flying into the ground with a thud as a huge gust of air along with blades of white energy tore at it.

"NO! Butterfree!" another, female voice yelled out in alarm, seeing her pokemon crash. "Return" she said in defeat as she returned the butterfly pokemon back to its ball. "Good job Butterfree" she said to the pokeball "We almost had them"

The girl looked about thirteen or so, and had rather striking features. Midnight black hair was accompanied with emerald green eyes. She had soft, attractive facial features and a rather...errr...feminine figure for a thirteen year old. "Good battle" she admitted, walking forwards and shaking the hand of her blond opponent who had finished praising his pokemon and returning it. "Your Pidgey is really strong" she praised with a glance to the pokeball in the boys hand.

"Thanks" Naruto replied, as he placed Pidgey's pokeball back into his belt and shook the offered hand. "Your Butterfree is awesome too" he said with a smile. "You almost got us with that Solar Beam"

The girl blushed a bit under the praise and waved him off. "That may be, but I've never seen something like the Steel Wind and Gust combo" she said beaming "It was amazing, the combination of power and beauty was spectacular."

"Hehe thanks" Naruto said sheepishly. "I wanted to get in some practice before I left for Mt Moon. You were much tougher than I thought you would be." he admitted, thought it wasn't unkind. "No offense of course" he quickly added. He knew all to well that insulting women wasn't a good idea.

"No problem" the girl said, waving him off. She didn't hear any sarcasm or genuine offensive language, so she just waved it off. It was kinda weird though, normally she would have gone off if someone said something like that. "Mt Moon?" the girl mused, more to herself than the blond. "You're going to Cerulean City then?" she asked.

"Yup" Naruto said proudly, puffing up his chest. "I'm going for my second gym badge. I had my first ever gym battle a couple days ago and I won!"

"S-Second?" the girl asked, surprised and a bit embarrassed. Here she was, a trainer who had been around the block so to speak for a couple years already and a noobie had beaten her. Sure, Butterfree was a new pokemon, but it still hurt her pride a bit. She was by no means an egotistic person, but it still surprised her that she could lose to someone so inexperienced. "You seem a little old for someone just starting out." she said, more as a statement than anything else.

"I errrr...started out late" Naruto said lamely with a bit of a blush.

"I see" the girl said, giggling slightly. "Well" she began, wondering why she was about to ask this. She wasn't normally impulsive at all, it was the reason her family had let her leave home so early in life. She felt as if she could trust the blond for whatever reason. Besides, it was a bit boring traveling by herself and someone to talk to would be nice "I'm heading over to Cerulean as well, would you like to accompany me?" she asked, batting her eyelashes a bit for added effect.

"Ummm...sure I guess" Naruto replied, blushing a bit. It was rather hard not to, she was exceedingly beautiful after all and he WAS a teenage boy.

"Great" she said with a radiant smile, showing off her brilliant white teeth. "My name is Amelia and I'm going to be the greatest pokemon coordinator ever!" she said firmly, pride and drive behind her voice.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki" Naruto replied with an equally brilliant smile. "And I am going to be the best ever pokemon master!" he said with equal gusto.

The girl, Amelia smiled. "You better train harder if you want that" she said teasingly, sticking out her tounge. "Now lets go then!" she exclaimed grabbing hold of the blonds arm. "I want to see if I can find a Clefairy on Mt Moon."

Naruto could only think of one thing as he found himself getting dragged away. 'What did I get myself into?'

--(Mt Moon)--

After traveling for a couple hours, they finally found themselves outside the confines of Pewter City and unto the mountainous terrain of Mt Moon. Walking a bit boring to be sure, but on the bright side he was able to learn more about his traveling companion.

He was surprised how easy she was to get along with. During the short trek together, he had already felt himself get rather attached to her, it was strange.

Amelia was, well very prideful. It didn't take long to figure that out. From her pokemon to the way she looked, she took great pride in every single thing in her life. At first he thought that it was just plain arrogance, but as they spent more time together it became obvious it was wasn't anything of the sort.

Apparently, Amerila belonged to some sort of really wealthy family. Becoming a pokemon trainer was her way of breaking free of her last name (which he never did get, not that he cared) and to forge her own path. Now, from what he could tell her parents loved her and the feelings were mutual, but she felt the need to become her own person. It was because of this that she could come across as arrogant. Everything from her pokemon to her personal appearance represented who she was as a person, an individual and it was something she took great pride in.

