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Ryoma closed his eyes, already imagining the pain that will soon come down on him. But right now, he just wanted to protect his unborn child. There was a screech again and Ryoma was already ready for the worst that were to happen. Only it didn't.

Slowly, almost frighteningly, the pregnant man opened his eyes and looked where Sakuno was supposed to be… Only to find the brown-haired woman being kept in place by his husband. Keigo's blue eyes burned with such hatred that Sakuno's whole body shook from fear; her eyes big and widened, looked up at the man that was holding her down.

"No one," Keigo hissed down at her, "is allowed to harm Ryoma."

The woman tried to twist and turn to get out of Keigo's grasp, but all her tries were futile. She screamed in frustration and then glared at the man holding her down. "He's mine! He's mine, he's mine, HE'S MINE!"

To Ryoma it looked as if Keigo was barely holding himself back from hitting the woman. But the man didn't, he merely leaned a tad bit closer to Sakuno's face and then quietly said: "Ryoma belongs to no one, he is not a thing." With that he allowed his men to secure the brown-haired woman and take her away.

Ryoma stood up straight, his legs still shaking a bit and the right hand clutching the shirt he was wearing. He opened his mouth to say something, but no sound came out, only the feeling of dizziness came over him. The world swayed and blurred before his eyes, until it became pitch black. Though, Ryoma never felt the pain of a fall.

Instead, he felt the warmth and softness around his shoulders that kept him close to a moving chest. He opened his eyes a bit; the world wasn't as blurry as it was a second before.

"You scared me, Ryoma. Don't ever do that again." Keigo tightened his hold around the man he loved, "If anything were to happen to you… Both of you, I don't know what I will do." It was barely a whisper, the last part, but Ryoma heard it anyway.

The dark green-haired man smiled to himself and leaned into Keigo's embrace. He had wanted to be in these arms so much, it had been hard to not just break down at one point. But now he was all right. He was back with his spouse, safe again. And he will be able to see Akira and his family again. He will finally be able to hold his child.

He'll be going home at last.


The one being talked to weakened his hold on Ryoma enough for him to turn around in Keigo's lap and face him. They stared at each other, Keigo slowly placing his palms on the sides of Ryoma's face, gently tracing the places where Sakuno had scratched Ryoma with his fingertips. The feeling of guilt and shame that he had allowed for something like this to actually happen slowly took over him. But then Ryoma's warm hands were placed on Keigo's own and those golden eyes gleamed in warm love, happiness.

Everything seemed so unimportant suddenly. The screaming Sakuno in the background, all the previous worries and fear, all the tears had been left unshed, everything suddenly lost its meaning with that one look that Ryoma gave Keigo.

Keigo allowed his forehead to lightly touch Ryoma's, hands still gently holding the younger's face. He then smiled, the smile being mirrored by a small one from Ryoma, and then they kissed. A light, soft kiss that spoke of things that couldn't be said with words. It was a simple kiss, like the ones from all the cliché romantic movies where the couples kissed in the rain – slowly, lovingly, with the feelings washing over them. This was one of those kisses.

"I like you so much it hurts Or rather, I love you so much it hurts."

"Malnutrition, a little underweight, clearly you haven't gotten enough sleep and all those scratches… Atobe-kun, just what has happened to you? You, of all people, should know that right now is not the time for you to forget about your health condition and the right nutrition. You're pregnant for God's sake!" Hayashi sighed as he dropped the bunch of papers on his desk – Ryoma's test results.

It was still late night, already going into the morning when Keigo had requested the doctor to be present and ready to check up on Ryoma. After all, the director could request it, anytime and anyplace. On the way there the rich man had made sure that Ryoma eats at least something edible and had had some clear water to drink, as well as given a clean change of clothes, albeit they were Keigo's clothes that had been lying around in the car for a while now.

It took them an hour to get to the hospital. Keigo never let go of Ryoma's hand during the ride, his fingers lightly brushing over the upper part of his spouse's palm, as if calming himself and the other down. Ryoma just laid his head on Keigo's shoulder, sleep slowly creeping over him.

"It wasn't his fault. There were some.. Problems…" The purple-haired man placed both his hands on the shorter male's shoulders, Ryoma looking up at him from where he sat, "It was my fault that it has come to this, so…" he stopped, the words he was about to say just disappeared from his head.

Ryoma shook his head a little, "Is everything alright, with me and… the little one? Even with all of that?" he had been worried about his little one that was still growing inside of him. The stress and the bad food that he was forced to eat; it might have affected his child in some way.

Hayashi sighed again and swirled in his chair, so that he was now facing his desk, not the two males. "The fetus is all right, the reserve fat that you had gained before the period of fasting replaced the nutrition that you didn't receive with the food. But instead, you lost weight, which is not good." The doctor scribbled something on a piece of paper and yawned, "Drink vitamins and eat these things," he handed the paper to Ryoma, "After a week come to meet me again for a checkup. And this time, not at 3 in the morning. Got it?"

