Summary: We all know that Bella called Rosalie after finding out Edward wanted to abort their baby. But what did Rosalie make of this conversation? The entire call from Rosalie's POV. One Shot.

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The Call

Rosalie POV

I flew through the open doors of our Forks home, Emmett at my side. He was in a particularly good mood. He had managed to catch himself a grizzly. He stormed in behind me, laughing his head off, and I couldn't help but chuckle to myself. Emmett. My Emmett. So childish most of the time, but so kind, caring, compassionate, loving… Alice and Carlisle interrupted my thoughts from upstairs, there voices worried. I listened to hear the problem.

'…and we must prepare for when Bella…' I could hear Carlisle saying but I stopped listening at the mention of Bella. Sure, she and Edward were married now. But she was still human. I knew I would have to stop hating her at some point. Well, not her exactly, but her choices. I decided I'd give in and accept her when she was one of us. Because she still had the choice at this point. Once it was done, there was nothing I could do, and there was no point in hating my sister for eternity.

I left them to deal with Bella, and the problems she inevitably brought. Not that I wasn't troublesome myself, I thought, shuddering at the idea of what might of happened to Edward two summers ago. But I left that thought behind. It hadn't happened, so there was no need for this... guilt. Guilt, an entirely new experience for me. Never in my life had I felt it before I heard the news about Edward going to Italy. Why would I need to feel guilt? All I had to do was flash my alluring smile at someone, and they instantly forgave me. Because I was beautiful. I am beautiful. And rich, happily married… but childless. I sighed. It was no good thinking like this, no good feeling sorry for myself, no good…

Bzzzzz, my phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out and glanced at the screen, before doing a double take. 'Edward Calling' my phone read. This didn't make sense. Edward was on his honeymoon. He wouldn't call me unless it was urgent. All this went through my head in a quarter of a second, before I swiftly answered the phone.


"Rosalie?" a voice whispered, that I immediately recognised as Bella's. This was now even more mysterious than when I thought it had been Edward calling. Meanwhile, she hadn't spoken in what seemed like hours. It is her human slowness, I realized, as she continued, "its Bella. Please. You have to help me."

"Bella?" I replied stupidly. I shouldn't have said that, I realised too late. In my one word, I had conveyed that I knew nothing of what this conversation would be about. It gave her the upper hand. I knew this was petty, but petty was all I knew.

"Rosalie please help its Edward we cant let him do it!" she gushed out in one breath. Of course, I had no trouble discerning what she had said.

"What's he doing? Is he in trouble?" I panicked as soon as she said that.

"No. Edwards fine. It's… me" she started, but I was, again, confused. Why had she called me when she needed help? Why not Alice? I remembered Alice and Carlisle had been discussing Bella when I came in. So she had already called them. Why call me now? She continued "But not just me. It's me and… It's just that I… umm, well I…"

"Bella! Spit it out!" I was getting impatient.

"Rosalie. I'm pregnant." And with those words, my world started. Bella. Bella, the human, who was married to my vampire brother. No. Vampires couldn't have children, but, I realised, humans could. And Bella was human. And Bella was pregnant. No! Bella, the human girl, widely known for making the worst decisions. The girl willing to throw her life away for an eternal night.

"No!" the word slipped past my diamond lips before I could stop it.

"I'm so sorry Rosalie. I know this is what you want..." she started, but I could let her finish. 'What you want' she had said. Did this mean that she didn't want the baby? I linked this with what Carlisle had said about them having to prepare….

"NO!" I screamed this time, "No! You are not getting rid of this baby Bella! I won't let you. Why did you call? To rub it in my face? To prove you have the one and only thing I want and that you're going to throw it away anyway? No!"

"No Rosalie! No, I'm not! That's what Edwards planning, but I can't! I just can't! I love him! I love him so much. Please, help me save him Rose" I growled when she called me that. That name was not for her. Then I realised what she had said.

"You're… keeping it?" I couldn't comprehend her words. The one thing Bella was sure on was that she didn't want kids. That was one of the reasons she was so eager to end her human life. That was the main reason I didn't like her.

"Yes Rose," I didn't growl this time. She could give me everything I've always wanted. "But I need your help. I can't fight to protect him on my own." I would have a baby! Yes, I was well aware it wouldn't be my child, but it was a child none the less. But I stopped at that thought. Was it a child? It was conceived by a human woman, with a vampire… a thought came to me, and I knew it was vain, but I couldn't help but think it – this baby would be beautiful. There was no doubt this would be the most precious baby ever to live. But, if it was half vampire, it would be strong. This wasn't going to be an easy pregnancy. Could she handle it? She would, I decided, with my help. Because, if she didn't survive it, it could be mine. Edward wouldn't want it. Not without Bella. And on the off chance that she did survive, I would still have a child in my life. "Please, Rose. Will you help me protect him?"

"Yes" I said. I knew I could never convey my joy to Bella. So I simply told her what she wanted to know. "Him?" I questioned. I had not missed this detail.

I could practically hear the blush rush to her cheeks "I'm not sure yet. But I picture a boy. A tiny Edward… oh, Edward. I have to go Rosalie; before he finds out I've called you."

"I'll be at the airport Bella. I will save this baby." And I hung up.

I could not tell them what we were planning. It was Bella and me against six of them. Well, I was sure Emmett would side with me when he knew how I felt, but it would still be uneven. I needed the surprise. And right now, I would take all I could, as saving this precious baby would sure as hell not be easy.

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