It also surprised him to find out that she was a accomplished coordinator, a very accomplished one. She had been a trainer for a couple years and she had already won the Grand Festival in her home region of Hoenn. With that in mind, he could kinda see why she was so surprised by his victory. Of course, his ego didn't get to boosted up, she quickly informed him that she had had her Butterfree for only a couple weeks, so it wasn't the greatest of victories. The praise she gave him and his pokemon was nice though.

Mt Moon was very...well rocky to say the least. They had been climbing for a couple hours or so on the mountain and hadn't seen hide nor tail of any pokemon Naruto was interested in.

They did happen upon some sort of rabid Golem a little while before the current time and Amelia had enthusiastically unleashed her freakishly powerful Sceptile and defeated it with ease.

Speaking of the Septile...well to say Naruto was impressed would be an understatement. The pokemon was a monster, he had no doubt that it would crush Pidgey and Dratini at their current levels with ease. It was rather humbling to see such a powerful pokemon utilized by such an experienced trainer.

They were currently on the decline of the mountain, and Naruto had to admit that he was a bit disappointed. He didn't really expect to catch any pokemon, the rock types on the mountain didn't really match up with his battling style very well, but he at least had wanted to see some more pokemon on the mountain. It had been a barren wasteland where they were. At least they had been able to avoid any of the caves in the area.

"I don't get it" Amelia said, wiping her brow of some sweat as the duo sat down on a couple of rocks for a quick break. "It should be teeming with pokemon, but other than the stray Golem, there's been nothing." she said in frustration reaching into her bag and grabbing a couple bags of potato chips and throwing one over to her blond companion.

"I know" Naruto said with a frown, taking a couple of the salty snacks and stuffing them in his mouth, relishing the taste. Another thing he had learned about Amelia, she liked her snacks, be it candy or chips it didn't really matter. Not that he was complaining, he benefited from her seemingly endless supply very well.

Amelia gave a sigh as she finished off her snack and stuffed the empty bag back into her bag. "Alright then" she declared. "We'll just have to skip it then, who needs a Clefairy anyways?"

Naruto could only give a chuckle as he too placed his empty chip bag into his backpack. Amelia wasn't deterred by anything, she had an enthusiasm that matched his own when it came down to training and life itself.

Naruto gave a chuckle as he followed his determined companion as they descended.

"Hey Amelia" Naruto asked suddenly, thinking of something. "What are you doing in Kanto anyways? I thought that Kanto's first Grand Festival didn't start for another year."

"Thats true" Amelia said, nodding with a small frown on her face. "While I may have won my first Grand Festival, it was mainly through luck" she admitted. "When I entered the Johto Festival last year, I got eliminated pretty early. I got way overconfident and I lost right after the appeal round. It was then I realized that I needed more training, to better connect with my pokemon, and myself. So I decided to come to Kanto and take a year to train and then enter the Festival here when it starts."

Naruto blinked...once, twice, and a third time. "Wow" he said shocked, looking at her weird. "Its hard to imagine that you could be beaten so easily" he said. "You and your pokemon are really strong."

"Yeah" Amelia said, with a morbid nod. "Granted, the person I lost to was a man named Wallace who went on to win the whole thing, but even with a type advantage Sceptile was crushed by his Milotic."

"R-Really?" Naruto asked, shuttering slightly. He had seen her Sceptile with his own eyes and knew how strong it was. To hear that another trainer had made the grass type look foolish was almost depressing for the blond. He had thought he and his pokemon were rather strong. To hear about such monster trainers was hard to even comprehend foe a beginner like him.

"Yup" Amelia replied with a small smile. "I'm actually glad that I lost so badly. Its really turned my world around and made me realize that me and my pokemon may be good, but there are those better than me. Even though I have only been in Kanto for a few weeks, I know I've gotten stronger both in terms of pokemon and myself." she finished with passion.

Naruto felt his respect for the black haired girl increase exponentially from her little speech. The fact that she was able to not only see her own faults, but be able to admit them and try to correct them spoke volumes of her character. Digging into his own path, he could recall a lot of people who were NOT able to do such a thing. The figures of Sasuke, Tsunade, and Kakashi floated into his head. As much as he may respect the last two, even he could realize that they were still living, dreading the past.

It was really one thing that Naruto always strode to do, ever since he was little. He always wanted to improve himself, whether it was a result of the scorn he received he didn't know, but the drive was always there. Of course, he would never change who he was as a person, but he always would try to make himself better. He felt it was one of the traits that made him such a good ninja.

