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Rosalie POV

It had been 18 hours since the call, and we were going to meet Bella and Edward at the airport. I had had time to think things over, and the longer I thought about it, the more grateful I was to Bella. Bella, who I had been nothing but nasty to for almost 3 years. Bella, who was willing to put all that aside to have a baby. And she wanted my help. I had to admit, I was more than flattered. That not only she called me over Alice, but also that she trusted me enough to do this. I had never done anything to deserve that trust. And Alice, who preferred Bella to me, her own sister. Well, Bella was our sister now, but even when she hadn't been, Alice preferred to dress her up than go shopping with me. That had hurt.

Emmett was busy questioning Carlisle about the pregnancy. I inspected my nails, pretending to not to listen, while really trying to find out as much of their plan as possible. So far, all they planned to do was check Bella really was pregnant, though none of us had a doubt. Then Carlisle wanted to find out just why she was so pregnant. Emmett's questions were hopeful, and this only made me more upset. Because Emmett was hoping for a way that he could give me what I had always wanted. A child. But there wasn't a chance. I was a vampire. The fact that Emmett was so hopeful would have brought tears to my eyes, were that possible.

"I don't know if it would be the normal process for this child or if we'll have to find another way…" Carlisle mused to himself. I had to hold back my growl, knowing he was talking about the most effective means of abortion. If I let it be known I was apposed to this, then they would be prepared to fight me back.

As soon as we pulled in, I rushed out of the car. Too fast, there are humans around, I reminded myself. I forced myself to walk as slow as I could in the situation, and even then, I was getting some astounded looks.

We met with Alice and Jasper at the entrance, where we all went in together. Now we were definitely getting looks. But not ones of surprise this time, these were looks of awe, admiration and envy. A smug smile crept up on my face. Wrong time, I knew, to be so superficial, but I couldn't help glorifying in these humans stares. From men, I got looks of desire. From woman, looks of longing. The rest of my family reacted very differently to our audience. Emmett placed a protective arm around my shoulder. Esme and Carlisle ducked their heads as to seem less conspicuous, while Alice didn't notice a thing. She was halfway between present and future, trying to figure out what was happening to her visions of Bella, while Jasper hovered around her, taking in everyone's emotions, making sure no one would take advantage of his little Alice while she wasn't alert to the world around her.

Emmett chuckled beside me, and I followed his gaze to see an overtired mother in a fit after her child had spat up on her. Motherhood was wasted on some. Why have a baby if all you're going to do is worry about the mess it's going to make? I turned away. Now was not the time to be judging other people.

Carlisle went to check the board. "Approximately eight minutes until they come in. We should probably sit down"

Esme threw him a horrified look that clearly said 'I'm not playing human while my daughter's life is threatened.'

Carlisle nodded his head morosely. We all knew where she was coming from, but me for a different reason. They were all worried in case they couldn't save Bella. I was worrying about saving the baby. In my head, I pictured the child I had always wanted. Thick, curly black hair, chubby face, huge dimples. Then I put together Edward and Bella's features to make a child. A boy, as Bella had said. I was going to trust her mother's instincts. He had bright green eyes, like Edward, and thick chocolate brown hair from Bella. He had both their pale skin, diamond hard. I sighed. He was gorgeous, but he was, and would never be, mine.

I pushed that thought aside. Just to have a baby in my life was enough for me. It would be a great shame if something happened to Bella, and I found myself relieved that I never got to know her properly. Because the chances weren't high that she would survive this. As soon as I thought this, I stopped. Edward may be in 'hearing' distance by now. I didn't need to be killed for thinking about his wife dead.

Sure enough, a few minutes later they emerged through the gate. My eyes immediately zoned in on Bella's stomach. If I had a heart, it would have gone into overdrive. As it was, by next breath came out hitched from emotion.

Bella was, indeed, pregnant.

She was standing with a thirty centre meter gap between herself and Edward. I could not believe this. Bella was always so unstable with herself that she needed his support, and Edward was both terrified of her falling and reluctant to let her go. But here they were, in the gravest of situations, not touching! I saw Edward extend his arm, and Bella flinch away from the contact. I could have laughed aloud with joy. Bella was serious. She wasn't going to let anyone touch her. Edward slowly manoeuvred his way through the crowds, with Bella close behind. She hadn't seen us yet. As they got through the last of the people, Bella's eyes jumped around looking for us. Her chocolate brown ones met my golden ochre, and hers filled with relief. She suddenly broke out into an extremely slow run, but I considered the speed for Bella, and decided it was probably the fastest she's run in her life. When she was two metres away she opened her arms, and I did the same. I'm not sure why. It was an instinct. She threw her arms around me, and cried. I hugged her back, whispering assurances. I could feel the slight bulge against my body. I would save this baby. We wouldn't let anyone go near her.

Edward let out a menacing growl at these thoughts, and my eyes widened in surprise. You didn't know? I thought to him.

He met my gaze with a stare filled with venom. Not my fault, I thought again, she's the one that called me. I played the phone call back in my head.

"Ermm, lets… head off?" Carlisle asked hesitantly. I considered what this must have looked like for them. Bella jumping into my arms, of all people. Edward growling for no reason but his sisters comforting each other. And Edwards's death stares at me. Clearly, they were confused.

"Emmett, you can drive the BMW" I said reluctantly "Bella and I will be in the back. They all met my gaze with bemused looks. "The rest of you, into the Volvo. Bella and I are saving this baby, therefore none of you are allowed near her. This baby will live."

I know I said this would be a one shot, but I decided that this scene goes along with the call, so there you have it!

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