Let me heal your broken heart

Summary: What if Ran gives up on Scinichi and date someone else? What will happen to Conan? Will Haibara confess to him and give him a brand new start? Or will it stay the same?

Note: Detective Conan belong to Goshi Aoyoma, it does not belong to me. I am just burrowing the characters.

"The school is as normal as it is." Conan sighed and continued walking back home. Just then, Ayumi, Genta, Mitchisuko along with Haibara ran up to him and started greeting him.

"Hey Conan!" Ayumi greeted him in a such a sweet voice, "Do you have any plans next week?"

Conan looked up and meet the eyes of the ten-year-old girl and replied, "Well, nothing much actually, why?"

"I was wondering whether you could , erm, well, next week is Valentine's Day and I was actually wondering if we could go somewhere special that day." Ayumi smiled at the shrunken detective and blushed when she said that. Meanwhile, the two words "Valentine's Day" made Genta and Mitchisuko narrowed their eyes at Conan.

"Wait! Next week is Valentine's Day? I totaly forgot!" Conan was shocked and now nervously trying to think of ways to ask Ran out. "Well, Conan?" his thoughts were cut by Ayumi, waiting for an answer as well as hoping for a "Yes".

"Erm, I'll give you a call Ayumi!" Conan yelled as they parted ways and now he is with Haibara alone. "I guess that the modern Sherlock Holmes is stupid enough not to remember the Valentines." Haibara broke the silence with a sarcastic remark with a smirk on her poker face. "I also bet that you want to ask your damsel-in-distress out right?" she continued.

Conan is just tired of her sarcastic remarks and her cold attetude and to him, it is so annoying. "Then,who the hell do you think who created this whole mess, making Ran a damsel-in-distress and now being so sarcastic towards me? Who do you think was the ingrattitude poker-faced scientist who created the damned drug, destroying someone's life and that someone is saved from the Black Organisation not even hearing Scinichi a kind smile and a simple "thank you"? "Conan replied to her sarcastic remarked, much more to his annoyance.

However, those words seemed not to reach Haibara and kept her poker-faced with pride. "Damn it" Conan muttered, "Anyways, I have to go home now okay?" his eyes then softened. "Yeah, yeah, whatsoever." Haibara pretended or just did not care at all.

"Ring! Ring!" Conan's phone rang. He picked it up and saw Ran Mouri was the one calling. He used his bowtie and answered the call.

"Moshi, Moshi" he answered in Shinichi's voice. Instead of hearing Ran's whiny voice, her voice was sad, nope, more like depressed. Despite that Ran's voice could only heard by the phone, Conan could hear her crying. "Shinichi? I have to tell you something and I'm only going to say this once, alright?" her voice were soft but she continued, "I'm tired of waiting for you, look, don't even try to get me back. Araide-sensei asked me out on a date next week, and I said yes." she hesitated for a moment but again, continued, " Please, I do not want to hurt your feelings but I am just so tired waiting for you, so I just agreed on going out with Araide. I believe that it is a new start to heal my heart."

"No! You can't! Just wait for a little while please? I love you..." Conan or rather Shinichi tried convincing her to change her mind. "If you really love me, you would let me go. Please? I know that you will find someone better than me and you will be happy and I will part ways and marry someone else. Even though we have different lives, we would be content and happy. Then one day, if everything is okay, we could still be friends. Farewell forever, Shinichi"

Her plead seemed to make him agree with her. "Alright, I'll let you go. Goodbye Ran." he reluctantly told her through the phone and a single tear appeared on his face. "Bye Shinichi" Her voice faded, and with that they ended the conversation.

Conan's eyes were sad, he ignored Haibara's prescence and just walk slowly. "I'm so sorry, Kudo-kun, I really am. If it was not for me, both of you would not be in this state right now." Haibara tried comforting him to show her sympathy towards him but his eyes were still depressed that proved that her efforts were futile. His sad face made her worried. Inspite that she had loved him and always have hatred and jealousy towards Ran, she is worried about his feelings.

To show more of her sympathy and concern, she embraced him and placed a chasty kiss on his cheek. Conan was shock but he knew that she was just trying to show her concern. With that he responded by wraping his arms around her and both embraced and they just stayed like that for a few minutes....

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