DISCLAIMER: I do not own Geronimo Stilton. Having said this, I am un-sue-able.

Maya Millrat. That's me, a rodent with mysterious earth-based powers. Right here in New Mouse City. I'm thirteen and I live alone. My parents have found jobs elsewhere. They send me a lot of money each month. I don't spend much of it. I save it all up and do wild things with it at the end of the year, like bungee-jumping, trapeze, cliffhanging, et cetera et cetera.

I had discovered my powers last year, when I met a really weird mouse on the plane. Not only was his sense of fashion completely shot, he kept throwing up in the plane. I think he used up at least 20 air-sickness bags. A female mouse sitting in between him and me looked disgusted.

"Excuse him. He's afraid of everything. And I mean everything. I can't even believe that he's my brother," the grey-furred mouse said. "I'm Thea, by the way. Thea Stilton. What's your name?"

"I'm Maya Millrat," I said. "So…. Where are you headed?"

"We're going to Phantom Island. It is said to be swarming with ghosts. Cat ghosts, that is," she said with a sneer. I looked at her brother, who had seemingly fainted after the mention of the word 'cat'.

Some time later, he woke up, until the air stewardess said that all passengers headed to Phantom Island had to jump off the plane, that is. Phantom Island. That was where I was headed, too. I grabbed my knapsack, and taking hold of the chair in front of me, I swung myself over to the front seat, and grabbed a parachute and leapt out of the open plane door.

I looked up. I saw 4 parachuting mice above me. No, there were 5. Thea was holding on to that ridiculous brother of hers. I could see the island below us. It was uninhabited. Wait… what was that in the middle of the island?

I didn't get to have a good look, because everything suddenly went black.