Mac trailed off as he was taken back to what had happened in the battlefield. Flack touched Mac's shoulder which brought him back to the present'What's our next move then Mac?'Mac looked at Flack

'We got an address on Paul?'

Flack nodded

'Yeah 1382 Greenside Avenue'

'Then we go find him'Mac grabbed his coat and headed to his car, Flack rolled his eyes and followed him.

'You sure you wanna do this Mac?'

Flack asked cautiously Mac frowned at Flack

'Don't question my intentions on this one Flack, I don't even know where I am going with this one, I am trusting my instincts'With that Mac drove off towards the address of Paul and David Thomas, pulling out his phone , he called Adam at the lab

'Adam, place a trace on Peyton's phone, I want to triangulate the area she may be in, that will narrow down our search area and give us a clearer location as to where she is being held'

Adam gulped hearing the authoritative voice on the end of the line

'Sure boss whatever I can do to help'Adam began to dial Peyton's number and set up the triangulation which would enable him to give an approximate location on Peyton's cell phone location by tracing the strength of the signal from cell phone towers receiving a signal, once he had picked up the signal and the co-ordinates had been sent to his computer, he then would be able to pinpoint a rough location give or take 25 meters of the phone stared at the screen intently as it searched for Peyton's cell signal location appearing before his eyes.

The computer bleeped as the triangle narrowed and flashed up an area in Manhattan, Adam quickly called Mac

'Yo boss, we got a hit on the triangulation locator, the signal is being picked up from the Greenside Avenue area, is that any help?'

Adam asked uncertainly

'Good work Adam'Mac replied gratefully, turning to Flack, Mac nodded'We have the cell phone location, it's the area we are going too'Mac pressed harder on the gas, arriving at the house not long after. Shutting the engine of the car off, Mac reached for his gun and bullet proof vest, handing Flack a vest as well.

Flack watched Mac with concern evident in his crystal blue eyes

'You gonna be ok Mac?'

Mac nodded and brought his gun out ready to apprehend who or whatever was behind the door of 1382 Greenside and Flack got out the car and made their way to the door, Mac nodded indicating for Flack to keep an eye on any changes that may occur. Holding his gun up, he pounded on the door,


Peyton's eyes grew wide as she heard the door being pounded violently - the muffled voice of Mac. Paul Thomas smirked

'Looks like the cavalcade has arrived'

Mac nodded to Flack who threw himself against the door, breaking it down, both Mac and Flack entered the house with their guns pointed in front of each other - their eyes darting around the room

Paul looked at Peyton

'Utter one word and I will kill the kid'Peyton's eyes widened as she looked to Daniel, who was sitting innocently in the cot watching what was going on around himMac and Flack wandered round the house with their guns in place, searching for any visible piece of evidence to indicate that Peyton and Daniel where there. Flack spotted Daniel's jacket lying under the couch, pulling it out he turned to Mac,

'Found this under the couch, Mac'He held the jacket to MacMac looked at the jacket'That's Daniel's, I noticed it over the chair back in Sheldon's place when I first met him, that tells us they are definitely here, but more to the question where are they?

Flack nodded towards a closed door

'My guess is down there. Let's check it out' Mac nodded, and began to walk towards the doorPaul's eyes were wild with anticipation hearing them get closer to the door, quickly he tied his shotgun's trigger up with some string which he connected to the door handle, which when opened would blast whoever stood on the other side of the 's hand reached for the handle but paused before he could open the door'It's too easy Flack, I don't like it'

Mac dropped his hand back to his side as he searched the room for anything that could be used to open the door, his eyes fell on a crowbar, lifting it up, Mac placed it between the door and the lock and applied enough pressure to prise the door open slightly, Keeping well back, Mac was unsurprised to hear an mild bang as the door gave out to the force of the gun blast causing a large hole to appear, Mac and Flack exchanged glances and tentatively stepped forward, assessing the hole the blast had left in the door.

'Looks like a .22 caliber, given the directionality of the bullet and the damage it inflicted to the door'

Mac frowned

'Usually shotguns of that caliber are issued by the army or military'Mac picked up the bullet casing and studied it carefully

'The casing indicates it is an older shotgun model, Flack run this to ballistics and see if they are able to determine the type of gun it came from, maybe even the issue number that links the bullet to it's owner'

Flack nodded and rushed of to ballistics, leaving Mac alone to find out what was waiting for him in the walked quietly in to the room and surveyed the scene, the room was covered in newspaper cuttings which dated back to 1983 and the Kuwait bombings, Mac noticed a picture of him and the team when they were in the battlefield outside their camp, on closer inspection Mac saw the picture had two circles round two people, one being him and the other being David Thomas.

'Looks like someone has a grudge against me for what happened back then'

Mac muttered.

