Chapter 10: New Pokémon for Alex

Hi and welcome to chapter 10 of The Rebirth of Eric Cartman, and unlike the others it will be done only in Alex's POV. So everything that happens is in her eyes, and before we start, Alex can understand the language of Pokémon.

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It was a 1pm and I was sitting on the stands watching Craig and his Pokémon battle Alexis Uisce, the first Gym Leader in the American League. After an interesting battle against a Horsea, Spear the Spearow, won and learned a new attack. But the Spearow was then knocked out by a Poliwag, so it was now Nessy vs. the Poliwag. Something that the snake Pokémon wasn't very happy about, as I could hear the Poison type moaning about it.

I glanced at the clock and saw that Craig and Nessy had five minutes to knock out the Poliwag; Craig must have looked too, as he shouted "use Poison Tail, Nessy!" Nessy nodded before swinging her now glowing dagger tail at the Poliwag, knocking out the water Pokémon. The buzzer then sounded, meaning that Craig had won his match, "Well that went well" Token said, before standing up.

Clyde turned to him, "could you have done better?" he asked, as the three of us, went down the stairs. Token said nothing, but there was a small smile on his face.

Three hours later and Craig was still talking about his victory over the gym leader, when Token said "I would have captured a Magnemite at the power station, before battling the gym leader, myself". Craig turned to him, "Why didn't you say that before I fought her?" he snapped.

Token looked at him, "You wouldn't have listened to me" he said, before turning to go before a flash of light, revealed Silver. Craig said "I want a battle, here and now, Mr smarty-ass". Token sighed before releasing his Tyroque.

After watching this battle, between friends, I turned to Clyde, "Clyde, sweetie I'm going for a walk, just to clear my head," I said. Clyde frowned "Are you sure, it is getting dark soon". I laughed and said "I'll be fine, Clyde, remember I have my Pokémon with me".

Clyde nodded before turning back to the battle, where Token's Tyroque has jumping about, keeping away from Silver's attacks.

Shaking my head, I walked off with Akiza at my heels.

Not long in to my walk, I found myself in the Denver Botanic Gardens Park, observing all the different and beautiful blooms, when Akiza started to paw at my left leg. I frowned before looking down at her, "Something wrong?" I asked.

The Vaporeon nodded before turning and walking away, after looking behind me, I turned and followed her. She soon stopped at a red butterfly bush. It was then that I could smell the copper like scent of blood; I knelt down and saw it.

Lying under the bush was a small yellow and black lion cub, with a long black tail that ended in a gold four-point star. It forelegs had a darker yellow band on them; it had large oval ears with gold, star-like "fleur de lis" symbols on them. The poor things eyes are closed in pain, but it had a pink nose. It also had a small mane on the top and rear sides of her head, unlike Bebe's Shinx, this little one had four yellow feet, making it a female, but she was covered in cuts and was bleeding badly.

Without stopping to think, I pulled off my new jacket, before wrapping the badly injured Shinx and recalling Akiza, before turning and running towards the Pokémon Center.

I entered the Center and went to the help deck, where the Nurse Joy on duty turned to me, "Hello and welcome to the Denver Pokémon Center, how may I help you?" I placed the jacket wrapped injured Shinx on to the Counter before saying "I found this female Shinx injured in the park".

Nurse Joy gasped before frowning, "What happened to her", she asked. "I was walking through the park with my Vaporeon, when she started to act funny, so I followed her and found this little one.

The Nurse nodding before ringing a bell and three Pokémon – a Chansey, a Blissey and an Audino appeared, the Nurse turned to them and said, "This trainer has a badly injured Pokémon in her arms, remove it and take it into the Center".

The Blissey came up to me, and I lowered the Shinx, still wrapped in my jacket into her arms. The Blissey nodded before running inside, the other two following her. "The Shinx, will be fine, you may wait for her" Nurse Joy said before turning and following the Pokémon.

I sighed before turning to the seats, when I heard a male voice call out "Alex". I looked up and saw Clyde running towards me, "What happened, I saw you running in here, is one of your Pokémon injured?"

"No my Pokémon, are fine, but I found a blood-covered Shinx in the park", I said before remembering that my Pokémon Egg was showing some signs of hatching. I pulled the egg out, and the top half was glowing, before suddenly of shell fell off to reveal a strange looking Pokémon, it was a small, yellow coloured Pokémon with a round body that was still in eggshell, the egg part has red and blue rings on it. Its head had five spikes, with stubby hands and small round feet. I heard, Clyde's Pokedex say that this cute little Pokémon was called a Togepi.

Three hours later and Nurse Joy came up from behind us, by then Craig and Token had finished their friendly battle, she stood there watching Clyde play with the newly hatched Pokémon before she turned to me.

"The Shinx is very lucky, that you found her when, you did, any longer and she would have bled out, she is now in the Recovery".

I looked at the older woman and said "Thank you, I was wondering if I could spend a night in the room with her". The older woman blinked in surprise before saying, "If course you can, she would very much like to meet the young human that saved her life".

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