"I'm glad you came here too" he replied with a smile to equal her own. "Otherwise, we might have never met and I would have missed out on meeting such a cool person" he finished with his smile widening. He didn't really know why he said that, but it just felt right, like the girl needed some outside force to assure her that she had done the right thing.

Amelia felt her face redden a bit, she was fairly certain the blond didn't really know how sweet he could be. From what she could tell, he was intelligent, extremely so, but his insights into the opposite gender was less than through. It just added to the endearment in her opinion. He was the kind of person that was very easy to get along with and who wore his emotions on his sleeve. It was also nice that he didn't care about her money either. She had made sure to keep a careful eye on his reaction when she mention coming from a wealthy family and he didn't even care. She was still pissed off from the last person that wanted to travel with her in hopes of filling their wallet. He was one of the most noble person she had even met, he even initially refused her offer of snacks, saying he didn't want to eat her food. Of course, a little tearing of the eyes was all it took for him to accept some. Hey, it might have been a little underhanded, but she liked sharing food with friends. Just the idle chit-chat they had along the way was some of the most fun she had had in a while, with another human at least.

"Thanks" she replied, regaining her bearings. She was a Grand Festival winner, something as silly as a compliment wasn't going to get to her. "It really does...mean a lot" she said soft, to softly for the blond to hear. At least that would have been the case if said blond wasn't a former ninja and had a fox demon stuck in his mind. While his chakra may be gone, his hearing still remained sharp.

Naruto could only smile as he heard this. In his time in the Leaf, he had never really impacted anyones life. Sure the Rookie Nine as people called them, could call him a friend, but he really didn't do anything for them. To see someone who appreciated his comments and concerns was nice, especially since she didn't beat him over the head whenever he said something. Sure, now he realized some of the things he said to Sakura were rather...errr...inelegant, but her reactions were way uncalled for.

"Its the truth" he said firmly. "Even if we go our separate ways once we get to Cerulean, it was still worth it. In can get boring traveling alone."

"It does, doesn't it?" Amelia mused as she stared at the clear blue skies. "You know, I never actually realized how lonely it was" she admitted. "I've never actually traveled with anyone before...its nice to have someone to talk to."

"You've traveled all by yourself for you entire journey?" Naruto asked in shock. "Why?"

"I guess I never found the right person" Amelia said softly, looking at the blond with a small smile as they continued down the rocky path.

The comfortable silence after that statement was nice. There was no tension between the two, and the rest of the walk towards Cerulean seemed insignificant. Of course, this was before a giant explosion rocked the very earth and nearly sent them to their knees.

"What was that?" Naruto asked as he righted himself.

"I don't know" Amelia said, confused, "But I think it came from this direction" she said hurriedly, taking the blonds arm and dragging him towards the epicenter of the explosion directly ahead of them.

"Um?" Naruto asked, his strides catching up with the charging girls. "Is this a good idea?" he asked somewhat nervously.

"Nope" Amelia said simply. "Probably not"

After a couple tense minutes of walking, along with a few more wild explosions, the two teens finally reached the source of the problem.

It was a Golem and a couple Graveler, they were attacking a couple of much smaller pokemon who had their backs to a rock wall.

One of the pokemon was pink with brown tipped ears and a pink spiraling tail that stood on two legs about two feet high.

The other was even smaller, about one and a half feet tall, was white with what looked like billowing white fabric behind it. It also had a strange green helmet like structure on its head that hid its eyes with pink protrusions sticking up.

"A Clefairy and a Ralts" Naruto heard Amelia whisper under her breath. "What is a Ralts doing all the way out here?" she asked, more to herself than anyone else. "They shouldn't be in the mountains."

"It doesn't matter" Naruto said, interrupting the girls thoughts. "We need to help them."

"Right" Amelia replied, shaking her head and chastising herself for not recognizing the fact that the two pokemon needed help.

"Can you take that Golem?" she asked seriously. She had only seen his Pidgey, if he didn't have a stronger pokemon she would have to do this herself. It wouldn't be a problem for her of course, but she felt her companion had a need to help the pokemon just like she did. The Golem wasn't the strongest pokemon in the world, but flying attacks wouldn't do much good, even Steel Wing.

"I think so" Naruto said, a crease forming on his forehead as he gave it a thought. "I should be okay. We just need to drive them back I take it that mean you want to take on the Gravler."

"Yeah" Amelia replied with a nod. "Ready" she asked, gripping a pokemon and watching as the blond preformed a similar action.

"As I'll ever be" Naruto replied with a smile, pulling out his pokemon.

"Lets get this show on the road then" she said as she ran out into the open, between the hostile pokemon and their victims and tossed out her pokeball. "Sceptile, lay down some cover fire on those Graveler, Bullet Seed."

