It was on a weekend in the afternoon. The Brigade was outside the station waiting to be dismissed. We had finished the second half of our mystery search. Haruhi was taking it over the top today. As a result the rest of the Brigade had to suffer. This particular search was longer and tiring than usual. To make matters even worse she was yelling at us for what a terrible job we did looking for mysteries.

"What's up with all of you today?! After doing this for a few weeks you should have enough experience to finds at least one strange occurrence!" Haruhi scolded.

After a long day of walking and listening to her boss us around for the sake of this childish search, I was getting irritated.

"Stop it Haruhi." I said, with a small hope that she would calm down.

"Who do you think you are?! You have no right to tell me what to do!" Haruhi turned away from nagging at Mikuru to yell at me.

"It doesn't matter who anyone is. You are the one who has no right to tell others what to do. Stop bullying Mikuru." I tried to keep my anger down. She's not worth it… "Dismiss us so we can all get some rest."

"I don't want to! Today's performance was dismal! We'd have to do three more shifts before we make up for what we lost!" Haruhi continued.

I clenched my fists. This was going too far.

"I refuse." I snapped.

Haruhi turned back to my direction, surprised.

"What? Did you just say no?"

"Yeah, I said no. I want to go home. Let's leave everyone, let Haruhi search alone if she wants to."

"Stop right there! That's pretty daring coming from someone who did the worst."

"The worst?! What in the world do you mean by the worst?!" I replied outraged.

"I saw you with Mikuru! You two were having the time of your life going around town instead of looking for mysteries! Why don't you guys start dating?!" She shouted.

The people passing by were staring at this high school girl throwing a fit in the middle of public. Going around is the only stupid thing we do on these damn searches you use up all my weekends for. What pisses me off even more is that we're grown mature high school students looking for mysteries. We'd be better off looking for gold for all I know. And that hypocrite! What are you doing following me around when you're not even searching yourself?! Mikuru was sitting on a bench silently crying listening to us fight, Nagato doing what she always does, observing, Koizumi kept giving me looks of warning. Why aren't they doing anything to stop us? I don't care! If they won't do anything then the consequences will be their fault as well! Haruhi continued on yelling at me for every little thing I did that she didn't like. Shut up Haruhi… Just shut up…

"SHUT UP!" I screamed at the top my lungs. The glancing bystanders turned into on looking spectators. I've always wanted to scream like this from the moment I met her. After taking a few deep breaths I laughed. It felt more refreshing than anything I've ever felt before. Haruhi glared back in pure fury.


Oh yes… that did it for me. I was finally irritated enough. The world ends here.

"There are no mysteries you idiot! There never will be! This whole thing is a waste of time! I don't give a damn who the hell you are. No! I do give a damn! This whole thing is your fault! Do you think I actually enjoy wasting time with you? After buying all of you lunch every single weekend, you'd think a guy would actually get a day off from this bull crap! Being next to you makes me physically ill. I can't believe some of the stuff you're stupid enough to do. I haven't met a more inconsiderate, shallow, irritating person in my entire life! Nobody likes you! Do you think these three over here joined this stupid club to play with you? NO! You'd still be alone and bored out of your mind if you weren't a…" ... "Why can't you just be normal and think for a moment to figure out that, I DON'T WANT TO SEARCH FOR MYSTERIES THAT DON'T EXIST! I HATE THIS BRIGADE, I HATE BEING HERE, I HATE YOU!" I topped off.

I glanced at the three people that were the very mysteries I denied. All mouth agape and horrified at my outburst. Even Nagato was blinking. I knew very well they were proof that such things existed, but I wanted to hurt her. I just want to see her speechless. For once.

"Kyon…" Haruhi whimpered, crying.

"I HATE ALL OF THIS! I QUIT! I'M OVER!" I burst out making sure every syllable hit Haruhi's ears hard enough for her to hear what she doesn't want like hammering a stake into the side of her head.

I turned away from the Brigade and started home. Dizzy and blank minded from screaming. I soon started wondering when the world might start falling apart. She can do as she wants. I never want to be part of her new world. It was just after that thought I noticed that I had crossed the street on a red light. A truck was headed right at me at full speed, too late to dodge. I turned back to the horrified Brigade to have a final glance at the world I was about to leave. Then I realized as I muttered my last words under my breath.

"So, Haruhi instead you…"

Everything was black...

YUKI.N Are you ready?