14 March 2010


Disclaimer: the characters in this story are the intellectual property of Bioware, not mine.

WARNING: contains sexually explicit material - 16yrs+ readers only please!

Author note: I've purposefully tried not to describe Shepard too much, after all, fans of Mass Effect will each have their own versions of Shepard, so I'll try to leave those parts up to your imagination.

"...Now shut up and stop worrying."

She threw him a sly smile, which was exactly what he'd come to expect of his commander as of late, since - well... Since she'd come out with this crazy idea that to ease his tension – which she had apparently 'noticed' – they should 'let off steam together'. Yeah. Sure. He'd said. If we can find a way to make it work. He'd said. And now I'm going to run like hell. He should have said. All the while beneath his cool exterior the words "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit..." were running on loop in his head like the music in Flux before it got blasted to hell by the unusual combination of a sentient ship (Sovereign), a rogue Spectre (Saren), and AIs (the Geth - or rather, as it turned out: the indoctrinated half of them).

No, wait, the music had stopped. There had been music. He'd put it on. She'd just turned it off. She was standing in front of him now, pale blue light of the fish tank colouring her complexion and reflecting in her eyes, expecting some kind of response. Relax. She'd told him. The word sunk through from his ears to his brain. Garrus was starting to feel a lot less like he had on the top floor of that base on Omega - waiting for death with nothing to lose - and a lot more like when he had sighted her through his scope... In that moment he had laid eyes on her corporeal reality and suddenly realised the person most influential to his life had not only just walked back into it from the dead, but that suddenly it wasn't just his own life he'd got to think about from then on. He hadn't liked that feeling. Last time he'd felt like that, he failed. Sure it was a threat and a bribe that had turned someone he trusted into a murdering liar, betraying him and betraying the remaining members of his team to their deaths... But Garrus had been responsible: he should have seen it coming before the people he was responsible for... suffered untimely and unpleasant deaths at the hands of his enemies - Garrus' enemies. His team had died for him, because they had believed in him, and because they had taken bullets that really... were meant for him.

Every time, it's never me. They aim at me, the universe tries to kill me but it's never me that dies. Someone always takes the goddamn fall for me. Even her. But here she was. She was the only one to actually come back. He thanked the gods for small miracles, and even more for the bigger ones... like her resurrection.

"I want something to go right for once..." He caught his own speech, saying more than he had meant to. Damn it he never seemed to be able to concentrate much recently. She was right to see it, it was there plain as day. But his lack of concentration was especially present around her. Maybe it was because he still couldn't quite fathom what it was all supposed to mean, why she had been returned into his life. Was it because the universe had decided she was too important to lose? Or was it no co-incidence that after meeting her previous lover on Horizon she had suddenly paid more attention to him? He had heard humans talk of responding to rejection in a way called 'being on the rebound'. It was not a behaviour often found in turians. If a turian got rejected he'd go get drunk somewhere, think about getting even in some way if he felt suitably dishonoured, or he'd just go find something to kill to ease his foul temper.

Mind you, it could be argued that most of those turian males – at least those Garrus typically met – were, like himself, away from the homeworlds of their species and there was not exactly a large number of females available towards which to make advances, let alone 'rebound to'. Not unless you count asari, and Garrus had never found asari that attractive. Shepard, on the other hand, had more than enough human males to chose from on this ship. Garrus had even noted Thane gave her more than a passing glance (and he at least looked slightly humanoid) but no, Shepard had come to Garrus. She'd asked him here. Garrus had never found humans attractive either, as a matter of fact... But something always drew him to this female human, and recently, he'd even started to notice the fact that she was indeed female. He really did wonder if he was going crazy.

Was this choice? Was it guilty reciprocation of her advances? Was he just desperate not to lose her again: his mentor and his last remaining friend? Whatever it was that brought him here, whatever it was he was feeling towards her now, it was earnest. Could something between them really be right? "Just once..." Was this his rightful place? To support her in any way possible... to get the job done? He just wanted everything to be alright, mournfully desperate not to slip up. Just once. "Just -"

The unending uncertainty and the infinite questioning abruptly came to a halt. Her hand was against his temple. As it slid down the cybernetic plate embedded in the side of his skull, she completely disarmed his mind of linguistic capability. As her fingers traced down the scars, their warmth rinsed away all the questions that gnawed at him. How quickly he had lost his self-assurance, his assumptions of what this time with her was going to be. He'd have been furious with himself had he been able to think straight. Instead he found himself leaning towards her, as she leaned towards him.

