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Someone Wake Me Up

1st Chapter: The Comeback

In front of the Uzumaki mansion, a spiky green 'Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera' pulled to a stop with an ear-splitting brake. Right after, a black 'Ferrari 458 Italia' followed, creating the same screech on the asphalt. The slamming of two car doors was heard as two teenagers with the same battling fire blazing in their eyes walked toward each other.

The first one that exited his car was Naruto Uzumaki, a blonde teenager who was known for having tremendous energy. His appearance suited his character; his hair was sunny blonde and his bright blue eyes only served to accentuate his radiance. The whiskers on both of his cheeks fitted him well, but made people wonder where he got them in the first place. The truth was that they were birth marks, which Naruto came to like in time because they were something that made him different and unique. Goofing around was like a second nature to him, for he never ceased to openly display his unfaltering high spirit. However, his best trait was that he was an especially great friend to all of his precious people. Anyone that ever had the chance to get to know him came to like him, mostly because he was an incredibly good person.

Sasuke Uchiha, on the other hand, was quite the opposite on the most part. His hair was black with a blue tint in it, which clashed with his fair skin complexion and that made him look even more astonishing. His eyes were very inviting with their deep black color. If someone described him as particularly handsome, that would have been an understatement. Every girl that had the chance to cast even a single glance at him fell in love in an instant, all because of his looks, which served to only bother him. He always seemed to have a serious expression plastered on his face that made men have second thoughts about approaching him, while the girls even more in love with him. It wasn't surprising at all since it was a well known quality in the Uchiha family. Nevertheless, he had his moments and maybe that was why Naruto considered him his best friend. When it came to friendship, you could say that he had many friends — if you counted the whole gang, — but Naruto was the only one he considered a close friend. There was a reason for that small fact and it was because he never allowed people to get near him, with a few exceptions. When it was a matter of question on how acceptable was for him to let someone in, Sakura Haruno was another exception on his list.

"Haha, I won teme! Who's the dead-last now?" the blonde loudmouth shouted, while walking toward the onyx haired one. When in front of one another, they scowled in challenge. The rivalry that sparked between them was plainly obvious. Their eyes held the same battling stare, an action that spoke volumes for the sort of relationship they shared.

Sasuke intensified the frown and spoke through clenched teeth, "Dream on, dobe, I let you win this time. Your little green bug can't do shit against my new Ferrari; my beast will eat your little green bug anytime, anywhere!"

"Is that a challenge, teme?" Naruto said, keeping the same fierce facial expression. He was getting closer to Sasuke and stood with some sort of a confronting stance. They were always the sort of friends who would compete, but still the type that would do anything for each other.

"Call it whatever you like," snapped Sasuke, and started moving even closer. Being the tallest, he towered slightly over Naruto, while casting a ferocious glare that would make any man piss his pants. However, Naruto stood his ground.

"OK, it's a deal then, pick the time and place and I'm there. You'll eat your own words!" Naruto shouted in Sasuke's face, right before he glanced disrespectfully in the direction of the black Ferrari.

"I don't think so, dead-last, hmph," Sasuke replied smirking, while throwing the same disrespectful sideways glance, but with much more spiteful passion, at Naruto and his car. These sort of mocking exchanges were always part of their disputes on who was better than the other.

"TEME!" A vicious glare was present in Naruto's eyes.

"DOBE!" Sasuke did not back down, not even a little bit. The famous Uchiha Sasuke Death Glare was the response. The culmination was nearing for those two; the tension was lingering around them. Whenever they were doing this it always ended the same way. Neither actually won, but in their minds there was always a winner. It was just the thing that made their friendship even stronger.

Soon, a servant interrupted their silent glare battle.

"Uzumaki-san, Uchiha-san," the servant called bowing politely in front of the two that were still engaged in their own world of competition. "Should I take the cars to the garage?" he asked with a voice full of politeness and respectfulness.

Finally, Naruto averted his attention towards the servant, which Sasuke took as a clear sign of giving up and smirked in triumph. It was some sort of an unwritten rule that the one who backs away first would lose their game. "Hiro, I already told you to drop the honorific! It makes me feel old, and, stop bowing!" Naruto stated with some sort of a commanding tone. "Yes, you may take the cars to the garage," he added as nonchalantly as possible for him.

"Yes, Uzumaki-san," the servant spoke in response and bowed, yet again.

"Some things will never change…" Naruto mumbled under his breath, with a bit of exasperation present in his features. The previous event was completely out of his mind now. However, it was settled that they would continue the competition somewhere else. "Come on, teme, let's go!" Walking toward the huge front door he was followed by Sasuke who had a smirk on his face. The raven-haired teenager seemed to be preoccupied with thoughts about the race and plans for victory. He enjoyed the moments of contest he had with Naruto, for many reasons.

"Sometimes I hate being rich. Stupid servants, make me feel old!" Naruto continued with his ramblings. For once, Sasuke was grateful that Naruto was able to speak for the both of them, even if it made him become annoyed most of the time.

"Hn, it irks me too," Sasuke spoke with irritation in his voice and a scowl present on his face, brought by the many things that made him hate being rich. 'Well, I guess the dobe is right sometimes.'

They entered Naruto's room, and after dumping all the shopping bags filled with junk stuff — the blonde tends to spend money on useless things — Naruto took a small bag and walked towards the corner in the spacious room filled with technological items. Naruto jumped up and down in front of his CD player, while holding a shiny little CD box.

"Dobe, what are you doing? What got you to act like a fool?" Sasuke asked with a confused face, while sitting on the leather couch. He knew that his best friend acted like this over a bowl of ramen, but this new development was certainly surprising for him.

"Oh, you'll see!" Naruto placed the CD in, with a huge smile on his face.

'I can't wait to see what he's so jumpy about. It must be one of those shitty hip-hop songs, again,' Sasuke smiled internally, but became frozen when the music blasted throughout the whole room. Naruto began dancing like a crazy person, but that part was unnoticed by the shocked Sasuke. His stomach began doing back flips, while his brain totally shut down, and his facial features were covered with an inexplicable frustration.

Naruto started to sing — more like shouting; poor boy, he's totally tone deaf — the lyrics, while punching a fist in the air and tilting his head towards the ceiling with pure excitement. However, Sasuke's attention was completely fixed towards the voice singing the song and the music that was consuming his mind.

We got the same friends
We gonna have to see each other eventually
So won't you tell me how we're gonna deal with that
(how we're gonna deal with that, how we're gonna deal with that)
My CD's are at your place
And you know I'm gonna have to pick 'em up
So won't you tell me how we're gonna deal with that
(how we're gonna deal with that, how we're gonna deal with that)

'Why did she have to write this stupid song? I hate it!' Sasuke thought to himself, as his mind was bombarded with images of Sakura's smiling face. He couldn't seem to get it out of his mind, while her music was playing. 'Did she write it about us?" he asked himself without even thinking, but was very fast to make himself realize where his thoughts led him. "Whoa, where did that come from, Uchiha! US! What the hell! We're not together anymore, which is what you wanted! There's no more us!' His mind was showered with thousands of different images of him and Sakura. He couldn't stop them from coming and it overwhelmed him with feelings that flamed his whole being.

Even though it was mutual, it still kills inside
'Cause for so long, how I've been defined

It feels just like I'm going crazy
I guess that this is breaking up
And now not even you can save me
Will someone wake me up?
(Someone wake me up)
Never thought that we'd go under
I guess we won't be making up
And if this is a dream I wonder,
Could someone wake me up?
(Someone wake me up)

I still have your old shirt
You know the one I said I'd thrown away?
I put it on when I went to bed last night
(I went to bed last night, I went to bed last night)
Baby, is this where our story ends
When I turn out the light
Fantasy and reality fight

'No, she couldn't have written it about our break up, that would mean that she still has feelings for me… I mean, does she? No, it can't be! She's always so happy when I see her on TV! Even if she still felt something for me, then she would be sad…' In that case, Sasuke realized that these thoughts made his insides suddenly feel cold. 'Why do I feel this way? Why do I want her to be sad and feel the same way? OK, stop it, Uchiha, pull yourself together! She means nothing to you!' However, his short-lived determination was wavered when he listened to her voice piercing his eardrums like inescapable needles.

