Garfield Effect: Galaxy Adventure Part 18 Space Fortress Assault!

It was morning when Garfield woke with his ladies by his side. Liara T'soni was playing with Garfields ears and Matriarch Benezia was playing with his toes and sexy belly button. As ladies massaged his body Garfield laid back enjoying expensive wine with his lasagna meal.

"Garfield why must you fight, why can you not be staying with us here at this moment. We can hide away forever and enjoy the love of our bodies." Asked Liara T'soni with questions.

"Sorry Chicken pocks. I am a fighting man and the fighting man must fight for it is his fight alone." Said Garfield with determination.

"I understand your words but they make my heart cry." Said Matriarch Benezia with sad understanding.

"Do not cry heart tears my flour sack. After I save galaxy we will have a celebration of physical kind." Reassured Garfield with kindness.

"Garfield you know what to say to make comfort of me." Said Matriarch Benezia with comfort.

Garfield then stood up and walked to pilot room where Joker was sitting to give the orders.

"Joker it is time. Prepare Normany for space flight. Time to spread your wings and soar." Garfield said with encouragement.

"Garfield you taught me everything I know of piloting and what it means to be a man. You are like father I have never had." Joker said with tear in his eye.

"Yes dear joker and you are like son I never wanted. But enough sentimentalities. Now comes final test of manhood, are you ready?" Garfield asked with questions.

"Yes I am ready I will not fail you. Time for lifting off!" Declared Joker as he revved Normany motor and prepared for taking off.

Garrus then approaches Garfield for sentences filled with discussion.

"Garfield there is no turning back now are you ready for final battle?" Asked Garrus with meaning.

"I was born with lasagna in my mouth and gun in my hand. Bring on the hell of battle." Declared Garfield to all.

"Let us do it!" Shouted Garrus high fiving Garfield.

Miranda came to Garfield filled with worry and clenched his arm (which was full of muscle) tight.

"Garfield I am worried. I have premonition of tragedy." Miranda full of concern.

"Do not worry my delicious diva. The lies of Evil can not stand against my fist of truth." Said Garfield with certainty.

"Besides worry makes women fat and ugly." Said Garfield with joking as he slapped her behind.

"Oh Garfield you charm me like snake in a jar." Said Miranda with blushing.

"When we are done I will let my snake out of its jar." Said Garfield with flirtations.

"Garfield you make my mouth watering with hunger." Said Miranda with desire.

"Keep your appetites in check my sweets for now is time for mission." Said Garfield as he took command.

As Garfield sat at commander's throne he took out lasagna for enjoyment as ship began to move.

"Garfield you mad? Lasagna will spill in such crazy speed." Said Garrus in shock.

"No worry my cautious compadre. Behold." Said Garfield as he took out a marvelous device.

"What?" Said Garrus with questions.

"It is the gyrobowl. Look with wonder." Said Garfield as he took out lasagna and put it in.

As Normany sped at speed of sand and fury Lasagna stayed in bowl without spilling. It was miraculous to all.

"WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?" Exclaimed Garrus pointing at Gyrobowl.

"Relax your tensions. It is miracle of science and engineering." Said Garfield with reassurance.

"Yes I wish to study Gyrobowl for scientific discovery. It holds knowledge beyond my understanding." Said Dr. Mordin Solus examining gyrobowl with microscope.

"I must have gyrobowl for myself then I will not spill things anymore then at long last my dreams will come true." Thought Garrus to himself.

Garrus then went into daydream fantasy imagining himself inside a giant gyrobowl with countless hot ladies laughing and pleasuring eachother. But fantasy turned into nightmare as giant gyrobowl span out of control sending Garrus and ladies into hurricane. The gyrobowl then came to life and began devouring Garrus and the ladies.

"AHHHH." Screamed Garrus as he descended to madness of Gyrobowl nightmare.

Garfield grabbed Garrus by collar and slapped him with sense.

"Take hold of it man." Said Garfield slapping Garrus.

"I am sorry I was lost in a nightmare of spinning agony." Said Garrus sweating with nerves.

"Be careful do not let Gyrobowl consume your soul." Said Garfield with knowledge.

"You are wisdom." Said Garrus in admiration.

Garfield then sat back down and launched words from his mouth full of orders.

"Prepare to go in Omega Relay. This time no more playing nice!" Roared Garfield with triumph.