He stared into her eyes as their foreheads touched. She was warm. It was strange and yet familiar... like he was being guided by some higher force. He found himself placing his fingers on her shoulder, and stroking them gently down her arm, maintaining eye contact. She did not flinch. She barely blinked. There was no sly smile now. It was completely unknown territory. He could smell her scent, damp and fresh and slightly fragranced from the shower, it was... oddly comforting. As his fingers reached her elbow, she reached up to stroke down his jaw, down his mandible, which brought out of him a soft, purring sigh as he let lose the breath he had forgotten he'd been holding. He hadn't flinched, and still he stared down into her eyes. He stroked down her forearm and she slid her arm against his touch until her hand met his. Ever so gently, their fingers investigated one another until they interlocked.

Slowly Shepard sidestepped, drawing her head away from his, but never breaking eye contact, and he followed her: every motion smooth, synchronous with hers. It was a little like slow dancing – the way he swayed each step mirror-fashion so that they never strayed more than a foot apart. Hunter sense, she thought. Like the martial arts training exercises she had learned from her father's classes – how you would learn to match each other's movements in close proximity, weight shift for weight shift, circling and moving as one without touching. Garrus was equally that good. She had seen his elegance in hand-to-hand combat, and had not been surprised to learn he had been one of the best. Now he matched her, motion for motion. She'd almost wanted pain from this encounter – wanted disregard, wanted what she'd been warned about in the literature Mordin had sent her on Turian mating practices. But this was definitely not what she had expected, this hadn't been what she'd had in mind. He was being so gentle. It made no sense.

She backed away and he followed, and the whole time she could not break his stare, this... invisible connection. It was as if something was guiding her, like all this was playing out just as it should. They reached the bed, both perched on the edge, fingers still interlocked. She stroked the unscarred side of his face, removing the eyepiece that had always been a permanent accessory and placed it onto the nearby coffee table. Turning back to see his face un-hidden for the first time she was taken aback by his eyes... His eyes were so, so beautiful, and so trusting. Tenderly she stroked his cheek, tracing the line of his indigo tattoo. He again pressed his forehead to hers and briefly they closed their eyes as he cupped her face with his palm. Mirror-like they each drew their fingers down each other – his stroked down her neck and beneath her hair, hers around his fringe to rub the scaled skin beneath and down the back of his neck. They both breathed long and deep, she sighed as his talon glided over her collarbone, he rumbled low and deep as she touched beneath the fringe and when she stroked the softer skin of his throat. Five fingers, so delicately boned... and yet somehow strong and dextrous. He was already impressed by how she seemed to find just the right places, and uhhnnn... it feels good...

They each spared a glance over one another, each having the same instinct. Their fingers snaked lose of each other then drew themselves to the fastenings of clothing. His eyes drifted occasionally to her fingers as they worked her dress uniform loose, just as her eyes flowed over the fastenings to his turian blue tunic coming undone by his talons. Considering peripheral vision during combat could save your life, it was amusing how now each worked their will so as not to be drawn to break eye contact except to snatch glimpses of the bare skin before them. Carefully he dared touch her again, taking in with his fingers the soft un-armoured sensation of her smooth human skin. It was warm to the touch, surprisingly so. Her hands, her fingers, were cooler as she stroked them under his chin eliciting a soft purr from his throat. How could her fingers know him so well..?

The soft sounds she was making as he drew his fingers down her chest were extremely... interesting... He could feel the urge growing inside him to remove whatever remained of their clothing and plunge himself into her, for she was so enticing... Damn I don't care if she's not turian, I want her. He had no intent to hurt her, but he was oddly unconcerned about that – it was not conscience that stopped him. It was something... else. It was instead pure will, something determining that he wanted to rebel against every turian instinct that might otherwise be roaring for him to take his satisfaction right now, yelling Take her! This was getting stranger by the minute...

Staring into those blue eyes was going to turn her to jelly. She could feel it. Everything, everything was slipping away from her reach... all of her other thoughts, where she was, even who she was until there was just him, here, now. She couldn't remember what she had expected, or what she had wanted, hell she couldn't even remember her name if he should ask it, as he slid his hand down gently to her waist, talons pressing carefully just below the rim of her lower garments. Gentle. He was being so unbelievably gentle. Still he stared down into her eyes, never once flinching at the sight of her obviously alien body as she had worried he might. He was drawing closer to her now, and she found herself longing to feel his arms around her.