It feels just like I'm going crazy
I guess that this is breaking up
And now not even you can save me
Will someone wake me up?
(Someone wake me up)
Never thought that we'd go under
I guess we won't be making up
And if this is a dream I wonder,
Could someone wake me up?
(Someone wake me up)

His thoughts were burning his mind, which kept him from maintaining his cool. 'Why do I feel this pain in my chest? I can't possibly have any sort of feelings for her! That is the reason I wanted us apart, so I could get her out of my mind! Why, does she still make me feel this way?'

Someone wake me up

Sasuke soon began to get even more aggravated. 'Stupid annoying Sakura!' with a fuming expression on his face and pure newfound resolve in his eyes, he stood up.

Even though it's over now, it still kills inside
'Cause for so long you have been my life

"Dobe, turn it off!" Sasuke screamed at Naruto, while clenching his fists in absolute fury.

(Someone wake me up, someone wake me up)

Naruto, who was blown away by Sasuke's behaviour, stopped his joyful singing. "Why should I, teme?" he asked with confusion and slight annoyance. He felt so good while singing and dancing to Sakura's song that Sasuke just had to go and stop him.

It feels just like I'm going crazy
I guess that this is breaking up

"DOBE! Turn. It. Off. Or else," Sasuke yelled at the top of his lungs, while towering over Naruto in an attempt to intimidate him.

And now not even you can save me
Will someone wake me up?
(Someone wake me up)

Naruto couldn't take it anymore and shouted with the same intensity, "Why are you so grumpy? It's Sakura-chan's biggest hit; she has a wonderful voice! I don't see a reason to turn it off, TEME!"

"Hn." Sasuke turned his head to the side and refused to look at Naruto because the words obviously hit the spot. He intentionally denied Naruto's words. The anger of the now stoic looking Sasuke subsided, but not for the reasons Naruto hoped.

Never thought that we'd go under
I guess we won't be making up

"Why are you like this? You act as if you hate her. Every time she's mentioned, or we're watching some of her videos, you act like this. You're even worse when her song is playing!" Naruto loudly said getting irritated by the minute, which was pretty much obvious by his expression. He was never a person that kept his thoughts or feelings to himself.

"…" Sasuke ignored Naruto's words and stood there, looking as impassive as ever, but in reality he was annoyed by the feelings evoked by the song that was still playing. The melody, the words, and especially the voice were clouding his mind.

"Say something, you idiot! You two broke up, just like you wanted! Why do you have to act like you hate her?" There was some sort of pain on Naruto's face, despite his confusion and irritation. His friends were important for him and when they were not happy, he too couldn't be happy. That much was obvious by what he witnessed just now. The one in front of him was not at his highest spirits at the moment, and the one not present would be deeply hurt by this sort of reaction.

And if this is a dream I wonder,
Could someone wake me up?
(Someone wake me up)

"Whatever, I'm outta here!" Sasuke swiftly said before storming toward the door with a huge rage pointed to no one in particular. It always happened this way; he would run away from his own feelings as fast as he could.

oh, baby you were my first time
I will always keep you inside

"But, teme…" Naruto, who was totally blown off by the behaviour of his best friend, couldn't seem to find the strength to move and stop Sasuke from leaving.

(Someone wake me up, someone wake me up)
Someone wake me up

"Later, dobe!" and with that the door was slammed shut and Naruto was left alone with his own aching thoughts. Why painful you may ask? Well, because, he felt sorry for his two friends that were once a happy couple and now that they were apart, Sasuke was back to being a cold hearted bastard.

(Someone wake me up, someone wake me up)
Someone wake me up

'He's so stupid. I don't get it, they were the perfect couple. Why did they even break up? I wonder what will happen tomorrow when they see each other for the first time after the break up… nothing bad, I hope!' Naruto turned the CD player off and sunk into the couch with a thoughtful scowl on his face.

Sakura Haruno was a teenage pop sensation, but she never used her fame as a benefit or as a bragging material. If anything, she was still the same person with a few adjustments to her appearance. Nowadays, she was always dressed by the latest fashion and always looked astonishing with her hair and make-up in perfect order. The natural look was her forte, so she stubbornly refused to use excessive make-up. She had natural beauty and her pink hair was an added bonus to her stunning appearance. Her bright jade eyes made her appearance even more astounding. Her beauty was not the only reason why people loved her. Her songs, that were written by her, her talent and her wonderful voice is what brought her the sudden popularity. The promotional tour that lasted for nearly four months was pronounced to be a complete success and she couldn't be any happier with the way her singing career progressed.

At the moment she was seated in a huge rented limo, thinking about all her friends and especially about a certain teenager with deep black eyes that brought forth some unpleasant feelings for her. Ever since she left Tokyo, every time thoughts about him consumed her mind she felt the same painful sting in her chest. 'I wonder what he thinks about my songs… if he actually thinks about me at all. Hmph, like that's even possible. He wanted to break up with me, so there must be a huge reason behind it. Maybe it's another girl.' At this thought, a single tear fell down her smooth cheek. 'I can't believe that I still feel hurt inside. Why does it affect me so much?' Sakura wiped the tear away, but the sadness was still present in her jade eyes.

'Because you love him, fool!' her Inner decided to show up, but despite the not so nice words the same feelings were consuming her too.

'I don't love him! I'm over him, and, you are the fool!' Sakura shouted at her inner self and picked up her cell, so her inner and those thoughts that made her feel hurt, could go back to the furthest corners of her mind. She dialled a familiar number and waited its owner to pick up, all the while trying to calm down and avoid the emerging of a shaky voice that would be inevitable after all those emotions resurfaced.

"SAKURAAAA! How are you?" Ino practically shouted in greeting as if she were in a football match.

Sakura rolled her eyes when her best friend answered the phone. 'As expected… it is Ino-pig, after all,' she thought in affection, before speaking, "Hey, Ino, I'm good. I'm heading towards the airport and wanted to hear your voice before the flight. I miss talking with you daily."

"That's good! I miss you too and I'm so excited that you're coming back, I mean, finally!" Ino spoke the last words with some sort of annoyance, obviously not directed at the pink haired girl.

"Yeah… ha-ha" Sakura smiled sheepishly. "This stupid promotional tour is messing with my private life." She couldn't help but feel sad for spending so much time away from her real life and all of her friends.

"Don't worry about it, it's over and you are coming back home." There was obvious fondness in Ino's voice, accompanied by pure happiness. After all, she hadn't seen her best friend in almost four months.

"Although, I still can't complain, I'm singing my songs now and that makes me happy too." These words brought some cheerfulness back, along with the memories of all the fans shouting her name and of her singing in front of so many people.

"Yeah, you are famous now. Nevertheless, you deserve every bit of it. I'm proud of you, Sakura!"Ino smiled dotingly as she spoke with a supportive and proud tone.

"Thanks, Ino, you are a great friend!" The friendly affection was noticeable in Sakura's tone too. Nowadays, Sakura got overemotional over the smallest things; she spent so much time without seeing her friends and that alone time was affecting her.

"By the way, the girls are here. Wait, I'll put you on speaker."

Sakura smiled from ear to ear at this. "Great, put them on!"

"Hey, babe, we'll finally see you in person after so much time has passed. I'm so happy about tomorrow," Tenten was the first to speak with her happy-go voice reserved only for her special people.

"Hey, Tenten! I'm happy too, I was just telling Ino the same thing!" Sakura flashed a bright smile out of sheer happiness. Even though her friends couldn't see it, they knew it was there.

"Hey, Sakura-chan, I can't believe you are finally coming home. We all miss you so much. N-Naruto-kun is talking non-stop about you coming back." Hinata smiled gently, which displayed her contentment. Sakura knew this, despite being on the phone; she simply knew Hinata way too good. The shy girl speaks without stuttering now, except when talking about Naruto and especially when he's around.

"Aww, I miss you all too. I'm super excited that we'll see each other tomorrow, I can't wait. I miss everything about home and, I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I also miss Naruto's loud voice," at this every girl laughed. "Oh, and girls, wait till you see the presents I bought for you! You'll all flip!" Sakura said in a chirpy tone.