At Garfields orders Joker revved engine and sped Normany into Omega relay like a space dolphin on his last day on earth with no regrets. As Normany entered Omega relay all braced themselves for combat.

"Look!" Said Garrus pointing at approaching ship. It was Collector ship!

The collector ship approached with menacful flight looking to destroy all.

"What do we do?" Cried out Joker in panic.

"Fire the blasters!" Ordered Garfield without fear.

Normanys blaster cannons charged full of energy blasted the Collector ship but they were deflected!

"NO!" Cried out Miranda as he clung to Garfields manly figure for protection.

All of crew braced for worst as collector ship approached when suddenly all heard a familiar voice.


It was Jon Arbuckle soaring through space with his element zero katana and his hair and cloak blowing in wind! Jon Arbuckle had rugged scar on left eye and grizzled stubble. Jon Arbuckle soared through the collector ship and slashed it in half with his element zero katana exploding it in pieces. Jon Arbuckle then came on board to Normany space ship to greet his old friend Garfield.

"Garfield it is good to be seeing you again after long years of time." Jon Arbuckle said embracing Garfields hand for shaking.

"Jon Arbuckle it is good to see your future face. Thank you for killing collectors, you are top notch space swordsman." Said Garfield with thanks.

"No problem Garfield nothing like sliced space ship and collector juice for healthy breakfast." Said Jon Arbuckle with wisecracks.

After destroying collector spaceship Normany pushed on further until they saw Odies space fortress.

"Land head for maximum impact!" Garfield said as he looked at space fortress with telescope like true captain.

With Garfields majestic words Normany smashed into the space fortress with power of Garfields women pleasing manhood. It was monster crash but all were alright.

"Normany is barely in one peace." Said Garrus with exasperation.

"Good thing I always use protection." Said Garfield cleverly.

Garfield and crew marched on into the Space Fortress to find Odie and put an end to his wicketry. Garfield then came across doorway. A voice with foreboding talked to them. It was Odie!

"Haha Garfield I knew you would be coming. If you wish to face me then enter my gauntlet of trials. Prepare to face a waking nightmare!" Odie cackled with evil.

"There will be no dreams in the sleep I will be sending you to!" Said Garfield with teeth clenched with anger.

"It is sure trap." Garrus warned with advice.

"Then let us trigger it." Garfield roared as he ran in.

Garfield and crew ran through hallways and encountered collector soldiers but they were not a match for his might. Garfield shot all collectors with his trusty Desert Eagles without blinking a sweat.

"Worms are best used for fishing not fighting." Scoffed Garfield at collectors as he blasted them to pieces.

Garfield and crew then came to large open room. Odie was heard again with voice of taunting.

"Garfield you may have warrior spirit but can even a real man such as yourself face friend?" Taunted Odie with vile.

"Silence your nonsense and face me like man!" Garfield responded with manliness.

In distance Garfield and crew saw strange figure. It approached them slowly and looked familiar but strange. It was the Tali-Chimera! The beast had head and torso of Tali but also heads of lion and bull and unicorn. She had legs of a dinosaur and her arms where snakes.

"Tali you have looked better." Garfield said with truth.

"Garfield, Odie has brought me back from death but has turned me into hideous monster." Cried the Tali-Chimera.

"What fiendery!" Garfield said with anger.

"Garfield you must end my misery. Only by your manly hands may I find pieces of mind." Tali-Chimera said with sadness.

"If there is no other way." Sighed Garfield with resignation.

"I have but one favor asking of you. May I please feel the awesome power of your loving one more time?" Tali-Chimera asked with favors.

"No problem my doomed dame. My manhood makes pain into pleasure." Garfield said as he embraced Tali-Chimera for romancing.

Garfield and Tali-Chimera grabbed eachothers sweaty sexy bodies and rubbed into eachother like sand on paper.

"Garfield I hope my snakes do not frighten you." Said Tali-Chimera to Garfield.

"Those snakes are not a thing. I have a true serpent here but its bite only brings pleasure." Whispered Garfield with sexiness as he took off his pants.

Tali-Chimera then preformed oral love on Garfield doing what women do best for their man.

"Garfield I hope I can satisfy your hunger." Tali-Chimera said with wanting.

"My appetites are always hungry. This is but appetizer, time for the main course." Said Garfield as he grabbed Tali-Chimera and threw her on a bed for body rocking.