Ryoma nodded and got up, Keigo supporting him from the behind by holding Ryoma's shoulders, and then looked at Hayashi again. "Thank you." His voice was quiet, hardly over a whisper.

The doctor simply sighed and took off his glasses, carelessly throwing them on top of all his documents that were scattered over the desk he was sitting at. "You two will be the death of me, especially Atobe-san. Now go home and sleep, both of you. Enough with the night-time fun." But he chuckled at the end, showing that he was only half serious about the whole thing.

"We will, thank you, Hayashi." Keigo was already steering his hubby out of the office. "I will give you a call if anything happens." Keigo held Ryoma's shoulders a bit tighter since the man was starting to nod-off while walking.

It was about eight in the morning, five hours after the doctor's check-up, give or take a few minutes, when the phone in the Fuji-Tezuka apartment rang. It was the smallest of the two that lived in the apartment that walked out of the small kitchen with a morning cup of coffee in hand and picked up the noisy device.

"Yes?" Fuji asked, his gaze going up to take a quick look on the clock that was hanging above the phone.

"Fuji? I caught you while you're still at home, good. I have news for you, about Ryoma." Keigo's voice came from the device in Fuji's hands. He was calm, sounded slightly tired and relieves, oh so relieved. "Just like you asked."

Fuji was about to take a sip from his coffee, but changed his mind after the first words that Keigo had spoken out. He placed the steaming mug on the small table that was already holding the telephone and dumbly asked: "What?" after a quick replay of his friends words and the way he had spoken them in his head, Fuji smiled to himself, "You found him, Echizen that is."

"Aaah." There was affirmation from Keigo's end of the line, "He's sleeping next to right now. It's like the world suddenly became a better place." There was a quiet laugh, Fuji barely caught it.

"Good for you, Atobe. Did Aki-chan got to see his mommy, or there will be a joyous get together later today?" Fuji leaned against the wall, shaking his head a little when he noticed Tezuka's questioning look from the kitchen.

There was shuffling on the other end, "That brat woke up the second we got past the threshold. It's like he has some kind of radar for Ryoma." A quiet laugh again, "Akira laughed and smiled like the happiest child alive, but Ryoma started to cry. I barely got them to the bed." Keigo sounded relieved again.

Fuji chuckled a bit, his left hand wrapping around the cup of coffee, "What about her?" he was serious now, although it may seem otherwise. Tezuka, for one, quickly disappeared back into the kitchen.

"Secured and taken to the mad house, where she will stay for a long, long time. I will make sure of it personally." There wasn't even as much as a moment's hesitation in Keigo's answer. Those that dared to do something to those dear to him paid the price of doing so. Some disappeared from the face of the earth; some spent their last days in the white, padded room.

"And people say that I can get frightening. Surely, they haven't meat you, my friend." Fuji sipped the black drink, humming in delight to himself, "I wouldn't want to become your enemy. Truly."

Keigo laughed again, "Yes, well… Ah, can you do me a favor, Fuji?" he didn't wait for a 'yes' or 'no', but continued anyway, "Call Ryuuzaki-san, your ex-coach, and tell her that Ryoma is safe now, I don't think I want to talk to her right now."

"But of course I will. You will owe me one though." Fuji lightly chuckled to himself and sipped his coffee again. "Anyone else that I should call, while I am at it?"

"No, just her. And don't worry, I won't forget about owing you." There was a small sigh and Keigo continued, "Well then, I really wish to sleep some more, so for the time being that will be all. Thank you for your help, Fuji."

The fair-haired man stood up straight again, "No problem, Atobe. Say hi to Echizen from me." He hung up, not really caring whether Keigo would have answered or not.

"You look happy." Tezuka commented when Fuji returned back to kitchen, smiling brightly. "Atobe called?" in the bespectacled man's humble opinion, sometimes it was better not to know why his other half was in such a good mood. It might not end well.

"Mhm, Ryoma was saved and is now back next to Atobe, while Sakuno was sent to a white padded room. You know, I think that now those two will be inseparable, and that will be a good thing." The fair-haired placed his cup on the kitchen table, "I am somewhat jealous of them, such love and trust… I could never be able to trust someone like that."

Tezuka could only watch as Fuji's happy look slowly slipped away, leaving only dark feelings behind. He got up and cupped the fair-haired man's face in his palms, lifted it up and forced those blue eyes look into his hazel brown ones. "Just because you can't do it now doesn't mean that you will never can. It takes time, and I am ready to wait for as long as you need."

"You can be such a poet when you wish to be, Mitsu." Fuji smiled and kissed his lover on the nose, "You should let this side of yours show more often."

Ryoma woke up in the warm, soft bed. He lazily blinked his eyes open, taking in the blurry surrounding of the fully decorated room that he was in. At first, the horrible thought of him still being locked up in that stuffy apartment together with Sakuno shot through Ryoma's whole body. He jumped straight up in the bed, his breath coming out in short puffs. Then, when he took a closer look around himself, taking in the big bed he was on and the decorations that the room was full of Ryoma calmed down.

