Garfield Effect: Galaxy Adventure Chapter 1

Commander Shepherd was talking to Allusive Man in the Normany spaceship about important missions.

"Commander Shepherd you need to fight the collectors and save humanity." Said the Allusive Man with conversion.

"I will do my mission but it is difficult and perilful." Said Commander Shepherd with hesitation.

"Yes you do not have the manliness do this mission alone, so I have defrosted the ultimate man, Garfield, from cryogenic slumber to lead you to victory." Said The Allusive Man with pride as he pointed to a mysterious figure.

Garfield entered the room with a manly strut ready to take on supernovas.

"The only thing I hate more than racists is collectors, I am going to slam them into outer hemispheres." Said Garfield, head held high and fist pumped with justice.

"I must first examine the crew to see if we are ready for space battle" Said Garfield with knowledge.

Garfield marched down the plank of the ship examining his crew with intentions.

"Greetings Garfield I am Miranda I am your first officer, I am here to help you fight collectors." Said Miranda checking out Garfield muscles.

"Hey there sweet bumps I would like to get into your collectors." Said Garfield with flirting.

"Not now Garfield we have important mission ahead." Said Miranda face blushing with rainbow colors.

"Ok, sexyface will you at least make me nice lasagna meal?" Said Garfield with hunger in his heart.

"Even though I am woman, I do not cook, you will have to go to mess hall" Said Miranda with regretfulness.

Garfield stomred into mess hall in search of lasagna nutrition.

"Chef I will have lasagna sandwhich save the ice." Ordered Garfield to the Mess sergeant.

"I am sorry Garfield Lasagna is rare galactic delicacy, it is only on the citadel." Said the Mess sergeant with deep sorrow.

"What is this madness?!?!." bombasted Garfield with appalling shock. "Galaxy is at stake and there is not even lasagna for nutrition?! Head to Citadel at once!" Ordered Garfield with righteousness.

The Normany sped to the Citadel at highway speeds. When it approached the Citadel the brakes were slammed so it could park. Garfield then entered the citadel with Miranda to search for Lasagna.

"The Citadel council might know where there is Lasagna." Said Miranda to Garfield in a serious tone.

"Then we will go there and demand satisfaction." Said Garfield with urgency.

Garfield and Miranda hurried to the Citadel Council and bust in interrupting a meeting.

"This is galactic emergency, me and my crew need lasagna delivered at faster than light speeds to us!" declared Garfield with invigoration.

"I am sorry Garfield, Blue Suns Mercenaries stole all of the lasagna." Said the Council with worry.

"I will break their bones with fists of fury!" raged Garfield to the cosmos.

"They are outside preparing to take the lasagna to headquarters, maybe you can catch them." Said the councilman truthfully.

On hearing this Garfield stormed out with purposed and headed to the docks like a cat greased with lightning.

"Look Garfield! There they are taking the Lasagna!" Cried out Miranda in helplessness.

"Do not cry woman I will get the Lasagna." Declared Garfield with Manly determination.

Garfield approached the menacing mercenaries and glared at them with eyes of retribution.

"Halt villains surrender your lasagna or face doom!" Roared Garfield with fiery rage.

"Haha Garfield! The collectors hired us to steal this lasagna. Your stomach will be empty forever!" Said the Blue suns leader.

"Fool! I will pry that lasagna from your cold dead fingers!" Exclaimed Garfield with booming voice as he launched into furious attack.

"Get him and defend lasagna with mind body and stomach!" Said Blue Suns Leader to his henchmens.

The henchmens fired at Garfield with raging guns but Garfield did a cartwheel through them splitting them in two. Another henchmen tried to fire Garfield but Garfield backflipped in back of him and broke his neck with velocity.

"It is just you and me, Blue Suns Leader!" Said Garfield to the Blue Suns Leader with intimidation.

"Please show me mercy Garfield, I only stole Lasagna for money." Begged the Blue Suns Leader.

"I am the Garbage man and it is Garbage day!" Said Garfield with slick style as he grabbed the Blue Suns Leader and threw him in a garbage compactor. With all Blue Suns gone, Garfield took the Lasagna back with him to the Normany, and was called by the Allusive man.

"Good work Garfield, now the crew has lasagna to fuel war efforts against collectors." Said the Allusive Man with admiration of Garfield.

"All in days work." Said Garfield casually as he walked out. As Garfield walked down the hallway he noticed Miranda approaching him.

"Garfield you fought with sexiness today, I would like to see you in your quarters later tonight." Said Miranda dreamily.

Sure thing honey sacks, I will look forward to our meeting." Garfield said with romance.

Later that night in the Captains cabin, Garfield put his "Best love songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s" CD in his Cd player to put the mood on romance. Miranda walked in with sexiness and romance on her mind.

"Garfield you are like man I never met before, you make me wild like a hog on the hunt, yet I do not know if it is right." Said Miranda with concern.

"What is the matter Miss Miranda, are you scared?" Asked Garfield sassily.

"I am worried you are too much man for me to handle." Said Miranda with honesty.

"Do not worry it will be gentle, like Chef putting Lasagna in the oven." Said Garfield reassuredly.

"Then Garfield let us make loving until the sun comes up." Said Miranda with lust in her eyes and face.

With these words Garfield and Miranda embraced and made loving all night long with energy of a thousand galaxies.

To be continued….