"It better be some really expensive Gucci bag, or you won't see my face again, Forehead-girl," Ino joked in a very friendly way which she reserved for her bickering with Sakura.

"Like I care, Ino-pig," Sakura joked back with the same tone of voice her best friend used. "You'll just have to wait and see."

"Sakura-chan, you shouldn't have. You coming back is the best present," Hinata spoke, but there was a small indication that showed how uncomfortable she felt about the whole ordeal. That is Hinata, all right… shower her with attention and she puts herself in a corner.

"Yeah, Hinata is right," Tenten added in a very soft voice.

"Girls, no worries, I wanted to. I missed you all so much while shopping alone that I couldn't help but buy all the stuff I thought you all would like," a little sorrow was noticeable in Sakura's voice, while the last words were spoken. Her dreams were becoming a reality, but without being able to share that with her important people, her happiness was not complete.

"WHAT! You mean it's more than one present for each?" Tenten shrieked, sounding utterly surprised.

"Yeah, I kind of got carried away," Sakura spoke bashfully.

"I guess you'll have to live with seeing my face every single day, Forhead!" Ino replied with the reserved tone for bickering with Sakura.

"I can't wait, Ino-pig! You'll have to live with seeing mine every day!" she used the same reserved tone for bickering with Ino, which made every girl roll with laughter.

"Girls, you'll have to try every single thing in front of me so, you know what this calls for?" Sakura spoke in a way that it was supposed to be very obvious.

"A SLEEP-OVER!" all four shrieked like there was no tomorrow.

"Oh, and girls, one more thing before I hang up. You are coming at my house for a sleepover tomorrow night, not this weekend. I don't accept 'no' for an answer!" she demanded.

"Alright, alright," Tenten said with a fake bored tone, while she was actually super excited like every other girl.

"Sure, Sakura-chan, I can't wait," Hinata answered cheerfully.

"Yeah, Sakura, it will be so much fun, just like old times. Not so old, but you get what I mean…" Ino added.

"Thanks, girls, you are my best friends. I love you so much." Sakura's voice was full with love and affection and there was a huge smile spreading on her beautiful face.

"Aww, Sakura, no problem. We are best friends for a reason; we love you too," all three spoke at the same time, with the same love and affection as Sakura.

"Bye, I'm in front of the airport, so see you tomorrow!" Sakura bided them goodbye with the same happy tone in her voice and smiled nonetheless.

"Bye! See ya!" Ino hung up the phone and then they all squealed like crazies.

"Our girl is coming home!" they all shouted in unison while jumping up and down.

Sakura hung up with a huge smile on her face, but then remembered a certain someone, and the fact that it was inevitable to cross paths with him starting tomorrow. 'Oh well, at least my best friends will be there with me when I see him. I don't know what I'll do if I were to see him alone.' Moreover, with those thoughts, Sakura exited the limo and walked towards the airport.

A silver 'Audi R8' parked on a reserved spot at the school parking lot. A very stoic looking Neji got out of the driving seat with his girlfriend Tenten exiting through the passenger's side. She followed after him and they both stood next to their friends, the ones that were already there.

Right in the next parking spot, Naruto parked his green Lamborghini with Hinata inside. Naruto exited the car in a flicker and went to open the door for Hinata, flashing a blinding smile at her, making her blush like never before. It was the first time for Naruto to bring Hinata at school, since Neji had a new car that had only two seats. Next to Naruto's car there was a deep blue 'Hummer H3' and upon noticing it Naruto beamed in complete mocking enjoyment and walked toward the owner.

"Hey, Kiba, I see you fixed that big dent on your Hummer," Naruto spoke with a teasing smile on his face and his hands behind his head in a laid-back way. Kiba looked up and glared at Naruto with rage in his eyes. The usual morning bickering between these two was starting.

"Yeah, his father finally decided to pay for it," Shino answered instead, because he knew what comes after that tone in Naruto's voice.

"Hmph… you got that right, finally!" After Naruto's mocking tone, Kiba's anger grew immensely.

"Don't feel so cocky, Naruto, I can turn your little car into salt with my baby, dent or no dent!" Kiba growled with irritation and the same mocking tone while clenching his fists at his sides.

"Let's see you try, asshole!" Naruto shouted, while shooting a glare at Kiba with his fists also clenched.

"Who are you calling asshole, asshole!" At that point it seemed that the frown was plastered on Kiba's face permanently.

"They already started it, and I was hoping I wouldn't get a headache this early in the morning," Tenten said with her hands crossed in front of her chest and an annoyed stare directed at the both 'fired up' boys.

"Yeah and why do we still tolerate them? I have no idea," Neji agreed with no emotion on his face and his eyes closed in obvious aggravation.

The squabbling between Naruto and Kiba intensified and then almost every student turned towards them, some to enjoy the fight and others who became irritated to no end. Hinata soon noticed this and began to feel embarrassed, so deciding what was best, she chose to end this quarrel before it got out of hand.

"N-Naruto-kun, Kiba! P-pp-lease s-s-stop th-this!" Hinata stuttered because of the attention from so many students and because Naruto was standing right next to her.

After hearing her words, Naruto stopped shouting at Kiba in an instant. The brown-haired Kiba stopped too, while trying to smile in an apologetic manner at Hinata.

Naruto then turned toward her, "I'm sorry, Hinata-chan," he smiled sheepishly scratching the back of his neck, "I'm stopping, because I'll do anything for you." Then he took her hand in his and kissed it.

Hinata immediately went red in the face and took her hand away out of sheer discomfiture. "Th-tha-thank you, N-Na-Naruto-kun." She looked away from him in attempt to stop the blushing which was no help since Naruto stood so close and she basically felt the heat radiating off of him.

"No problem, Hinata-chan, you are my angel, after all." Naruto flashed a smile at her and Hinata couldn't help but blush even more than before.

Tenten, observing this interesting morning development, decided to interfere and help the lavender eyed girl. "Okay, Naruto, we all know that. Now back off a bit and let the girl breathe. Can't you see she might faint any minute," she said while taking Hinata's hand and moving a few steps away from Naruto.

"But, why would she faint?" Naruto asked making the face he used for when he didn't understand a single thing.

"Talk about oblivious," mumbled Tenten. Neji glared at Naruto the whole time — over protective much. In the way Neji saw it, Naruto was the worst type of boy for his cousin; actually no boy was good enough, but the blonde was just at the top of the list.

"Hey, guys look, there's Bushy Brow, in a Porche? What. The. Hell.!" Naruto shouted looking at Lee's yellow 'Porche Carrera GT' with his eyes almost bulging out of their sockets. Lee was not poor or anything, but simply that car was not something he could afford.

Lee slammed the door shut and walked toward the assembled group who were all gawking at him like he had grown another head. "Good morning, my youthful friends!" Lee greeted them with his usual smile. They all nodded at him like mute people and stared at him and his car in disbelief.

"Hey, Bushy Brow! What's with the Porche? Is it yours?" Naruto asked with a dumbstruck expression on his face.

"Yeah, I won it in a very youthful fight contest this summer! It has such a youthful color and even more youthful speed!" Lee answered with a somewhat bragging tone.

"Yeah, tell me about it! We should race sometime, Bushy Brow!" Naruto exclaimed using a challenging tone and a goofy grin spreading on his lips.

"Hey, what about me? I wanna race both of you, so don't you even dare leave me out!" Kiba complained, but rose up the challenge. Naruto beamed and felt proud for a job well done; these boys would never drop the contest between them, no matter what.

"I accept your youthful challenge, Naruto! Just tell me when and where and I am there, you can join us too, Kiba!" Lee said flashing his nice-guy pose with the thumb up, at Naruto and Kiba.

"Congratulations, Lee-san!" Hinata said to him politely.

"Yeah, congratulations, I'm sure you deserved it, Lee!" Tenten added smiling at him, while Neji just nodded at his direction. Shino, who was sulking as usual, nodded at him too.

"Thanks, guys this is so youthful of you!" Lee continued to speak with his cheerful tone and huge smile still present on his face.