She stroked the taut muddy brown skin pulled over tightly wound muscles stringing lengthy arms to powerful shoulders. His skin was tough and thick, much like his personality: he was tough, and he was rough. She knew these things. He could be one hell of stubborn un-moving son of a bitch when he got a thorn in his side. While the rage he expressed may not have been as violent as that she had witnessed in Wrex or Grunt, when she had on occasion caught his eye and saw what Garrus was holding back, she sometimes wondered that if unleashed, his furry might make even a krogan run away. Such fire seemed to burn inside him, behind eyes of cool blue flame. But it was a different animal staring down at her now, touching her, caressing her... His eyes were like water – warm and tempting and she was willingly drowning her inhibitions in them. Carefully she rose to her feet, and stood confidently before him as she removed her boots, dropping each to thud on the floor, and slowly unzipped and dropped her trousers, pleasantly surprised when a turian hand slid down over her hips following the emerging skin as the cloth fell to the floor.

Garrus observed lazily as she stood before him, her head only slightly higher than his even while he still sat on the edge of her low bed. He slid his thumb back up the inner side of her legs, fascinated by the downy hair that seemed to cover much of her skin all over in different colours and coarseness. He gently pulled her towards him, sliding his hand over her rounded hind. He stared into her eyes as he softly nuzzled what turned out to be very silky skin just above the line of her underwear. He watched with interest as she made to moan, throwing her head back and sliding her hands over his fringe and between the fronds - this made him growl with primal interest – he wanted more. His growl reverberated through her lower body and she gasped and groaned, and he nearly forgot that there had been a purpose besides this that he had drawn her this close: with his other hand he undid his own boots, careful of the spurs. He could smell something new here at this end of her body, a strange, musky scent that spoke of gender, of readiness, and urgency. Smelling all those signals should have been enough to push him over the edge: to drive him to throw her down to the floor onto her hands and knees and do to her as he would to one of his own species, but again, he found this apparently infinite control.

He rose to his feet, drawing his mouth upwards over her body as he did so. He spared a moment to nuzzle the stranger architecture of her upper body, these sweeping curves that hung without bone, just tissue, soft and malleable. She had again thrown her head back as he had done this, exposing her vulnerable neck for him to slide his mandible against as he rose. He drew his fingers up her spine and under her hair, cupping her head and bringing her eyes once again to meet with his own. After a moment catching their breath, he touched his head to hers and silently bade she stay there. She had pressed her body to his, and he could feel her heat spreading enticingly through his scales. Carefully with the backs of his talons he drew one hand down from her cheek, and very slowly he moved down her body this way, undoing his own lower garments as his touch allowed him to unlock her body from his without her seeming to notice. Once he stood before her naked, he pulled his head away from hers and cocked it to one side as she opened her eyes once more.

She spared a lengthy look over his body downwards and back up again. His heart skipped a beat in a moment's panic as he awaited her reaction. But he had nothing to fear. Returning to meet his eyes as she began to slide one hand down from his head – where she been since he seduced her body with his growls and his nuzzling – she smiled. It wasn't a smile he was accustomed to seeing... But it was clear she was eager to continue as she slid her hand down over his pronounced collarbone, down over the armoured skin of his chest to his waist, running her thumbs gently over what she quickly learned to be sensitive skin of his abdomen. He growled and dropped his head into her neck, sending shivers down her spine as he gently gripped her waist in both hands and purred into her... and turned her towards the bed.

She stared up into his eyes as slowly he backed her towards the edge of the bed. To her surprise he carefully hitched her up, as easily as he might lift a rifle, and laid her down on the bed, sliding his fingers through her silky hair, laying it out across the covers. Gently he pressed a thumb to the bridge of her nose, and stroked his entire hand over her forehead and again through the fine strands of her hair as he leaned over her, with a tenderness that made her gasp. For a moment her eyes watered at the kindness in his expression. She reached up to do the same to him, and he frowned as he pushed into her hand and let out the longest, mournful sigh she'd ever heard a turian make. Somewhere inside a little part of her was rather confused by all of this: it wasn't what she'd originally been after, it wasn't what she planned, and it certainly is not what she had expected, but... she almost wept at the beauty of it all... You'll know it. Her mother used to tell her. You'll know it when love finds you. Try as she might not to, Shepard was beginning to believe that maybe, just maybe...