A light suddenly came on, dazzling Mac slightly, bringing a hand up to his eyes he squinted round the room trying to focus.

'Paul Thomas…..let Peyton and Daniel go, they have done you no harm'

Mac spoke with a hint of authority in his voice his hand also hovered over his gun'Nice of you to join us Taylor….maybe that's what you should of thought about when you left my brother to die…….he saved your sorry ass several times! left him like he was a piece of trash!Paul walked slowly in to the light holding a small gun tightly in his hand

'Not so brave now are you……..Detective'

Paul smirked

'How are you gonna get yourself and the ones you love outta this one?' Peyton looked at Mac and struggled against the ties that held her in place, Paul chuckled

'The more you move, the tighter they will get'

Peyton slumped forward, exhausted by her struggles, not wanting to make eye contact with Mac, feeling stupid for storming off like she did, where had it got her? Not very far, unable to tell him how she truly felt, she had truly failed, herself, Mac and Daniel., training her eyes on the ground, only then did she allow tears to smirked at Mac.

''Not nice is it, seeing her so…..helpless and afraid is it?''Paul walked behind Peyton and grabbed her hair pulling her head back

''So pretty too, such a shame it's had to come to this''

Mac moved forward slightly holding his hands up

''Paul…..don't make this any worse for yourself, just….let them go……we can talk?

Mac's hand reached for his gun as he continued to move further forward, Paul looked at Mac and tightened his grip around Peyton's hair

''One more move and I will slash her throat''

Mac stopped in his tracks and lowered his hands, indicating he meant no harm, the only noise in the room was the gentle tone of Mac's phone, slowly pulling out his phone he held it to his ear and listened as Flack spoke to him

'Mac, the ballistics report confirms the bullet fragment we found at the scene is from a .22 calibre shot gun, from the USA Marines, Adam managed to get a serial number from the bullet and locate the owner records indicate that it belonged to David Thomas''''Thanks Flack'Mac hung up his phone and turned to Paul

''Paul please….it's me you have the problem with, take me instead''

Peyton's eyes grew huge as she shook her head violently, making a noise to show he wasn't to do this, Paul felt her head move and pressed the blade in to her skin as a warning for her to quieten down, Peyton whimpered slightly in defeat. Mac frowned slightly as he looked for anything possible which could be used as a distraction, giving him more time to think on how to free Peyton and Daniel, seeing Paul focusing on Peyton, Mac tackled Paul to the ground and attempted to wrestle the knife off him, Paul struggled against him and pushed the knife in to Mac's stomach, Mac groaned in pain which he tried to conceal from Peyton, so she wouldn't panic and he moved himself so his body weight was now pushing down on Paul, pulling out his cuffs, Mac cuffed Paul and moved to free Peyton's gag down and untying her, Mac pulled her in to a cuddle.

'Peyton…..I…I thought I'd lost you again'

Peyton cuddled Mac, holding him close to her as tears slid down her face, an indignant wail from Daniel in the corner disrupted the moment, Mac turned to look at Daniel and walked over to the cot, picking him up and cuddling him close to his chest, wincing when Daniel hit of his stab wound.

''Daniel…I'm so glad your not hurt''Daniel giggled, kicking his legs excitedly, Peyton slowly trailed her eyes up Mac's body, stopping on the blood that was seeping through his shirt from his stab wound

''Mac…..your….your bleeding?…''Mac shrugged

''It's nothing, I am fine''Mac placed Daniel down next to Peyton and sat next to her, Peyton turned and began tending to his injury, Pressing her hand against the wound, Peyton stemmed the blood flow, using the gag as a bandage, Peyton pressed her hand against his wound''You could have been killed Mac….you should of just left me….it's what I deserve after everything I put you through,..''Peyton looked at his wound and mopped the dried blood tenderly from his skin

''Why Mac?….Why risk your life for me after what I did to you…..''Mac sighed and ran his hand down Peyton's face

''I may be mad for saying this Peyton, but I still care about you even though you did hurt me, I never stopped thinking about you, wondering what you were doing, who you were with, were you happy?''

Peyton placed her hand on top of Mac's''The moment I stepped off the plane in London, I knew I had made the biggest mistake of my life, my pride refused to let me make the first move, although deep down I wanted too, my life is here with you Mac, you and Daniel, after all this time, I still trust in you, I only hope you can find it in your heart and soul to somehow trust me again''Mac looked at Daniel then Peyton, thinking carefully before he spoke

''Life is too short to hold grudges, I guess it is true when they say if you love someone, set them free and if they return it's meant to be, everyone does deserve second chances''

Mac smiled and gently kissed Peyton, sirens in the distance filled the air, Mac smiled to himself knowing he was finally complete time, Peyton didn't pull back from the kiss, she was finally home, where she belonged, with Daniel and Mac, she was home…….