The roar of a racing bike pulling to a stop averted the attention of the gathered group. Sai got off his 'Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR' and walked toward his friends while giving them his fake smile.

"Hey, Sai, your bike matches my car!" Naruto exclaimed using a laid-back tone with closed eyes as if he didn't give a shit about anything.

"I know, dickless," Sai answered using the same laid-back tone, with no expression of any kind on his face.

Moreover, that was the end of Naruto not giving shit about anything. "Sai! I'll kill you!" Naruto growled and pointed a fist at him, but only got a fake smile in return, which angered Naruto even more.

"Sai, we should try the track some day. My Honda versus your Kawasaki," Shino suggested in a brooding voice as usual, but expectant for an answer. Too many challenges were made between the groups of friends, so it seems there will soon be a gathering at their usual racing track.

"Sure, Shino," Sai beamed a smile, but it looked like it was there just for show. He only went by the book in moments like these.

"I hope Shino beats your ass, Sai, maybe that will wipe that fake smile off your face!" Naruto's yelled with fury evident in his voice, but there was also a slight edge of mocking.

Afterward, when things got a bit more normal, the group started their usual morning exchange. Hinata and Tenten were conversing on some girly topic as Shino was acting moody in his trademark fashion. Neji just stood looking stoic, while showing no interest in anything around him. Naruto was ranting his ass off about some unimportant thing and Kiba disagreed on everything; at least they were not squabbling like crazy. Sai smiled at every student passing by — fake, obviously — in thought that that was the right thing to do. However, everyone was soon interrupted by Ino and her ear pitching voice.

"Hi ya, bitches, how you all doing?" she asked loudly, coming to stand right beside Hinata and Tenten. The guys rolled their eyes, but greeted her anyway; everyone in their own way. Soon, the girls started telling Ino about some girly stuff as she squealed loudly — typical Ino with her overexcitement over little things.

Ino then noticed a familiar car in the parking lot and couldn't help but smile out of pure happiness. "Oh, Shika-kun!" she cooed as she ran toward Shikamaru as he exited out of his 'Nissan Skyline GT-R'. Out on the passenger's side, Chouji came out with a small smile on his face. "Shika-kun, how was the business trip with your father? Did you miss me?" Asked Ino while holding his hand and making a sexy face. Shikamaru muttered something that sounded like 'Troublesome…' at which Ino made a cute scowl. "What was that?" she shrieked right into his ear.

"Yes Ino, I missed you," Shikamaru gave her his agreement by using his usual bored tone, all the while rolling his eyes vaguely.

"That's what I thought. By the way, I missed you too, Shika-kun!" she said by using her sweet voice, at which Shikamaru glanced noticeably at her and he smirked, "Also, you better make a move on me this year and pronto because I don't plan to stay single much longer! I might just go out with Sai," Ino continued pouting cutely, while that comment made Shikamaru feel like someone had stabbed him with a knife… jealous much!

"Troublesome woman," he muttered but then smiled and put his hand around Ino's shoulder, which evoked a smile and encouraged Ino to snuggle closer.

"Hey, Chouji, how are you?" Ino asked as she directed her attention toward her friend, while still snuggling in Shikamaru's arms.

"Hey, Ino, I'm good, and how are you?" Chouji spoke and looked at her while at the same time opening a new pack of chips.

"I'm great!" Ino chirped while looking at Shikamaru, which made it obvious why she was so cheery. They neared where their other friends were standing and everyone greeted the two boys. Soon, they all continued with their usual friendly chatter.

Sasuke, deciding to show up with his black Ferrari, parked it at his reserved spot, all the while the whole parking lot was filled with the excited squealing from his stupid fan-girls. Naruto noticed this, but ignored it just like his best friend did. However, he could not take notice of the fact that the raven haired teenager showed up.

"Hey, here comes the teme, I raced him yesterday and he lost! I told you he's a loser!" this comment from the loud blond made everyone sweat drop.

"Hn, keep smiling, dead-last. It won't last long, next time I won't go easy on you," Sasuke said, as he walked in the direction where everyone stood and smirked mockingly at Naruto.

"As if, you obviously didn't go easy on me yesterday. Stupid teme!" Naruto started the usual glare contest.

"Dobe!" Sasuke accepted the started glare contest in a fierce way.

"Uchiha, I see you got yourself a new car," Neji said, using the tone specialized for his eternal rival. The two participating the 'glaring ritual', turned their attention toward the stoic looking Hyuga.

"Hn, I hear the same thing about you, Hyuga," Sasuke spoke with a completely unemotional tone, while glancing at Neji's car.

"Black again? Suits you," Ino said mockingly, while totally surveying every detail on Sasuke's car, which only served to evoke a glare from him.

"Why do you say that, Ino?" Naruto questioned, oblivious to the obvious.

"Well, duh, dark, gloomy, and boring!" Ino exclaimed in a monotone fashion, at which the girls, Naruto, and Kiba laughed, while Sasuke scrunched up his eyebrows in pure irritation.

"So, why are we still here? Are we waiting for someone?" Chouji asked while munching on some chips.

"How could've you forgotten, Chouji? We are waiting for Sakura, of course! She should be here any minute!" Ino shouted, a little irritated at Chouji.

Sasuke's mind became completely iced up and his insides did back flips, as he felt as if unable to control his emotions. 'Calm down, Uchiha! This is not like you at all. She means nothing to you.' Sasuke thought trying to convince himself and somehow managed to calm himself down. He was so practised in settling his emotions; it was almost like a second nature to him.

"Oh, yeah, she came back yesterday night, right?" Kiba asked.

"Yes, but, why is she late? That's so not like her," Naruto spoke with a curious tone, while tapping a finger on his chin in a thoughtful manner.

"She must be tired from the long flight," Tenten replied, all the while checking the parking lot for Sakura's car, "OMG, there she is, in the white cabrio!" Tenten exclaimed jumping up and down making everyone in an instant, follow her pointed finger.

This caused Sasuke's stomach to fill with butterflies. Who would've thought that the always cold teenager would feel nervous? Ha, not so controlling, after all! Being nervous as he was, he followed the car's every move with his eyes, the anxiety becoming obvious to him. 'Why do I feel this way? It must be because I'm curious. I haven't seen her for so long and I'm curious about how she'll look and act. Yea, that's it. Right?' When he managed to take a glimpse of her face, his blood started to boil, 'She looks so different!' was the only thing his mind could process at the moment.

Everyone around him was giddy and some — that would be the girls and Naruto — couldn't even stand firm in one place. They squealed and jumped up and down; well, Naruto doesn't squeal, but you get the picture. Sakura parked her white 'BMW M3' right next to Sasuke's car, took her white Jimmy Choo clutch into her small hands and exited. The moment she set foot on the asphalt, a commotion began to form.

Sakura was dressed in a silky strapless top that flowed down her waist and it reached right to her hips. It was some sort of dark navy color with white embellishments of many sizes lightening up the look of the material. It fitted her perfectly and it made her cleavage look especially nice, without showing off too much skin. Her white pants were torn in several places, giving her a rock styled look. Her high-heeled sandals were especially unique with the chains hanging from several places along with the many straps that held her leg. Their color was dark silver and it matched her clothes particularly well. The white clutch she held in her hands had a butterfly shaped embroidery, making it look magnificent. Her hair was lifted high in a messy bun and a chained bracelet adorned her left hand. Also, to top that look, she wore black 'Ray-Ban' sunglasses.

After closing the car door, Sakura took off her sunglasses and flashed a beautiful blinding smile at all of her friends.

That smile, and the way she was dressed, left Sasuke completely speechless and his whole being burning like never before. 'WOW! She looks even more beautiful than I remember, than on TV or those posters!' Sasuke thought to himself. With a careful slide of his eyes over her body and especially her face, he took every detail about her in. Realizing he was practically staring at her with his mouth open, he tried to regain his composure by looking around to see what the others were doing. Everyone was doing the exact same thing he was; even Chouji wasn't munching on his chips.

