*Air Hostess* flight 593 will be arriving at JFK in approximately 10 minutes, all passengers are asked to take to their seats as we prepare for landing, the Captain and Crew would like to take this opportunity to thank all passengers for flying with American Airlines.

Peyton tenderly kisses the child in her lap's head as she nervously looks out at the Manhattan skyline

'How I hate flying' Peyton mumbled securing her belt

Peyton had reason to be nervous, this was the first time in 18 months since she had been in New York, Peyton had left the city when she found out, deep down she knew it was a mistake but she didn't want to cause any hassle for him, not when his job was really important in protecting a lot of people, looking at the child in her arms, she smiled softly, Peyton knew she had to return to introduce her son to his daddy.

Carefully pulling the belt over herself and the toddler, Peyton watched as the plane began to descend in to the bright lights off Manhattan.

Peyton thought to the last time she had seen him, how she had stupidly ended their relationship in a letter, maybe if she had been more open at the start, she wouldn't of needed to run back to London, it had killed her to do so as she loved him so much., The plane landed smoothly, Peyton and 150 other passengers waited for the signal to say they were able to leave the aircraft.

The aircraft doors opened and the plane was connected with the stairs to allow the passengers to exit, Peyton placed Daniel, her son in his carrier and exited the plane.

As she walked through arrivals and collected her case, she searched the airport for a familiar face, smiling as she spotted it and waved making her way towards it, pulling her friend in to a tight cuddle, Peyton smiled

'Thank god you're here Sheldon, I am so nervous' Peyton admitted, smiling down at Daniel, Peyton looked at Sheldon, 'This is Daniel, your godson'

Sheldon smiled and cooed over Daniel, 'He is Mac's double Pey'

Peyton smiled 'I know, that's why I knew I had to tell him now, I can't have Daniel not knowing who his dad is, its unfair, besides Mac is a fantastic guy, I just hope he acknowledges he has a son, after leaving him as I did, I would understand if he turned his back on me, but not Daniel.

Sheldon pulled Peyton in to a cuddle, 'He won't turn his back on neither of you, he has been like a bear with a sore head since you left, he will be delighted to see you and yes admittedly shocked when he finds out he has a son, but he'll cope, he is a toughie is Mac, as are you and Daniel.

Peyton nods slowly, I hope so Sheldon, I really do, more for Daniel's sake than mine,

Peyton thought to herself, as much my sake, I still love him, always have, always willSheldon and Peyton walked towards the exit of the airport, Peyton gave a sideways glance to Sheldon thinking before she spoke, 'I thought so many times about phoning him, but each time I picked up the phone I froze, that's when I realised that this was something that HAD to be done face to face, rather than letter or phone call'

Sheldon smiled 'Your doing the right thing Peyton, just remember I will be with you every step off the way'

Sheldon opens his car, loading Peyton's case in to the boot, Peyton places Daniel in to the car seat in the back of Sheldon's car.

'So what has been happening since I left huh?' Peyton smiled, 'Did you ever go out with that rookie you had your eye on, you two did make a nice couple, just who ever you do settle down with in life don't mess it up like I did with Mac' Peyton added softly, looking down at her hands, which she wrung nervously, turning to look at Daniel, Peyton smiled softly, tears filling her eyes. 'He is all I have left, as well as the memories'

Sheldon smiled sympathetically, 'It is far from over Pey, in fact it is only just beginning, before we go back to mine, I thought we would go see Lindsay, I bet you didn't know that she is married to Messer' Sheldon pulled a face, 'I really don't know what she sees in Messer' Sheldon laughed, jokingly '

Peyton smiled politely, 'I didn't know that, things have been hectic since Daniel arrived, I missed hearing how you all were doing'

Sheldon pulled out of the Airport's car park and headed down the interstate, heading in to the bustling Manhattan city that was awash with lights and sounds, proving New York was in fact the city that never watched as the lights grew brighter, the noises got louder and she rested her head against the cool glass of the car's window somewhat comforted by it's coolness against her forehead, her thoughts travelled to what she was going to say when she saw Mac and how she would bring the fact up he was a father, to a child he had never even met, her mind went in to over drive as she thought out the worse case scenarios along with the good ones, her mind was focused more on the worst case scenario, after what she had done, who could blame him?, Peyton sighed silently as she closed her eyes, tired after the flight and worrying over everything that was yet to come her way.