Garfield and Tali-Chimera wrapped their bodies together like vines of love entwined with passion. Garfield thrust into Tali-Chimera smashing into her with his manliness like a jackhammer of love.

"Ohhh MY." Screamed Tali-Chimera as Garfield gave her new definitions of pleasure.

Tali-Chimaeras senses exploded from Garfields bedroom prowess which had stamina and power of Olympic athlete and delicate sensibility of renaissance artist.

"Garfield you have given me my dream of sexual satisfaction" Tali-Chimera said exhausted and satisfied from Garfields love giving.

The majestic power of Garfields sex made Tali-Chimera disappear into magic mist sending her to a better place.

"Farewell Tali, I will avenge you." Garfield said with determination.

"Come we must go." Said Garrus to Garfield put his hand on his shoulder.

"There is a new dish to be served. Lasagna stuffed vengeance." Garfield said looking to the sky.

Garfield and crew then marched forward not looking back because they knew the future waits for no ones. After much walking with feet on ground they came to new room and once again hear menacing voice of the arch villain himself.

"Haha Garfield you have killed a friend but can you destroy what is most precious in this world?" Taunted Odie with bile.

At Odies taunts a fearsome monster came forward. It was lasagna husk created through reaper technology!

"You monster!" Roared Garfield with teeth clenched.

The lasagna husk approached Garfield as he was filled with psychological torment.

"Garfield you must destroy lasagna husk, it is only way." Said Jon Arbuckle with assurance.

With heavy weight on his heart Garfield filled his Desert Eagle with explosion bullet and raised it with aiming at Lasagna Husk.

"You should be delicious feast but instead you are destructive beast. Go to hell and rest in the Devils stomach." Garfield said as he shot one bullet which sped with single minded speed into Lasagna husks heart, exploding it.

Garfield stood in silence as one manly tear ran down his cheek.

"Such waste of delicious lasagna. Villains must pay." Garfield whispered with angry clarity.

Garfield gathered himself and knew that evil must not be allowed to live when it defiles heavens greatest gift to man.

"We will have moment of silence for lost lasagna." Ordered Garfield to his crew.

With Garfields orders, entire crew bowed their heads in respect for the fallen lasagna that could not be saved. After the touching moment Garfield braced himself with new found fury.

"There is no time for tears. Justice is burning in my fists ready to explode." Garfield said with grave sternness.

While sadness loomed over them Garfield and crew moved onward. After more walking Garfield and his crew came to another large room with pit of magma. Over pit where two cages, one filled with bakers dozen of sexy hot ladies ready and willing, the other filled with innocent orphans crying with horror. The voice of evil then was heard again.

"Haha Garfield you have destroyed what is most precious to you, but now you must make diabolical choice. Which will you save? Sexy hot ladies or the innocent children?"
Odie Exclaimed with malevolence.

"Choices are for cretins and cowards, real men take ALL." Garfield said with stolid conviction.

Garfield then took a rope and swung to the cage of sexy hot ladies and broke them free.

"Thank you Garfield we want to express our gratitude to you with our tight bodies." Said the Hot sexy ladies eager to taste Garfields firm and toned man meat.

"Sounds like a plan. But afterwards you will be thanking me." Garfield said with a wink.

He then grabbed their thighs with his manly legs and began to pump them full of love while continuing on to save the poor innocent orphans. With sexy hot ladies in tow receiving his loving Garfield swung to the orphans cage to break them free.

"Fear not crying Orphans. The hero has come." Garfield said as he picked them up and put them on his back.

Garfield then swung back to safety ground with Orphans cheering in joy and hot sexy ladies moaning in ecstasy. The orphans then got off of Garfields back and gave him thumbs up as he pleasured the hot sexy ladies with professional skill.

"Garfield you are my hero I want to be like you." Said the orphans with admiration of Garfield.

"You better watch and take notes if you want to grow up to be strong men." Said Garfield as he finished satisfying the hot sexy ladies. Although he could go on for much longer they were worn out from his love givings.

"Thank you Garfield for saving our lives and for opening our eyes to new worlds." Said the hot sexy ladies with goodbyes.

"No problem. To ladies I give pleasure but to villains I give pain. Now it is time for the pain." Garfield said as he waved farewell to the hot sexy ladies and steeled himself for challenges ahead.