He was home.

"Ah, you're up. I was starting to think of waking you up." Keigo's voice pulled Ryoma out of his own little world that he had gotten into. "Good morning my princess." The man did a half-smile.

Ryoma wanted to pout, but didn't do it. It would seem childish if he did that. "Not a princess. But good morning." He sighed and fell back into the feathery mattress. "I think I will be haunted by that room for a long, long time." He murmured to himself.

"Even if that happens, I will always be next to you, making sure that you forget about it soon. Akira will help too." Keigo had come to stand right next to the bed, he was sitting down on it now, "Don't worry, I won't let you go back there, or any other place where I can't reach you." There was a cocksure smirk playing on his lips now. He will do anything to keep his love safe, even use his underworld power.

"Conceited monkey man." Was Ryoma's answer. There was a small 'hmph' from Keigo that made the golden-eyed man quietly chuckle to himself before rolling closer to his hubby, only to poke him in the back. "Love you."

Ryoma's fingers were caught by Keigo's warm ones, as the older turned to face him, "Love you too." He leaned closer to Ryoma to plant a small kiss on the forehead. "When were you going to tell me about the addition to our happy, little family, ahn?"

"Shut up." Ryoma mumbled and hid his face in the blankets. "I'm going to check up on Akira." He quickly muttered and was out of the bed and walking to the room where his baby boy was sleeping peacefully.

Keigo could only look at the retreating back and the red ears of his significant other and laugh. Really, Ryoma never stopped being so cute. If this was his ultimate happiness then, Keigo though as he got up to follow Ryoma, he wished for this to never end.

Ugh, time skip about eight months and something weeks later. Because I am a lazy ass. Yes. :D

"Mammmma! Want mamma!" Akira's persistent whining never stopped as he continued to pull on Keigo's shirt. This had been going on for a half an hour now, since the moment Ryoma was taken to the surgery room for a c-section. "WANT!" one of the five words that the boy had learned was now being overused a little.

Keigo got a better hold of the child, glancing at those doors to the surgery room worriedly, "Shh, mommy has to make sure your little sisters get here safely." He places a lock of black hair behind the child's ear. "Wait a little, ok?"

The pout that settles on Akira's lips was one of those cute things that he had learned to do in order to get things that he wanted. All the personnel working in Atobe mansion and grandparents, as well as friends, were informed not to fall on all the pouts and puppy-dog faces that the little brat made. But Ryoma still spoiled the kid as much as he could without Keigo knowing.

Not that Keigo didn't know about it anyways.

So now, Akira was throwing a fit, demanding for his mommy (Ryoma wasn't happy about being called mommy).

Keigo sighed and got up yet again, starting to pace around the small hallway, waiting for Hayashi to show up and declare that he can see Ryoma and his daughters now. He had heard about the horrible waiting process from a lot of people, but to think that it was this horrid… he sighed again.

Finally, a small squeaking sound and Hayashi showed up from those double-doors, looking quite pleased and smiling a broad smile. "Atobe-san, congratulations, you have two healthy daughters. Atobe-kun is already waiting for you." The doctor clapped on Keigo's shoulder and walked away.

"Thank you, Hayashi." The new daddy thanked the doctor and went to the ward where his hubby was placed in.

It was a private ward, just like before, only this time the bed was wider and softer. Keigo had made sure of that. When he opened the door to the aforementioned room he saw Ryoma, still a bit sleepy from the drugs, looking at the two small, red little ones in the cribs next to his bed. The soft look in his eyes Keigo had seen only once before, when Akira had come into this world.

"Hey." The purple-haired man greeted, letting Akira down and walking over to Ryoma, who in turn, turned his golden eyes at him.

A tired smile found itself on Ryoma's lip. "Hey you two."

Keigo hugged the smiling man, running his fingers though the green tinted locks, smiling a small smile of his own. "Akira is misusing the words 'mom' and 'want'. You spoil him too much." he muttered against the soft hair of his spouse.

"Oh shut up." Ryoma tiredly answered, reaching his hand to Akira, who was curiously watching the cribs, at the same time reaching towards his mommy. "I bet it will hurt when the drugs wear off. I get a bed regime too."

"But of course. C-sections are never the prettiest thing. It won't leave a scar though, don't worry." Keigo merely answered, "It's a good thing we came here yesterday." He added a bit later, as if it had to be said.

Keigo waited for a moment, watching how Ryoma answered to Akira's 'was is?' and 'up, up's. He waited a little and the asked, "Una and Hime? Like we agreed, right?" he released Ryoma and picked up Akira, who had started to try on climb up the cribs to see what was inside.

Ryoma leaned his head against Keigo's shoulder. "Mhhmmm…" he lazily sighed, closing his eyes. After a moment he quietly said: "You have made me the happiest person alive, you now that?"

There was a quiet chuckle, "I told you that I would make you happy."

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