Peyton must have dozed off, as the next thing she felt was Sheldon shaking her arm lightly, 'Pey! Wake up, we're here, we are at my place, Lindsay has a surprise to show you as well as the one you have for her' Sheldon grinned, knowing what the surprise was.

Peyton opened her eyes slowly, taking in her new surroundings, 'Where are we' Peyton mumbled, temporary forgetting she was in New York, the realisation hit her like a ton of bricks, 'oh it doesn't matter I remember now' Peyton took her belt off, got out of the car and took Daniel out holding him in her arms, walking up the immaculate path to the door.

The door opened, Lindsay Messer answered with a wide smile on her face, 'Peyton, it is so good to see you again' Lindsay looked at Daniel 'This must be Daniel, he isn't half Mac's double poor thing' Lindsay joked 'I am so sorry where are my manners come in, come in' Lindsay took Peyton's arm, leading her in to her house.'Danny is at work just now, it's just Lucy and I' Lindsay smiled.'Lucy'? Peyton frowned, 'Who is Lucy'Lindsay smiled, 'Lucy is my Daughter, mine and Danny's'Peyton gasped 'I had no idea, where is she? Can I…..can I see her?'Lindsay nodded, 'Take a seat, I'll bring her through, we need to update you on what's been happening in the city'Lindsay disappeared to fetch Lucy, leaving Sheldon, Peyton and Daniel in the lounge.

Peyton smiled softly as Lindsay walked back in carrying placed Lucy on the ground 'This is Lucy'Peyton cooed, 'She looks like Danny what a boomer' Peyton joked, Lindsay groaned 'That's one word that had better not be her first, anything but that'Lindsay looked at Peyton, 'Have you thought about what your going to wear when you see him? Have you planned what your going to say?'Peyton shook her head no, 'each time I try, I freeze, I feel sick, I….I help me?' Peyton looked at Lindsay 'she can help you, by the time she has finished with you, you will look like a million dollars eh….pounds'Peyton smiled nervously, 'Thanks guys, I owe you both I really, really do' Peyton stood up, looking towards Sheldon and Lindsay, 'O..K, where do you want to start'Peyton caught sight of herself in a mirror Peyton sighed 'I look a state, he'll never look at me twice' placing her hands on her stomach, Peyton pulled a face at imaginary fat, 'ugh I am huge!' Lindsay and Sheldon laughed gently at Peyton's panic stricken faceLindsay frowned, thinking, 'well we will start with your hair, straighten it, then I can organise your clothing, and I will both take care of your make up'Peyton nodded nervously, tears filling her eyes, 'I really dunno if I can do this, I just don't see him being overjoyed to see me'.Lindsay wrapped an arm round Peyton's shoulders 'Aww sweetie, of course he will, he'll be over the moon to see you trust me'Peyton nodded ' I hope so, I really do, it took me to leave to realise how much I love him and how I want to be with him, he and Daniel are all the family I have left now in the world

Sheldon and Lindsay looked at each other and darted to get what they needed, Lindsay put on the stereo adding a sense of calmness to the atmosphere, Peyton timidly followed to where Lindsay pointed and sat down. Lindsay left the room and rushed back with her straighteners and a variety of hairbrushes to try out different styles, Peyton sat staring in to space, Lindsay noticed how sad Peyton was and smirked cheekily to herself.'So…..how is he in bed' Sheldon spluttered on the coffee he was drinking 'eww, Lindsayyyyy, I really don't want to know about my boss's sex life' Peyton blushed deep red as she locked her eyes firmly on the ground.