He seemed to recognise the vulnerability she was feeling and slid the arm he had used to brace his weight above her, to under her shoulder, still managing to reach a stroking talon to her cheek. He could feel the heat rising from her body as he lingered above, and he felt so stilled, so calm seeing in her expression a look he had never seen before. He once caught a flash of it when she had seen Alenko on Horizon, quickly put away again when she found that two years was long enough not to be able to go back, to no longer be able to simply slot back into things as they were before. But now... now she was staring into his eyes, and all he wanted to do was to hold her, to keep her here, like this... Here, in this state, he could protect her. He honestly thought he could stop time, and keep her here with him, no more dying, no more sadness, or abandonment, no more pain.

He stroked her from her neck down over her breasts and she moaned softly. She did so as she looked into his eyes, and he was very nearly stunned by the intimacy - he'd never looked into a lover's eyes like this before. He continued drawing his hand down her body, down her waist to her hips, sliding his fingers down to her thighs... She arched her back towards him in response. He felt her shift her legs. A glance down showed him that she was inviting him to lie between them. This, he recalled, was the way in which humans would often mate, and he wished now with all his heart that he be able to mould his body to hers as she was inviting him to do. It was almost heartbreaking to realise turians – meaning himself included – were too long limbed for that, being wired for strength and speed... But he earnestly wanted to join her there and continue to stare into her beautiful eyes.

He was just about to sink his hope and lie down beside her when – again as if his thoughts were guided by some invisible force – it occurred to him that if he brought her to the edge of the bed, he likely could do so... Oh and he really, really wanted to. His excitement was momentarily paused by an instant of humour: he had also noticed, looking down, that she still had on the most flimsy of undergarments. It was something he really did not understand the purpose for, but right now it just seemed so cute he nearly grinned. Like that tiny piece of cloth would mean anything or stop anything? Barely a semblance of protection. He smiled, symbolic perhaps? He wondered.

He kneeled either side of her knees, to which she looked a little puzzled, but was reassured by his smile as she persisted in stroking his mandibles, spurring his lust all the more so... Yet still he kept his cool. No. He wanted to be aware of every moment, he wanted to drink in every sound she made, live every single sensation, and stare into her eyes when he sank himself into her. With the arm under her shoulders, he lifted her towards him and appropriately she embraced him. It had already occurred to him how little she weighed. Keeping nose to nose, nuzzling her to keep her there, he quickly hitched up her bottom to which she emitted a short small high pitched squeal of surprise, making him chuckle. He was pleasantly shocked to find she had brought her knees up underneath him so that as he lifted her she quickly swung her legs around his hips and hung tightly to him – not something a turian could do, no. He was shocked more because he hadn't expected to get this close to her opening warmth already. For a moment he just stayed very still, and groaned, as she did too when she felt his arousal pressing against her: definitely fully aroused.

She rocked forwards as she hung, then slowly slid back down his abdomen, brushing herself against him. He moaned and nearly dropped her, having to steady himself with both hands on the bed, leaving her hanging there. Thankfully she stopped what she was doing for the moment, not without a small giggle and a nuzzle of his nose. A few deep breaths and he backed them both to the edge of the bed, only holding her again as he positioned her - just on the edge. He was just about to start kissing her belly having set her down when a pillow thudded the quilt beside his head. Kindness in her smile beamed back as he looked up – she had figured out what he was up to, and had thought about his knees. His knees!

He chuckled as he shook his head, he couldn't help it, and she giggled again - not a noise he was accustomed to hearing until this evening. It was normally a full-out bellowing laugh he would hear from her, but the laughs he heard from her now somehow seemed far more sweet. Not that he had heard her laugh often at all on the new, Cerberus-rebuilt SSV Normandy... in fact it suddenly dawned on him that he might not have heard her properly laugh at all since he had come aboard. It was a good sound. He shook his head again, in a vain attempt to explain his knees were more than well-armoured enough to cope with the hard floor, but the resolve in her expression as she began to frown told him he'd better take it else she'd speak... and he feared that if either of them uttered a word then the spell upon them might be broken. So he took it, shoved it under his knees, and knelt for a moment as he slid both his hands over her body, slipping a talon under the elastic of her underwear, and with a little help, removed them.