Then, Naruto broke the short moment of silence. "Wow, she doesn't even look tired at all," at his comment, everyone sweat dropped. The girls were already running toward Sakura to embrace her, but Naruto beat them to it, by literally tackling Sakura in a big hug. If the car weren't right behind her, she would have been on the ground by then.

"Hey, Naruto!" Sakura said a little out of breath, but Naruto tightened his embrace — he never ceases to show his emotions quite openly. "Naruto… can't …breathe!"

"Oh, sorry, Sakura-chan! I just missed you so much!" Naruto happily said, smiling sheepishly, while Sakura took a huge intake of air and gripped the car door for support.

"It's okay, Naruto, I missed you too," she replied giving him a more normal hug, "So much!" Finally, she released him and it was the girls' turn. They all made a huge friendly group hug and squealed like crazy. Sakura joined the squealing and they all jumped up and down, while the guys stared at them and had the same thought running through their minds 'Do they have to do this like that?'

At last, the girls ended their cheerful greeting and all of them directed a fleeting look at Sakura to better absorb her appearance and make a girly acceptance.

"OMG, Sakura! You look absolutely gorgeous!" Ino screamed for all ears to hear, which evoked Sakura to blush a rosy tone.

That blush made Sasuke stare at her again, while being unaware of his own actions. 'She's just so beautiful,' he thought as he felt small tingles go throughout his body.

"Yeah, you are practically glowing!" Tenten spoke with her friendly appreciation.

"I must agree, you look beautiful, Sakura-chan," Hinata added giving her a sweet smile. Sakura said a quiet 'thank you' to all of them and smiled gently, while a small rose blush spread on her cheeks, again.

"However, that still doesn't mean that your new car is hotter than mine, Forehead!" Ino commented with a joking tone. She was referring to her red 'Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 Cabrio'.

"Well, I wouldn't agree! Nowadays, white car means 'HOT' car! Haven't you read last month's Cosmo, Ino-pig?" Sakura answered in the same joking manner. The girls laughed at this making Ino pout at first, but then she joined them in their laughter. The guys' just sweat dropped, except Sasuke, who was still only paying attention to his ex-girlfriend's smile.

They all started walking toward the group of friends as Lee approached Sakura with a huge smile plastered on his face. "My beautiful cherry blossom, your youthful beauty is breathtaking. I vow to win your heart this year!" When he took Sakura's hand in his own, she smiled awkwardly without knowing what to say. "Your youthful songs are so youthfully awesome, your angelic voice puts me to sleep every night and wakes me up in the morning, my beautiful Sakura-chan." Lee then kissed her hand, which brought Sakura the feelings of awkwardness and embarrassment.

"Um… thanks, I guess?" Sakura said uncomfortably taking her hand away, but gave him a polite smile anyway. Nobody noticed, not even Sasuke himself that while this confession of feelings were made, he was murderously glaring at Lee the whole time.

Afterward, every one of the boys greeted Sakura and gave her compliments about her songs. She was blushing most of the time, but smiled politely and said a small 'thank you' to everybody. She was still as humble as ever; the attention was not something she could easily get used to.

Sasuke stared at her the whole time without saying a single thing. 'She noticed everybody, but me. She is smiling and chatting with them and hasn't even greeted me yet!' Sasuke couldn't help bet feel hurt inside. 'What is wrong with you, Uchiha? Why do you even care? She can do whatever she pleases and you should not care in the slightest bit,' he said to himself and nodded internally in agreement to his own suggestion. However, he still couldn't keep his eyes off of her, as if his eyes had a mind of their own.

Sakura finally felt someone's stare on her and turned around to be met with black piercing eyes. Sasuke quickly averted his gaze and pretended as if nothing happened; when in reality something did. A feeling, like bolt of electricity, went through both their bodies in that single moment when bright green clashed with onyx. 'Was he staring at me?' butterflies fluttered in Sakura's stomach at that thought.

'Hell yeah, he did!' her inner shouted with a fist clenched in the air in triumph.

'No, he didn't, he couldn't have! Why would he? He wanted to break up. There must be some new girl in his life.' Sakura's sadness resurfaced, but she couldn't let it show on the outside because now she was aware that all her friends, and especially him, were standing around her.

She always reassured herself that Sasuke didn't feel anything for her, so she wouldn't let the hope live in her and then get her heart broken again; it was some sort of a shield she created so she wouldn't t get hurt again. The break up brought huge pain and broke her heart in pieces. Now, she would do anything to protect her feelings. She was much stronger now, not so fragile like before, she also denied her love for him in order to maintain strong.

'You can live in denial, but I won't!' her inner stated and crossed hands in front of her chest, while closing her eyes as if in dignity. Her inner self was always openly speaking her mind and never afraid to show her emotions.

'Shut UP! Just go to your corner or something!' Sakura said to her inner in annoyance and willingly shut her out.

Now everyone stared at them and every single of their friends had different thoughts running through their heads. However, Sasuke and Sakura were only aware of their own presence and the feelings burning their insides. They both tried to suppress them and remain cool.

Sakura decided to break the silence. "Hello, Sasuke-kun," she spoke softly and smiled gently at him, in an attempt to not show how hurt she was from the break up, and that the idea of being just friends with him was not bothering her at all.

Sasuke's feelings intensified at the sound of his name coming off her lips. 'Did she just call me Sasuke-kun?' Sasuke felt like he would melt any minute. Though, he remembered that he shouldn't react like this and allow those feelings to overwhelm him, so he attempted to turn on his 'I'm so cool!' mode. 'Okay, I have to get out of here, before I burn inside out, right here and right now!' He casted a single glance at her, which didn't help his plan at all. 'NOT GOOD! Not good at all! I have to do something quick!' His internal struggle was happening in only a couple of seconds, which was no surprising at all with all of the tension he felt.

"Hn," He grunted and stormed off in an instant.

Sakura couldn't help but feel hurt due to his rejection. It was like a slap in her face, as if she lived through the moments of the break up again. Everyone noticed the hurtful expression on her face and Naruto started rubbing her back in attempt to comfort her, while Ino placed a hand around her shoulders and whispered to her, "Don't worry, Sakura. He's a jerk and doesn't deserve you."

All of her friends smiled reassuringly at her and Sakura felt a bit better. 'I'm so lucky to have such great friends,' she thought to herself and then smiled brightly at them all.

"It's okay, I don't care what he says or does anymore!" then she beamed her best smile and continued, "I'm back and all my friends are with me, that's what matters! Come on, let's go!" Taking Ino's and Naruto's hands, she dragged them toward the school gates. Everybody smiled and they all entered the school as a group of friends, that's what they were, after all — with some bits of romance, here and there.

As Sasuke walked through the halls, he started to feel anger boiling in him. Every single person in the school talked about Sakura and even some talked about their relationship from last year. Most of the guys were conversing on the topic 'Sakura's hotness' and literally drooled over pictures of her that they were holding in their hands.

Small number of girls spoke nicely about her, but most were saying trashy stuff about her out of jealousy — all of them Sasuke's fan girls, who were currently trying to gain his attention, but all in vain of course. To top it all off, someone blasted a song by Sakura on an iPod and connected portable speakers to it. Sasuke couldn't take any more of these mixed emotions running through him. His mind was going so fast through so many different thoughts, he began to feel dizzy out of confusion and everything around him spun in circles making him feel like he would lose the ground. He then walked toward the bathroom in order to try to calm down.

Arriving to the sink, he splashed cold water on his face. 'I have to calm down; I'm an Uchiha, for crying out loud! This is not acceptable! I just have to get used to the idea that she's back and famous, and most importantly, that we are not a couple any more!' he took a few deep breaths, straightened up, and put on the cool facade while looking at himself through the mirror. 'That's better! Now, go out and face everything with a cool head!' He then walked out into the hall acting as if not a single thing could touch him. 'Now we're talking, I feel great!'

He never actually understood what or better said who made him feel like if he were in heaven. It would take time, and a pink haired girl, to break through his shell.

As Sakura walked through the halls with all her friends by her side, they were all heading to their lockers to pick up their class schedules, but to their immense irritation, they had to stop every few steps because the students were tormenting Sakura with fan stuff.

