SasoDei – Replica Deity – Chapter 3

(Time of Dying – Three Days Grace)

On the ground I lay, motionless in pain.

Sasori bites harshly on my bottom lip, wanting entrance into my mouth. I do not grant it, which seems to annoy him. He growls and forces my mouth open. His tongue enters my mouth and explores.

I shudder softly at the sensation. Pleasure. This is a feeling I have not felt before. It is a feeling that has caused problems. It is a feeling that has caused pain. And it is a feeling that I want to feel more of.

I can see my life flashing before my eyes

He still has the knife. He slipped it into his pocket before he kissed me.

If I struggle he can easily end my life with it. Hmmm. But I do not want to go before I get to feel more pleasure.

I kiss back faintly. He will probably want control in this situation.

What did Deidara see in this bastard?

Nothing I can see of.

Did I fall asleep?

But that is okay, cause after all.

I am not Deidara.

Is this all a dream?

I can look like him. Act like him. Share his mannerisms. But I am still not him. I am just number 226. That is who I am. A number.

Sasori pulled away from the kiss and smirked at me. I see a sort of glint in his eyes that reminded me of a lion.

It's sort of weird that I know what a lion is, isn't it? But I do have an education, one that was forced into me through the man made umbilical cord.

Wake me up

He grabs my wrist once more and pulls me along. I follow behind him without complaint.

Warm. Cold. On the outside he is warm. On the outside I am cold. On the inside he is cold. And on the inside I am…on the inside I am a clone.

I'm living a nightmare.

He pulls me into a dark room and lets go of me. I hear the door close.

I can not see the room, but I can smell it. There is the scent of flowers in the room. Weird.

I feel him on me once more, he is pushing me forward.

My eyes are beginning to adjust and I can make out a large bed before me. Sasori pushes me down onto it, flipping me over onto my back and moving above me.

He meets my lips once more. I do not hesitate in opening my mouth to his demands.

Lust. Pleasure. Want. Desire.


As we kiss, he is taking off his clothes. I take in the sight of his chest. It is different to mine. Where a normal person's heart would be, there was a cylinder embedded. It took me a few seconds for the knowledge of what the red symbol on it meant to emerge. Scorpion. Sasori.

He is finally undressed, and he once more ravishes my lips. I can feel blood trickle into my mouth and I feel a new sensation.


Something tells me there was only more pain to come with life.

Sasori pulls away from my bloody lips and places three fingers before me.


It's a demand. An order. One that I ignore.

I turn my head to the right, refusing.

Sasori doesn't appear to be taken aback by my defiance this time. He just chuckles and takes his fingers away. Something tells me that this isn't over.

His hands grab my thighs and the next moment I feel a severe pain in between my legs. I nearly scream out at the feeling of being torn apart, but I don't. Why scream if no one will answer? It would probably only make Sasori more animalistic. Sick, Sadistic Bastard. Deidara must have either been insane, or a complete masochist.

Sasori starts pounding into me, full force. Screams tear at my throat but I do not voice a single one.

On this bed I lay, losing everything

I can see my life passing me

The pain lessens and I come to the sick conclusion that my own blood is lubricating his cock. His keeps fucking me senseless. If anything he is slamming into me harder, trying to make me scream.

He suddenly slams into something that turns my vision white. I open my mouth in a gape, but quickly close it before any noise can exit.

Was it all too much, or just not enough?

He misses the spot a few times but eventually rams back into it, but this time I am prepared and manage to keep my mouth shut.

Wake me up, I'm living a nightmare.

He continues to ram into that spot, groaning in stolen pleasure. I was definitely correct in dubbing him the title of 'Bastard'.

His hand moves to my own cock and he starts to pump me ferociously.

Pleasure courses through my body. It's almost unbearable. But I still don't make a sound. I wonder if he has even noticed over his own noises of pleasure.

He lets out a kind of snarl as he releases inside of me, causing my torn up ass to burn with even more intensity.

I will not die, I will survive.

Even when I reach my own limit and release over both our hot naked bodies, I don't let any sound emerge from between my still bloody lips.

I will not die; I'll wait here for you

I feel live, when you're beside me

Sasori pulls out of my torn heat and manages to pull me up to the head of the bed. He pulls me into what might be called a cuddle, pressing me to his nonhuman chest. I nearly retch. This bastard just defiled my body, yet he acts like I should be thanking him!!

I will not die; I'll wait here for you,

In my Time of Dying.

"Wasn't that good, Dei?"

My body chose that second to fall unconscious. I drift off into darkness, my mouth uttering one word.



I awake to pitch black darkness. I can still feel myself pressed against Sasori's puppet chest as he holds me, almost sweetly.

I manage to sit up. The pain in my ass is still there, though it seems to have become fairly dull. Even so, it still hurt like hell.

I lean over and turn on the side lamp. The room is lit up almost instantly. I still smell the faint aroma of flowers, but I can also smell the overwhelming scent of blood. My blood.

I look back at Sasori, then to the side table. I crawl over to it and pick up the object which had caught my attention. The knife shines brilliantly in my hands.


I blink softly and an idea forms inside my mind. I look back at Sasori and I make up my mind. My body crawls over to him and I sit down on his waist, careful to avoid the sharp cored wrapped up inside a stomach compartment.

I jam the knife into the groove of where the capsule meets the body. Sasori's eyes immediately shoot open. Before he has the chance to react I pressed down on the handle. The cylinder is pried out of his chest, lying meekly before me.

I pick it up and several of the vein like cables wrap around my fingers. What would terrify most people just made me intrigued.

"Sasori, un."

"Brat. Put me back, now."

His voice echoes through out my mind. I don't heed his words and I get up from the bed. I look down at my naked body. Naked. I look around and pick up the clothes which Sasori had discarded earlier. They are an almost perfect fit. Good.


"I've decided, that I'm going to live, un. That is going to be my freedom."

I walk along the row of test tubes. They are all empty. No bodies. No blood. Nothing. Must clean itself.

I finally stop at the test tube I had been looking for.

"Number 226, un."

"Brat. What are you planning to do?"

"Oh, you will see."

I press some buttons on the control panel. A little green tick comes up on the small computer screen. I walk forward and pry the vein like tentacles from my hand, placing Sasori in the centre of the tube.

Sasori's voice ceases from my mind at the loss of physical connection.

I walk back to the panel and press some of the buttons. It's funny how I know which buttons to press. But my mind doesn't dwell on that.

The tube walls close, encasing Sasori. I press a final key and the tube was filled up with the clear liquid that had once contained myself within its odourless confines.

I walked in front of the test tube and tap on the glass. It actually was amusing.

"I wonder if you can hear me, un. You don't have ears but that shouldn't be a problem. Even with ears you cannot hear in there. I never could anyway, un. But it's not like I really care if you can hear me or not. I am not Deidara. I don't care if me and him are identical right down to the un, I am not him. You shouldn't have let down your guard, Akasuna no Sasori, un. But then again, if you hadn't, I would have never gained my true freedom."

I gave the glass one last tap and slipped my hands into my pockets.

"But don't worry, Danna, you won't be in there forever. Maybe in 19 years I will remember to release you, un…Maybe…"

I blink softly at the test tube which had once contained my entire universe. It still does contain my entire universe, but no longer does it contain me, but my god.

I ran my delicate, warm fingers through my light, golden locks, looking at both Sasori and my reflection within the glass. And for the first time in my life, my lips are graced with both a sinister, and sweet, smile.

The End.