Ryoma lifted his head from the toilet bowl and slumped against the wall.

It was yet another morning of emptying his stomach's contents into the white porcelain bowl. He was tired from the lack of sleep, and it didn't help that he couldn't even as much as looking at something edible without running to the bathroom.

"God, I'm pathetic."

Ryoma flushed what had been his dinner down the drain and slowly stood up. He got to the sink and went on with his usual morning routine.


Tezuka had already finished his breakfast and was reading a newspaper. He raised his eyes from the newspaper and looked at his worn out boyfriend.

"How are you feeling?"

"Everything but fine."

Ryoma sat down and looked at the food, disgusted. He started to ask Tezuka something but changed his mind. Tezuka didn't exactly care about him. Ryoma stared out of the small window, thinking about his relationship with Tezuka.

He was the one that confessed to Tezuka the day he graduated. Two years had passed since that day. He was now nineteen, while Tezuka was twenty-one.

Their friends knew that they were dating, but Tezuka never showed any attachment to him. They never held hands, never kissed, never used first names, and never showed their feelings.

He had never once heard Tezuka say "I love you" or even "I like you too."

It hurt.

It was as if Tezuka was dating him out of pity.

"I think I'll go see the doctor today. The vomiting is getting worse."

Tezuka didn't spare him a glance and grunted, "Sure."


Two hours later at Fuji's apartment

"Mitsu, shouldn't you be with your boyfriend right now? I heard he was sick," Fuji asked, leaning against the wall in his living room.

Tezuka had just arrived and asked if he could spend the rest of the day at Fuji's.

"Who would have thought that theTezuka Kunimitsu would cheat on his boyfriend?" Fuji mused.

Tezuka had feelings for the younger boy, but they weren't ones of love. It was more like a slight interest. They somehow stayed together for two whole years. It was a bit painful to watch.

There was no passion, no attraction, only a relationship based on pity.

"He went to the hospital for a check-up. Besides, I wanted to see you." Tezuka's stoic mask didn't change, but Fuji felt the intensity and lust in his voice.

He felt sorry for Ryoma somewhere deep, deep inside his heart. But what he didn't know couldn't hurt him. Right?

Seeing the change in Fuji's ever-present smile, Tezuka got off the couch. He placed his hands against the wall, Fuji's head between them. He leaned closer to Fuji's face, and when he was close enough, Fuji moved and sealed their lips together.

He wrapped his hands around Tezuka's neck and deepened the kiss. Their tongues moved in a rhythm that was well-known to both of them. When they finally broke the kiss, Fuji was panting slightly and had opened his eyes. The ocean-blue eyes were clouded with lust, challenging Tezuka to continue.

"Ne, Mitsu, shall we do it here or move somewhere else?" he asked in a seductive voice and licked his lips. Fuji's fingers were already unbuttoning the light blue, button-up shirt Tezuka was wearing and moving his leg up to stroke Tezuka's groin.

The action earned a low hiss from Tezuka's mouth.

"I think we will stay here for today," he finally said, kissing Fuji again to shut him up and prevent any other comments coming from the tensai's mouth.


At the Hospital

Ryoma was sitting across the white doors that led to Dr. Hayashi, waiting for his name to be called.

He was nervous. He hated hospitals and tried to avoid them at all costs. Whenever he went to one, the doctors always brought bad news. Like when they told him old man that he had heart disease.

He recovered, but that wasn't the point.

The white corridors and that smell that could only be found in hospitals made him feel uneasy. Just sitting there, he could already see himself dressed in the white hospital clothing and downing pill after pill.

Ryoma shook his head. "I'm strong, the strongest! I have to be better than this!"

As he was beginning to calm, a nurse dressed in the light pink nurse's uniform came to him, saying, "Echizen-san, The doctor will see you now," and then she turned around and left him alone.

Ryoma took a deep breath and stood up. He slowly crossed the hallway and knocked on the doors in front of him. He heard a muffled "Come in" and opened the doors.

Hayashi-sensei's office was in the same color of white as the corridor he had come from. There were different folders, documents, and prescriptions on the table and shelves. The examination bed was set against the wall to his right. There was a light breeze coming from the window.

Hayashi looked up from a piece of paper and pointed at the chair in front of him. Ryoma sat on it and the Hayashi stared to speak. "Now then Echizen-san. Can you please tell me why are you here?"


The tests that Hayashi did on Ryoma revealed that he's carrying a baby. The news shocked him so much, that he had to lie down for moment before the doctor could continue talking to him.

Hayashi gave Ryoma medicine for the nausea and wrote down everything he should and shouldn't be doing. By the time Ryoma left the hospital, he had somehow accepted the fact that he, a male, would be having a baby.

But there was another thing that worried him, what would Tezuka's reaction be when he told him?


Well, this is the long story version of the one-shot I made for the Royal Pair. I promised that I would write it someday, so here it is!

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