Garfield and crew marched on further into dastardly gauntlet until they came to another large room. In it they saw a figure in the shadows approach them that was familiar but different. It was Nermal! However this time his body was full of scars and cyber machinery.

"Haha Garfield it is good to see you again on this day which will be your last." Laughed Nermal with haughtiness.

"Nermal you should be in hell rotting an early grave." Said Garfield with disgust.

"It is being true you have killed me before but Odie has brought me back from abyss of death and gave me new life and made me new cat. I am not man you once knew I am become Cyber Nermal X!" Said Cyber Nermal X with newfounding fury.

"A cockroach with a suit and tie is still a cockroach." Said Garfield with contempt.

"Be stilling your mouth! I will be tasting your blood and then you will regret those words!" Roared Cyber Nermal X with blood boiling.

"The only blood you will be tasting is your own." Said Garfield as he cracked his knuckles preparing for combat.

"DIE NOW." Shouted Cyber Nermal X as his cyber arms turned to laser cannons and shot at Garfield.

Garfield dodged lasers with swift cat acrobatics and charged Cyber Nermal X for close combat collision. They grappled eachother for stalemate.

"Taste some of the pain you have made me feel!" Said Cyber Nermal X as he shot laser from his robo eye lasering Garfields manly shoulder.

"ARGHA." Gasped Garfield as he staggered back to a wall from dirty laser shot.

"Haha Garfield! I am the dentist and you have a cavity on your face! Time to give you an appointment to hell!" Said Cyber Nermal X as he turned his right cyber arm into giant drill and approached Garfield with menace.

Garfield was trapped against the wall but he felt no fear. As Nermal lunged drill arm at him, Garfield caught it and tore off the arm with mighty ease.

"It is time for your morning drill." Said Garfield wittily as he impaled Cyber Nermal X with his own cyber arm drill.

Garfield then tossed the impaled Cyber Nermal X aside and held his injured shoulder.

"Garfield are you ok are you hurt my beloved?" Cried out Miranda with worry.

"No need for weeping my munchy mistress. Just a little cold lasagna is all I need." Said Garfield as he took ice cold frozen lasagna and massaged his shoulder with it.

The healing power of lasagna soothed Garfields massive muscles but Miranda wanted in on the fun.

"Let me massage your wound with my tongue." Said Miranda with licking.

"I know you have special talent of that skill." Said Garfield with wink.

While Garfield and Miranda enjoyed their flirting they knew they had to finish battle of fate of humanity.

"Time to press this forward." Said Garfield like true war hero.

With Garfields brave words, they moved on further into sinister space fortress to put an end to the wars once and for all so that love can rule Galaxy again. Hallways of Odies Space Fortress were long and winding like creeping octopus in the grass. They were filled with bones and statues of gargoyles.

"The fortress is forever." Said Garrus with frustration.

"The hopes of children is on our backs. Let them fuel your energy." Garfield said with inspiration.

With Garfields wise inspirations they continued until they finally came to the lair of the demon himself. In the room was impaled bodies all over and a fountain of blood as sinister centerpiece. Odie was sitting on his throne cackling his evil.

"Garfield you have passed my trials now I will give you reward of eternal pain!" Said Odie as he feasted on flesh of baby seals.

"I will be having to return that reward in exchange for second prize, your head!" Garfield roared as he charged into combat.

Garfield ran to Odie to administer punishment of the beating kind but he fell into traps! Garfield triggered anti-lasagna force field with his feet.

"What is the tomfoolery?" Shouted Garfield with surprise.

"Haha you furry fool you have fell into my death trap! Now face frozen doom of space!" Yelled Odie in evil triumph as he pressed button which opened trap door under Garfield sending him into outer space. In Space Garfield fell into 12 black holes and a sun which caused a supernova.

"NOOOOOO." Cried out Miranda with tears as she fell to her knees in despair.

"Not even might of Garfield can survive that! Galaxy is mine forever! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA." Laughed Odie as hope seemed lost in pits of space.

"Garfield please come back." Said Garrus with solemn words as he held his head low.

The crew watched on in helplessness as Odie laughed his evil at his victories. Was Galaxy doomed to eternal evil? What will become of the humanity? These questions were asked in their minds and heads as they feared for all.

To be continued…

Authors Note: I am not being paid by Gyrobowl.