Lindsay grinned cockily, turning to face Sheldon, 'Let's talk about you and that rookie then' Sheldon turned crimson as he gasped and busied himself in to playing peekaboo Lucy and turned her face up, looking at Lindsay, 'Well how's Danny?' Peyton smirked'

Lindsay smirked 'Hey…I asked YOU first' Lindsay chuckledPeyton chuckled 'Sharing's caring' Peyton drifted off in to a past memory, smiling softly, she bit her lip in memory.

Lindsay blushed

'Ohh Danny's a real tiger in bed Lindsay chuckled going more red Let's just say he loves teasing me but ain't fond of me teasing him. Peyton giggled softly as she fiddled with her hair 'What's your big plans for me then'

Lindsay frowned deep in thought 'Ok first of all we're gonna wash your hair cos it sits better when you straighten it when its wet, and its easier to apply the straightening crème and hairspray after'Peyton nodded and headed to the bathroom to wash her hair.

While Peyton was gone Sheldon and Lindsay had a chat, and decided there and then they would set up a meeting with Mac, without telling him entered the room fifteen minutes later with a towel wrapped around her hair,

'Right that's the hair washed now what?'

Lindsay smiled and said in a real posh voice 'Now my dear we sit you down and work my magic' Lindsay laughedPeyton sat down where Lindsay pointed to and let her get to work, Lindsay ran the comb through Peyton's hair whilst waiting on the straighteners to heat up, Lindsay smiled and started chatting away to her, knowing that after tonight, neither Peyton or Mac's life would be the same again, Peyton watched her hair transform in to a glossy straight style.'Wow' Peyton muttered, impressed by what she saw before her 'Linds you are a genius' Lindsay smiled as she surveyed her work, 'Not bad, not bad at all'Peyton looked at Sheldon 'What you think?'Sheldon smiled 'Wow Peyton, you look fantastic, If you were not planning on dating Mac, I would ask you out interrupted 'Now for your outfit, I was thinking a dark blue dress?'Peyton nodded 'Ok, I will go try it on' Peyton disappeared upstairs to try on the dress, twenty minutes later, Peyton walked down the stairs timidly 'Well?' Peyton askedLindsay beamed as she saw Peyton emerge from the stairs 'Who are you?' Lindsay teased, 'I know you but I just cannot place a name to your face' Peyton turned red 'is it too much'?

Lindsay shook her head 'No Peyton it's fine, you just need your make up done now, then we can go to dinner'

Peyton looked at Sheldon 'are you sure you will manage with two'?

Sheldon nodded 'Of course, I will manage, you go and enjoy your meal'

Peyton sat in the chair again whilst Lindsay applied make up to her face.

'Finished, what do you think' Peyton looked in the mirror, her mouth dropped open

'wow….I look, I mean I…, shame I have no one to show it too'

Lindsay grinned to herself knowingly behind Peyton's back.

'After tonight that might have all changed' Lindsay smirked teasingly, Peyton turned to look at Lindsay, her eyes full of questions.

'Don't listen to her, she is just jealous that she can't pull any other guy now she is tied down with Messer' Sheldon informed

Peyton chuckled and sighed 'It's nice to be loved and even nicer to be loved back, just don't mess it up like I did'

Peyton looked at Lindsay 'Will I do?' Peyton smoothed her dress down nervously

Lindsay smiled and nodded 'You'll knock any guy over, you look fab'

Peyton smiled as she headed to the door picking up her coat, turning to wait for Jess she put her jacket on.

'Come on I am starving' Peyton grumbled, Lindsay smirked and walked out to the car, Peyton followed, getting in and sitting beside Lindsay, placing her belt drove to the Rivera, a new restaurant that overlooked the city skyline and the river Hudson, parking her car Lindsay looked at Peyton