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Sonny Monroe was sitting in her and Tawni's dressing room. Tawni had really gotten me down, because she said that I always wear ugly things and that I was never going to get any dates ever with the way I dresse. When Tawni left tears welled up in my eyes. I put her face in my hands, and began to sob.

Chad came into the room slowly noticing that I was crying. "Woah, Sonny what's wrong!?", he looked concerned.

I stood up still sobbing. "Tawni!, she said that with the ugly things that I wear I would never get any dates in my life!", I sobbed more.

He went over and hugged me saying, "Sonshine you and I both know that those things aren't EVER going to be true ok?", he lifted my chin and looked into my sorrowful brown eyes. I had finally stopped crying by then and was getting lost in his ocean blue eyes.

I smiled. "Thanks Chad, that means a lot to me", smiling my sweet-est smile. He had warmed my heart saying that. Wow, his eyes were extra sparkly today, and they looked even more beautiful. His blonde hair looked so sleek, I loved the way it flipped at the end… Woah woah woah Sonny what the heck are you saying!? I did like him I really did.

"You know Sonshine, their's been something that I've been wanting to do for a while now", he smiled.

"And what's that?", I was curious.

"This…", then he did something that shocked me he leaned to try to kiss me. I leaned in too, and slowly our lips met moving in the most perfect motions. Then I deepened the kiss, and put my wrapped my arms around neck. He pushed me up against a wall, and broke apart smiling. I smiled back and then he started kissing me again. His hands went on either side of the wall. His tounge went across my bottom lip begging for entrance, and I granted smiling into the kiss. We then broke apart and leaned our foreheads together. I smiled up at him and he smiled back down at me.

Then he walked a step back and lightly picked me up. As he carried me to the couch which was a little far away, I nuzzled my head into his chest smiling. He noticed this and stopped walking, and he cradled me in his arms smiling down at me. He set me down and walked to the back of me, and wrapped his arms around my waist/stomach. I smiled, and looked at him seeing that his head wasn't far from mine. And I pecked him on the lips.

He smiled at me then picked me up once again and I nuzzled into his muscular chest. He took me over to the couch and he layed down first then he motioned me to lay down beside him I did. He turned the tv on and about 5 minutes later I turned to my side to look at him. We both smiled then I pecked him on the lips once again. Then we both sat up, he wrapped his arm around me and I nuzzled into his shoulder drifting off into a wonderful dream.

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