He raised a brow for a moment – fur? He had noticed at times human armpits had this strange eruption of hair, so it did make a strange sort of sense that there might be fur here too. Very different in appearance to her hair though. Careful not to look overlong, he looked back to up just in time to catch the nervousness in her eyes. He stared back with confidence as he nuzzled along her knee and up the inside of her thigh. She threw her head back, and snaked her own hands down her breasts and over her body. Damn... He'd never seen her do anything like that before, and it was so unbelievably sexy. Again he could smell the musky lubrication seeping from her, readying her for him. He growled long and deep as he nuzzled near the source, allowing himself to really, really, need to fall into her. Stroking his hands down her legs as he nuzzled along each of her inner thighs, he spared this moment to observe her erotic behaviour. Is this really Shepard? He found himself wondering... The woman who when held by the throat, dangling over a large drop by that bastard Saren, had fearlessly punched the cybernetically-enhanced discrace-to-the-turian-race squarely in the jaw and sent him reeling?

Were you like this with Alenko..?

That thought stung, but it dawned on him what that human might have to say if he were to know what Garrus and Shepard were getting up to as of late. You let her go. Your loss. He thought to Alenko. And to Shepard: I'm not going to let you go. He thought this as he lifted himself over her, and gently pressed himself against her body, sliding his hand under her neck and around the back of her skull. He brought her forehead up to press against his. I want you to look into my eyes as we do this – I want you to know I know it's you I'm here with. Not some turian woman he'd known, not just him finding release in the closest substitute he had available. I want to know you know it's me, and only me, moving inside you. He thought to her, and with the point seemingly made, she continued to look into his eyes, only snatching a glance downwards to see something not so dissimilar to human male genitalia, just thinner and slightly more wrinkled. Like she cared – he could do anything to her right now and she'd be willing to try it. She trusted him. Completely.

She helped him line up, giving a few gentle strokes of it before she did so... prompting a deep, lustful growl. Still he resisted the urge just to thrust into her. He wanted to keep her safe, and he wanted to fully remember this moment, that it was her he was inside. Sharply she lifted her legs and rested them over his angular hips. Ready. She smiled sweetly with a slight nod.

He pushed in gently just a little at first – she whimpered softly as she stared into his eyes, and stroked his neck a little harder and faster. Damn he wanted to go faster, but restrained himself. He braced himself over her with one arm propped under her neck, and with the other he steadied her attentions towards him, placing one of her hands to massage the skin under his fringe, and the other to stroke along his mandible, or to gently finger the inside of his collar plate. Her fingers were so amazingly pliant to his fancies he found himself pulling out a little and pushing in further. He steadied his own attentions, and made sure to stare back into her eyes as he did so, watching her reactions carefully. Slowly he pushed into her again, sinking himself into her entirely, growling as he did so to slow his breathing – determined to be careful, determined to live this moment and remember it.

She seemed to melt in his blue fire stare, and squirmed against him as he stayed still, moaning softly as she did so. She was gently squeezing his waist with her thighs, and they were rhythmically pulling him deeper and then releasing him. It certainly made him want to move. So he began to. Slowly at first withdrawing – to which she cried pathetically. So he pushed back into her. It would be so easy to go faster now... to lose himself inside her... but this was a learning opportunity, and he had every intention of learning everything he could about her. After all, there was no guarantee he'd ever get another chance with death awaiting on the horizon through the Omega Relay. He cursed himself for waiting this long: damn if I'd known what I was missing...

A slow entry seemed to be received the best but withdrawing made her cry out, winding him up all the more so. He still couldn't quite believe he was still in control at this point. The faster he pulled out the tighter she squeezed him when he slid back inside – both with her legs and with some sublime mechanism he had discovered she had inside. And how she could squeeze him! She practically pulsed internally as she became more and more aroused. It wasn't just intriguing it was almost enough to make this turian male lose his mind because it felt that good. If this is what all females do, he told himself, then until now you've been doing things all wrong, so said the revelation he had accidentally stumbled upon simply by taking his time.

He enjoyed every sound, every motion of her rocking up to meet him as he stroked his hand over her curves. This is where I'm meant to be. He thought to himself as she writhed beneath him, her heat searing through his body and his hands with every touch of her skin. Even her human mammalian breasts were beginning to make a sizeable erotic impression as he noticed the way they would move with even the slightest bodily motion. He would arch his back and nuzzle them a little as he squeezed them until she groaned and pulled him back so that the soft skin of his belly slid up and down her own.