Following the girl, Naruto too tossed out his pokemon. "Dratini, lets go, target that Golem with Water Pulse."

In a flash of light, the blue dragon and the forest pokemon emerged from their respective pokeballs and launched their attacks.

Amelia could only stare at the blue dragon for a couple seconds. Pokemon like Dratini and were very rare to see and difficult to raise. Most were in the hands of VERY elite trainers. To see one so close truly was a privilege. Blinking, she quickly focused her mind back on the situation at hand as she say the yellow pellets of the Bullet Seed and the orb of the Water Pulse collide with the rock pokemon.

"Follow it up with Razor Leaf" she yelled out as she heard Naruto called out for another Water Pulse.

The attacks once again impacted against the rock pokemon, who were still a bit stunned from the previous attacks. As the dust cleared, they could see the rock pokemon quickly retreating. Apparently, the three pokemon weren't worth the effort of battling the dragon and grass type.

"Good job Dratini" Naruto said with a smile as he returned the dragon to her pokeball. Looking over, he saw Amelia doing the same. "Well...that was interesting" he remarked with a smile.

"Hehe, I suppose" Amelia replied, trying to hold back a grin herself. Luckily, the rather gushy scene was soon interrupted by the appearance of the two small pokemon.

"Clefairy" the pink one spoke up, lifting one of its fingers into the air with a happy smile as the Ralts hung back behind it shyly. "Clef Clefairy."

"Ummm...I think its saying thank you." Naruto said dumbly, looking at the pokemon and then back to Amelia who Clefairy was staring at, seemingly transfixed. He was so caught up with this, he didn't notice the glances the Ralts was giving him as well.

"Err, it was nothing, really" Amelia said to the pokemon with a smile, more than a tad uncomfortable with the staring.

"Fariy?" the pink pokemon said, tilting its head at the girl. After a few seconds of more staring, the Clefairy turned to its Ralts companion and starting talking to it.

"Okay..." Naruto said, watching the exchange with a raised eyebrow. "This is kind of weird."

"Tell me about it." Amelia replied, watching the two pokemon conversed with each other. "Any idea what they're talking about?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Not a clue" Naruto said, stealthily grasping Dratini's pokeball as he saw the Clefairy and the Ralts come towards them. "But I have a feeling we're going to find out." he added.

Now, this was an unusual situation, both Ralts and Clefairy were famous for being among the most shy of pokemon. It was rare to see them up so close.

"Clefairy, Fairy" the pink pokemon said, going up to Amelia and pointing its finger at her pokeball, then gesturing over to Ralts, then to Naruto's belt the held his own pokeballs.

"I think they want us to...catch them?" Amelia remarked, as much as a question to the pokemon as a statement to Naruto.

"Fairy, Clefairy" the pink pokemon said nodding, agreeing with Amelia's assessment.

"B-but why?" Naruto said, not helping helping himself. It wasn't everyday pokemon decided to just join up with a trainer.

"I think its because they're empathic" Amelia replied, brows furrowed in thought. "Maybe they can sense that we mean no harm and we love pokemon."

"Clefairy" the pink pokemon said, nodding. It then pointed at itself then Amelia, then it pointing at its Ralts companion and pointed at Naruto.

"I take it you want me to capture Ralts then?" Naruto asked, looking at the weird duo of pokemon in slight bewilderment. He didn't think wild pokemon would actually WANT to be captured. I really showed how diverse pokemon could be.

"Ralts" the smaller pokemon said shyly, still trying to hide behind the Clefairy while nodding its head.

Naruto briefly glanced at Amelia, and as their eyes met they both came to the same agreement.

"Okay then" Naruto said with a smile as he reached for an empty pokeball and lightly tossed it at the Ralts as his companion did the same. "Welcome to the team then Ralts."



Known moves: Water Pulse, Body Slam.


Known Moves: Gust, Quick Attack, Tackle, Steel Wing


Known Moves: N/A



Known Moves: Solarbeam


Known Moves: Bullet Seed, Razor Leaf

Well, here we go, chapter four. Like I said, Its shorter than I wanted, but I thought I needed to get something out, its been awhile since I updated after all. Here we get the introduction to Amelia, what do you think of her? I'm going to try hard to develop her into her own unique character, but like I said, I've never written an OC before, so it might be a bumpy ride. The chapter didn't really hold much action or anything, but I felt it was a needed part of the story. On the bright side, Naruto catches another pokemon...what awaits him next?