Author's Note: This was inspired by a conversation with a friend where we discussed the overuse of "I love you" in fic, and other ways love can be shown.

She doesn't have to hear him say the words; she knows how he feels about her by his actions.

Finding an artificial bouquet of yellow and pink daisies - she thought they were real, for a fleeting moment, before looking closer - laying across her desk calendar in the morning brightens her day.

He hands her a fresh cup of coffee, and she's not sure if it's the smile accompanying it or the smell of high-quality coffee beans that causes her stomach to flutter.

At lunch, she finds a small container of chocolate cake, from the little cafe she likes so well, tucked in beside her sandwich and apple slices. She flashes him a small smile of contentment as she opens the container carefully and savors a slice of chocolate heaven, away from the hectic craziness of high school guidance counseling.

After a particularly stressful counseling appointment with an unruly senior, she opens her desk drawer and finds an antique brooch in the shape of a kitten perched on top of her papers. She's taken aback for a moment, before she remembers window shopping with Will the weekend before and spotting it in an antique store's window display. "Thinking of you," the note next to it says.

She muses to herself, as she puts on the brooch, that Will has a way of slipping in and brightening things, at least when it comes to her.

Not that she minds.

There are the times when they're carefully cleaning every possible inch of her countertops on a sunny Saturday afternoon. She knows that he'd probably rather be outside, or at the very least cuddling on her couch, but instead, they're scrubbing away at invisible specks of dirt. And then he looks over at her, places one latex-covered hand on top of hers, and smiles at her.

She knows that he loves her, and she loves him. They don't have to say it out loud to mean it inside.

After all, actions speak louder than words.