Sakura acted politely towards all her fans, but in reality was fuming on the inside. She then turned toward her friends and spoke through clenched teeth, "If this keeps up, we're all be late for class!"

"Well, Ugly, you should have thought about this earlier." Sai flashed her with his fake smile, while she glared at him. The others just looked at him like he was the biggest idiot ever, but he never changed his expression.

"I have an idea!" Naruto shouted with a fist in the air. All of them looked at him as if he was crazy. "What?" he shouted again with surprised expression on his face.

"This better not be some of your 'extremely brilliant' ideas," Tenten said while rolling her eyes and making quotation marks at the right time for the right words.

"What are you talking about? My ideas are always brilliant," Naruto spoke with a cute pout. Hinata smiled gently at him, but all the others just sweat dropped.

Sakura's patience went down the drain with every passing second. "Spit it out, Naruto!" She looked at him with anger that was not entirely directed at him. He then motioned for everybody to come closer and then surprisingly everyone agreed and the plan commenced.

They somehow managed to hide Sakura out of the eyes of everyone and now she was walking in the middle of a circle made by all her friends. The students walking in the hall were whispering and wondering where 'the star' went, and at that, Naruto felt proud with himself. Hinata smiled approvingly at him and Sakura whispered "Thank you guys, I owe you big time." She then thought to herself, 'I hope all of this attention dies down soon or I won't be able to survive through the year!' She sighed internally at that thought.

After taking her class schedule, Sakura found out that out of all the classes she was going to be taking, one or a couple of her friends took them at the same time she did. All, except one… Biology! Moreover, that was exactly why she felt anxious throughout her first three classes.

First Class (Math with Kakashi-sensei, shared with Ino and Hinata)

'What if Sasuke takes the same class? Oh NO, I think I'm going to faint! What would I do? I can't go through a whole class with him sitting in the same room! Oh NO, oh NO!' Sakura's panic was evident on her face and by her actions.

Ino noticed that her best friend was fidgeting nervously and literally twisting the hem of her shorts between her fingers. "Sakura, stop it. You'll rip your shorts."

Sakura abruptly stopped in fear of being caught or her thoughts revealed, while glancing at Ino and smiling awkwardly. "Oh, sorry! I just… um… I…" Sakura was at loss for words.

"Are you all right, Sakura-chan?" Hinata asked in a worried tone with the same concerned glint in her eyes. However, Sakura just stared at the floor, which only managed to scare both of her friends. Sakura unaware of her actions started playing with the hem of the shorts again.

"Hey, babe, are you okay?" Ino asked and put a hand over the one Sakura was using to twist her shorts.

Sakura looked up and immediately her mind registered what was happening and decided to snap out of her thoughts. 'I have to pull it together! He's not worth any of it!' she took a deep breath and smiled her best smile at Ino and Hinata. "I'm okay, girls. It's just I'm a bit sleep deprived, anyway, thanks."

After this, her friends looked a bit suspicious, but decided to believe her. "Okay," they both said at the same time. Then they all turned their attention towards Kakashi.

Second class (Japanese Literature with Iruka-sensei, shared with Naruto and Hinata)

'I feel much better now! I feel excellent… urgh, who am I kidding? I feel like a total wreck! One thing is to go through lunch break with all my friends around and ignore his presence, but completely different if I have the same class with him with not one of my friends there! I'm going to have a panic attack after lunch break! I just know it!' Sakura was gripping her pencil until it snapped in half and one piece flew right at Naruto's forehead.

"What the hell?" Naruto shouted, while turning to look at Sakura. He saw her smiling at him apologetically, while holding the other broken piece of the pencil. "Sakura-chan, are you okay?" Naruto leaned over his desk and looked directly at Sakura with a confused face.

"I'm really sorry, Naruto. I'm okay, don't worry." she smiled sheepishly at him and averted her attention towards Iruka-sensei, but her mind was not there. 'I have to calm down or all my friends would think I've lost my mind completely while away,' she thought to herself. 'It's not like I'm sure he'll be having Biology with me. Actually, when I think about it, he never shared that class with me since 9th grade. So, I'm positive he won't be this year!' Right after that thought, Sakura calmed down and acted like her normal self till the end of the class.

Hinata witnessed the whole thing, and became even more worried, but decided to leave everything for when the girls would be alone and ask Sakura what was really wrong.

Third class (Art History with Genma-sensei, shared with Sai and Shino)

'It's decided, I don't give a damn about his presence as long as he's not speaking with me, which is definitely going to happen! I don't care if he ignores me… hmph, I'll ignore him too! He can do whatever he wants, even flirt with those stupid fan girls of his.' At this last thought, Sakura felt a little pang in her chest. 'Why do I still feel this way? Why do I even think about him all the time? I should—' her thoughts were soon interrupted by Sai, who was witnessing her behaviour, which all happened in about ten seconds' time and a few different emotional expressions were shown on Sakura's face, which got him worried.

"Ugly, what are you thinking? Are you troubled?" he asked her, while trying to make the right face and look concerned because he really was.

"No, why would you say that?" Sakura asked almost instantly.

"I read in this book that when a person is oblivious about what's happening around and engaged in their own thoughts and changes the facial expressions from one to another in a short period of time, it means that that person is troubled. And, you looked exactly like that just now." He smiled at her, almost genuinely.

"No, no!" she reassured him, shaking her hands in front of herself in a defensive manner. "I was just thinking about this new song that I need to write, record, and then promote in the next month and how I'm going to manage that with all my school work," at this point, she was speaking very fast, but luckily for her, Sai didn't catch the obvious sign that she actually was troubled over something.

However, Shino, who was sitting right behind her, noticed everything. He tapped her on her shoulder and when she turned around he said, "Don't worry, Sakura. Whatever it is, it will all work out at the end!" smiling at her; as much as he can that is.

Sakura was very confused, but nodded anyway. "Thank you, Shino, you are a great friend," she said very quietly because that was all she could manage at the moment, being as confused as she was. She turned around and stared in front of her, while in deep thought. 'He spoke as if he knew what I was thinking, but, maybe he is right… everything might work out at the end!'

That exact thought made her feel great and relaxed about everything and especially the thoughts concerning a certain black eyed teenager.

The girls were gathered in front of the lockers and talking about some girly stuff making Sakura very cheerful and feeling happy that she was back and spending time with her friends, and not even a single moment were her thoughts occupied with the raven haired boy. Hinata felt relieved that Sakura was happy and acting like her normal self, while flashing her cheery smile from time to time.

"Girls, you know, I'm expecting you today at 5:30 pm at my house," Sakura spoke to the three girls beside her, while putting some books in her locker.

"Yeah, Sakura, we know. It will be so much fun." Ino smiled, while Hinata and Tenten agreed in a cheerful manner.

"I should tell Neji that Sakura will be driving me to school tomorrow," Tenten said resting her weight on the lockers.

Hinata nodded at her and said "Yeah, and I should tell N-Naruto-kun the same." At that moment, Sakura turned around in an instant and stared at Hinata with wide eyes.

"Hinata, since when does Naruto drive you to school?" Sakura asked as she nudged Hinata's shoulder playfully and winked mischievously at her. Hinata blushed madly and started paying attention to the floor as if it were the most interesting thing in the world.

However, Sakura noticed this, "Okay, what am I missing here?" She turned toward Tenten and Ino with a serious expression on her face.

"Well, Neji has a new car and since it only has two seats, he insisted to take me to school because you know, I don't have a car." Sakura nodded to confirm that she was following and encouraged Tenten to continue, "Still, he was worried about who would drive Hinata and listen to this, Naruto with the speed of light, asked Hinata if she wanted he could take her to school every day. He actually asked her, and let me tell you, I witnessed that and it was one of the sweetest things I've seen in my life! He can actually be a very good boyfriend for Hinata someday!" Tenten finished, thoughtfully contemplating her last statement.