He no longer had to concentrate on his attentions: instinct echoed what he wanted to be doing anyway. He did what she wanted and he learned fast once he allowed his instincts to take control: he responded to her cries and whimpers, she responded to his deeper growls and his moans. Perhaps it was then that he realised he had buried his face into her neck and her hair, inhaling her scent as he brought them both closer to release. No biting. He told himself sternly. Her skin was far too delicate to allow it. But she was close now – he could feel it, and it was driving him wild, and he could feel himself getting as swollen as he was wont to get as he slipped in and out of her, drowning in her wet warmth.

He thanked whatever self-control he had left that had made him aware of it before it happened – before he reached his end. Again he tilted her head forwards to look into her eyes, and fire came back at him through her eyes as he did so. She pierced him with her stare as she bit her lip, then cried out again and threw back her head once more as he thrust into her. No. I want you to watch, and I want to see it happen in your eyes. Again he brought her head up for her eyes to once more meet with his as he continued to move, and with his free hand he took one of hers, elbow resting on the bed and held it, gently squeezed it. She twitched a smile, her eyes watering and with sheer determination they maintained each other's gaze.

He thought he'd had great sex before. Thought he was actually pretty good at it. So he'd always been told. However nobody, no turian had ever responded to his touch the way she did, no woman had given him the incredible vocal performance he was receiving, and he found some small part of him wondering why it was that this all just felt so right, and why it was that humans and turians did not seem to have discovered this ecstasy of being together in this way before. Probably a good thing. He managed to think between thrusts. Our species might have wound up extinct. Maybe it was just him and her, but he was beginning to realise how much he wanted to do this again. Then, abruptly, every thought evaporated as he stared into her eyes and she squeezed his hand, crying out long and hard as he felt her pulsing quicken as she tightened around him, and his head swam as she squeezed unto her end. He was in awe. He stared into her eyes as he quickly reciprocated, spilling himself into her as her throbbing forced him to do so, letting out a roar that was probably audible down in engineering the way human ships were built... Not that he cared.

Gasping for breath, he sunk into her as far as he could and just... stayed there, lifting her head to his as they stared into one another, vision-blurred as they each were by the hormones coursing through their veins. She was still squeezing his hand, and he hers as their fingers coiled, uncoiled and recoiled around each other. He was about to dare say something, something he'd probably boot himself for saying later, but too soon the spell was broken by something else. The call came in from EDI – it was time to go. 15 minutes until out we go through the Omega Relay and all hell breaks loose. He was brought crashing back to the woes of reality, a galaxy bent on ruining every precious moment he ever had. He hated it. Hated EDI, as he saw this beautiful soul retreat back behind a familiar strong, stable exterior shell of a woman he'd come to know as Shepard. He released her hand, and back away, pulling himself from her. But just then her expression changed and the way she looked – stunned, frightened, panicked – for just a second... that was the worst thing of all. It was as if something that was never meant to carry all that weight had just curled up and died from the strain of it all. He was about to speak, wanted to say something, anything – he even felt like apologising the way she looked at him now. She sat up sharply and uttered in her usual no-nonsense voice:

"On my way EDI."

She spared a smile for him. It was her usual, tough, it'll be alright smile. Only it didn't fill him with the confidence it did before. It made him feel like he was dying. He almost felt sick. He opened his mouth and she stifled it with "Don't worry – we'll talk about it later. Provided there is a later. C'mon. Go get ready." She was still naked but she could have been wearing all her armour and he'd not have noticed the difference. It was like a wall had just sprung up between them, and he felt so raw.

"OK." He nodded. Forcing a semblance of control to his voice as he tried to hold her eyes for just one more moment, "I'll see you on the other side." Throwing on his tunic, he grabbed his boots and trousers and headed for the corridor – he could dress the rest of himself in the corridor or on the way down – that lift always took forever anyhow. Really he just wanted out, out of her way. Then he reprimanded himself for still thinking about it all. Now is not the time. And he put it all away, to deal with it later, as she had said – if there was even to be a later.

Author note: This is the first fanfic I've ever written, and the first thing I've ever put out for people to read. Friendly guidance welcome.