THIS IS AN AU!! Hi people!! I have rewritten the story!! Anyway, the writing is not very good and I am sorry about that!!!! Remember this is my first west wing fan fic!!! I have just finished watching the west wing.

It is set in the Bartlet administration but in no particular series. I have based it on when Zoƫ was kidnapped. In the next chapter it will just be a cast list!!



The doors to the situation room were opened by two guards and in walked the Commander in Chief.

"Sir" was the word that greeted him.

"Everyone please sit" Everyone sat. "What is the situation?" Jed Bartlet asked.

"Well sir, at 600 hours, EPT time, FBI obtained a video. It showed your chief of staff, Joshua Lyman, kidnapped and surrounded by four men, who we cannot identify. However, we do now there are from Gaza."

"Josh?" Jed questioned. Josh was like a son to him and Leo. Leo. He had forgotten about his VP who was sitting next to him. Leo had a very strong bond with Josh and his father. When Noah had died, Leo had become Josh's farther. Leo had now turned white and his hands were shaking.

"Can I please see the tape?" Jed asked

"Of course Sir. Roll the tape."

The tape was horrifying. It showed Josh looking like a zombie. His eyelids were dropping and he looked like he might pass out any minute. You could clearly see where he had been hit and kicked. His clothes were torn and well, he just looked dreadful. In his hands he was holding today's newspaper. He was then handed a piece of paper. "Read" Josh was told to do.

"No" Josh whispered, his voice was very weak. "I will not do anything for you."

That statement ensured him a blow to the head and after which he passed out.

The one which had hit Josh stated to read the paper.

"Release ten Gaza prisoners by midnight tonight. Then, we will send you a video which will decide Josh's fate. On it will have Josh and what we will do to him if you let the men go or if you do not release the men."

That was the end of the video.

"What action do we take?" Jed enquired wearily. He could not believe what he had just witnessed.

"Well sir, we have got an FBI team tracing the video but so far no results."

"Well, that is NOT enough. We should bomb everywhere! Putting people on the ground; every country searching. I want updates every half hour and please notify me when you have thought of a rescue mission which will get something down." The last part was shouted.

With that, the President of the United States stormed out the room.