A very deep, red blush flushed Hinata's face when she heard the word boyfriend. "Oh, and this morning, Naruto literally opened the door for Hinata and not only that, when she asked him to stop fighting with Kiba, he stopped, apologized and specified that he would only stop because she asked him to and that he would do anything for her!" After that, Tenten stopped talking to take a breath, while Sakura and Ino, not knowing the story, shrieked and hugged a very blushing Hinata. She was smiling gently, but feeling a bit embarrassed at the same time. "That's not the best part! Wait till you both hear it!" Hinata after catching on what Tenten was about to say, steadied herself on the lockers in attempt to calm down. Sakura and Ino noticed this and prepared for what was coming and stared at Tenten expectantly. "He said and I quote, 'You are my angel, after all!'" and with that, Tenten flashed a huge smile and the two girls joined her. Hinata, who was still blushing, started to calm down a bit.

"Hinata, you lucky girl," Sakura said nudging her playfully again.

"I think we should expect a hook up very soon," Ino said nonchalantly, but no one missed the mischievous glint in her eyes.

Hinata dreamily sighed and unintentionally let out something that was meant only for her. "I hope so…" All the girls looked at her in utter surprise. She gaped after realising her slip.

"Hinata, you didn't even stutter!" Sakura said to her and smiled in appreciation.

While Hinata spoke, a light pink blush dusted her cheeks, "Well, I have to admit that I want N-Naruto-kun to be my boy-boyfriend."

"It seems you are getting used to Naruto being close to you, which is very good. I'm so happy for you, Hinata!" Sakura hugged her and then Ino and Tenten joined in a group hug. "We all are!" they both said in unison and after that, Hinata smiled softly in happiness.

"Okay, now let's go. I have to witness Naruto's gentle manifestations directed toward Hinata," said Sakura as she smiled and motioned for the other girls to follow. They all walked toward the lunchroom with giddy expressions on their faces.

"Hey, teme, over here!" Naruto shouted at the top of his lungs, while flapping his hands in the air in the lunchroom as he spotted his best friend entering through the doors.

'Dobe! Does he have to be so loud?' Sasuke thought with his impassive expression plastered on his face, while walking toward where his loud-mouth of a friend was sitting. "Hn, what's up with you?" he asked while eyeing the now angry looking Naruto through the corner of his eyes.

"I should ask you the same thing! What's up with you?" Now Naruto was getting closer to Sasuke's face in a menacing manner with his hands crossed in front of his chest.

The impassiveness on the raven-haired teenager was replaced with a glare. "What the hell are you talking about?" he growled in attempt to intimidate, but with no effect whatsoever on the determined Naruto.

"How can you, possibly not know? What the hell was wrong with you this morning? She greeted you nicely and even smiled her sweet smile and you grunted! You freaking grunted!" Naruto spoke through gritted teeth without even attempting to change his angry expression.

Sasuke angered him even more after rolling his eyes and nonchalantly letting out his famous "Hn" and also, closing his eyes to show that he didn't care about anything Naruto said.

Now the rage was boiling in Naruto's veins and he couldn't take it anymore. "You don't deserve her, Sasuke! Not her, not her love, and not even any of her attention!" He practically yelled in his best friend's ear and turned to eat his meal, while jabbing the fork with too much force.

Sasuke was a bit surprised that his best friend called him by his name. 'He seems to be very serious about his words,' he thought while looking confused because of those exact words Naruto said. "What are you talking about? She doesn't love me," Sasuke said while trying to sound as cool as possible, but ended up showing the little disappointment he had in believing his own words that Sakura actually didn't love him. Either way, Sasuke ignored his feelings and thoughts he had concerning his ex-girlfriend, just as he always did.

Naruto noticed the little slip because after all, he's the one that knows Sasuke the best. This got him to stare in disbelief, but he decided to push away any reason for hope. "At the moment, I wish that were true, but, I'm not so sure. If she still does, I hope that she'll get over you and move on. She doesn't deserve to be treated like you treat her," Naruto spoke in a slightly calmer manner than before, but his brows were still furrowed. He didn't even expect an answer from Sasuke and he was right about it, again.

'She loves me? That sounds so… so… not likely. She said it before, but I always thought of it as a simple phrase. Did she really mean it? Does she still feel that way for me?' Sasuke was lost in thought and ignored everything and everyone within his close proximity.

Until he heard a familiar giggle that belong to a certain pink-haired beauty. He turned toward the source and saw her entering the lunchroom with some guy, and pretty handsome at that. In addition, the worst part was that she was smiling at him as a small pink blush dusted her cheeks and her three friends were nowhere to be seen. She was practically conversing with him with no one else around.

The victim of Sasuke's anger at the moment was the bottle of water in his hands. He didn't notice how much fury he felt and all the unpleasant thoughts running through his mind concerning the guy she was kissing at the moment. 'Wait a minute! What the hell? She kissed him on the cheek? What the hell is she thinking?' Sasuke was practically burning with jealousy. However, to make matters even worse, she smiled the sweet way she always used only for her precious people. 'WHAT? Did she really move on, just like Naruto had said? But, who is this asshole?' Sasuke didn't even notice that he used that particular word in reference for the guy. His brows were furrowed and his eyes were scorching with anger.

"Teme, you are literally smashing the bottle. What are you thinking?" Naruto asked snapping the angered teenager out of his thoughts and his wishes to destroy everything around, especially a particular someone; a very particular asshole that was now walking away from the smiling girl, with a huge grin plastered on his face.

'Laugh while you can! It won't be long!' Sasuke thought with a menacing glint in his eyes. Nevertheless, he managed to regain his composure and decided to answer the blond sitting right next to him. "I needed something to release tension, that's all," he nonchalantly said to Naruto.

"Oh, okay! Want to shoot some hoops later to release the steam?" Naruto asked understanding.

'Heh! I see why he's my best friend, he knows me too well,' Sasuke thought to himself with a smirk on his face. "Sure, my place," he said with his usual unemotional tone, but the smirk still there.

"Yeah, alright!" Naruto smiled broadly pumping a fist in the air, already excited and planning on winning.

At that moment, Sakura decided to show up with her three best friends standing right beside her. Sasuke noticed and rolled his eyes with an internal grunt 'Hmph, so now they are with her!' He thought paying attention to her every move through the corner of his eyes.

Sakura then took a seat across from Naruto with the girls following. Tenten sat right beside her boyfriend, Ino didn't hesitate in sitting in between Shikamaru and Sai, — after all she has to set in motion her plan in making a certain lazy bum to ask her out, and what better way than make him jealous right in front of his eyes, — which left Hinata standing and wondering where to sit.

"Hey, Hinata-chan, come sit here, I saved you a seat!" Naruto smiled at Hinata with his big smile and nodded for her to come and sit next to him. He was entirely mesmerized by the beauty of the pale-eyed girl that he completely missed the death glare directed at him coming from a certain Hyuga.

When she complied and sat next to Naruto all the while blushing different shades of red, he all so sweetly took her hand and placed a cookie in it. "Hinata-chan, I saved you one of your most favourite cookies!"

If it was possible, Hinata blushed a deeper red and her heart fluttered like a little bird in the sky. "Th-thank y-you, N-nar-uto-kun," she stuttered as she smiled sweetly at him and somehow managed to look in his eyes. The moment pale lavender eyes clashed with bright blue ones, they both felt like they lost the ground beneath their feet. They were so entranced in their little moment that they didn't notice their pink haired friend smile with pure happiness due to the exchange of emotions.

While that romantic event happened, other thoughts were occupying Sasuke's mind. He might have managed to look as stoic as ever, but on the inside he was burning. He was looking at Sakura through half lidded eyes and remembering every little detail of her face and how he felt when he touched or kissed her. She always acted so sweet and innocent when she spent time with him; he liked her for it.

However, now he was more focused on her beauty. 'She's just so beautiful! I can't even keep my eyes off of her. Off those rosy lips and her stunning smile and, her hair… her eyes… Oh. My. God. Those eyes are just the perfect colour and when she looks at me… that's it, she's not looking at me!' Now Sasuke was literally burning with mixed emotions. 'Please, look at me! Just once,' he had a longing look in his eyes, but just for a second, and luckily for him, no one noticed. 'Okay, now I'm totally loosing my mind!' he thought to himself while bringing out his trademark stoic look on his face.

Suddenly, Lee decided to show up and sit beside Sakura, right across from the stoic looking Sasuke. "My beautiful cherry blossom, your youthful beauty gives light to this whole place!" Lee spoke, while staring at her with pure love shining in his eyes.

"May I ask you who that guy you were talking with just now was? I have to know if I have a chance in winning your love, my youthful flower." He boldly took her hand and placed it on his chest where his heart was with his hand on top of hers.

"Um… Lee, may I have my hand back?" Sakura smiled awkwardly and took her hand away. "And, he was just a guy who asked me to sign a picture for his sister because she's a huge fan," she finished without batting an eyelash.

Sasuke grunted at her answer. "Yeah, right, and the kiss was for his sister, too?" Sasuke spoke with the sarcasm evident in his voice and without even looking at Sakura.

Sakura was gaping at him like a fish. 'Who does he think he is? He's not my boyfriend anymore, so what are these jealous displays all of a sudden! In addition, right after he acted like a total jerk toward me this morning! He's not even looking at me! The nerve,' continuing to fume in irritation she thought, 'Urgh, I hate him!' "If you have to know, the kiss was for him being very sweet to me!" she explained with a normal, sweet tone, not even looking at Sasuke during the process. She then started eating her food completely ignoring him.

Sasuke was left speechless 'She actually said he was sweet, and, she kissed him because of that! She would've never have done that last year. She's… so… different. Somehow more confident!' Sasuke was now staring at her in wonder and trying to anticipate every little movement and all the gestures she made in attempt to discover the new Sakura. However, he failed to do so. 'I guess she's still the same on the most part, but some parts of her personality.' After those thoughts Sasuke was trying to figure out how to get to know her better because he was curious as hell about her change. He was a bit edgy that she never even casted a glance at him, but refused to admit that to himself.

Never once during the lunch break, did Sakura look at him or even think about her fear on the possibility of having the next class with him, but, she was dying to look at him, to be allowed to stare at him. 'He's even more handsome than last year. I just want to look at him for at least a second… that would be enough for the whole day. Why is he doing this to me? He treats me like I'm some nobody and I still swoon over him. Urgh, I have to control myself!' after that thought, she started unimportant conversations with her friends in order to distract herself.

Everyone at the long table was eating or conversing. They were simply spending time as friends, just like every day during the break, until it was time to go to the next class.

Sakura started gathering her things and walked with her friends toward the exit of the lunchroom. She was acting normal and totally forgot about Sasuke, until every single one of her friends said 'see you later' and went in the opposite direction of her destination, except him. Her worst fear was brought to daylight in her mind. He was now practically walking right next to her, and she was feeling like she would die any second.

Panic, heat, tingles, flutters in her stomach… all this happened at once for Sakura. In addition, Sasuke wasn't in any better position himself. He felt more nervous than ever. 'Where did all the comfort in being with her alone go? Everything is pure tension now! I hate it! If I could just speak to her, or touch her…' he casted a sideways glance at her and noticed the same tension in her posture. 'So, she feels it too, and, the fact that we probably have the same class doesn't help at all.' He averted his gaze in front of him and noticed that they were nearing the classroom.

Sakura noticed this too and thought, a little relieved, 'Okay, I have to calm down. Having to spend the entire class with him in the same room is not such a big deal, as long as I sit as far away as possible.' She internally let out a sigh of relief at her cleverness. Her relief was short lived, because right when they were supposed to enter the classroom, they entered in the exact same time, which made them bump into each other. By reflex, they turned toward each other while still standing at the door in that small space. They were literally staring at each other with no expression whatsoever.

'I can feel his breath all over my face… oh, so sweet! If I could touch his face, it would be perfect!' Sakura thought while everything else she felt before was totally forgotten. Now the only thing she felt was him and everything about him, she was only aware of his presence so near her. His gorgeous body, his beautiful face only inches away from hers, his lips… she was staring at his lips with no shame at all, then his eyes. 'His eyes are so beautiful and deep, I feel like I could drown in them!' Sakura thought with a clouded mind.

At the same time…. 'She's so close to me! I can practically smell her scent… cherries… oh, she's so sweet in every meaning of the word! If I could possibly reach out and touch her hair or her smooth skin. I'm about to explode!' Sasuke felt tingles in his fingers and his being urging him to get closer, to touch her. His eyes were wandering over her body and especially lingered on a particular mesmerizing part on her face… her lips. 'She has wonderful lips and I remember the feeling it gives me when they moved together with mine… she's too perfect for words!' Then his eyes wandered a bit higher and clashed with her green pools. 'She's looking at me! She's actually looking at me or more like staring at me, which is exactly what I'm doing! I should look away, but I can't! I feel like I'm glued to her entrancing eyes! I feel like I'm drowning!' At that moment, he was leaning in closer and closer and to his utter surprise she was too. However, the school bell rang and they both snapped out of the trance they were pulled in. As quickly as possible, they were both already in the classroom and sitting as far away as possible from each other.

Sasuke was staring out the window and Sakura at the floor as both of them were contemplating about what had just happened. Their insides were burning and they could both feel the same tingles going through them. Although, the interesting part was that neither tried to deny anything.

When Kurenai-sensei entered the classroom, they were both trying very hard to pay attention to what she was saying, but to no avail.

Sakura was sitting and looking in front of her, but she was willing to scream at the top of her lungs because the feelings going through her at the moment were too overwhelming and making her mind spin.

Sasuke was doing completely the opposite. Instead of paying attention to his feelings, he let those feelings overwhelm him and the only thing on his mind was Sakura, who was all so perfectly in the range of his view and inviting him to do things he never ever did with Sakura. He was staring and drooling, feeling no shame at all from the dirty thoughts running through his mind.

"Class, we'll be doing a small activity today, but first I will have to divide you into groups of two and the partners assigned will stay partners for the rest of the year and work together on all the projects given," Kurenai-sensei spoke in a very professional manner. She then continued with announcing the groups and assigned their new seating arrangements.

However, the two entranced teenagers were only partially paying attention to her words, until… "...and, the last two are Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke." They both in an instant snapped their attention to what Kurenai-sensei had just said. "Please, sit at this table up front." She motioned to both to come and take a sit at the destined table. "Those will be your sitting arrangements till the end of the year, students!" she finished while taking a seat at her chair and writing something down.

Sasuke and Sakura were already walking to their table, but when she sat down on her chair, she looked at him and couldn't believe what he actually did. 'Oh. My. God. He smirked at me with that sexy smirk of his! I'm burning all over! He's so freaking hoooootttt!' Sakura thought while looking in the other direction and started to fan her face with her notebook.

Sasuke's smirk grew when he noticed her actions. 'So, she still has the same reactions like before, interesting, very interesting,' he thought, while still looking at her.

And then "Oh, and before I forget, Sakura, please bring another microscope from the storage room. We lack one and we need it for today's assignment. Your partner can help you," Kurenai said as they both froze. "Here, take the keys!" Kurenai motioned for Sakura to take the silvery items.

They were both exiting the classroom when Kurenai remembered something, "I have to warn you that the door gets automatically locked and there's no keyhole on the inside…" but she stopped talking when she noticed they were already out the door.

The tension was building between Sakura and Sasuke as they walked toward the storage room. They didn't dare utter a single word along the way.

After unlocking the door, Sakura entered the storage room and motioned for Sasuke to follow her. When both were inside she spotted the needed item on a small desk. "You can take that one." She motioned toward one of the microscopes and Sasuke started to pick it up when the door slammed shut. They both turned around and Sakura, immediately upon noticing the lack of a keyhole, started pushing the door handle in an attempt to open the door. She fumed in anger and started flapping her hands in the air while muttering incoherent things, "Stupid door, stupid assignment, stupid, stupid, Biology class!"

She then abruptly turned around to face Sasuke, only to be met with a very predator look in his eyes. He started walking towards her, never taking his eyes off of her. She backed away until her back hit the door, but he never stopped until he was standing right in front of her.

"Sa-Sa-suke-kun…?" she stuttered.

He brought his hand to touch her cheek. He caressed it very softly, enjoying every second of it, then glided his fingers along her jaw, traced her bottom lip at which Sakura shivered. Suddenly, he pressed his lips on hers.


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