Sunday morning. It had only been yesterday that I had left the reality to continue my normal life. I wasn't happy to find out that I had gotten too adjusted to the routine of the reality. Why do I think that? Well… one of the reasons is that I'm actually awake to be thinking about Sunday morning. What happened to my plan to sleep in? That's one of the mysteries I plan to keep an eye out for on the next search.

All of the sudden I had the sudden urge to watch T.V. downstairs. It was like an unquenchable hunger. I haven't seen a good program in a good while. It doesn't need saying that the reality's T.V. was anything interesting. I am making an awful lot of comparisons aren't I?

"Kyon." My little sister called.

"Yes?" I answered.

"You had a phone call this morning." My little sister continued. "I tried to wake you but you kept snoring over my voice."

I exchange for less sleep time, it seems that efficiency has gone through the roof.

"Who was it?" I asked expecting it to be Koizumi.

"It was Haruhi." She said.

"Oh…" I said nice-and-long. "Well… what did she say?"

"She told me to let you know that she'll be waiting for you at the station."

"What time?"

"Tonight at seven, just in case you kept sleeping." My sister mocked me sweetly.

The weather was unusually cold. Not as warm as I remembered it being before the reality. After dressing up warmly, I left my house.

I arrived half an hour early. The sunset was supposed to be around just a little longer, but it was already dark outside. There was no trace of orange in the sky. It was a cloudless night, with stars that you wouldn't expect to see given the level of air pollution in the area. I checked my phone. I didn't notice before, but it was winter vacation. So that explains the weather... My gut tells me that this was an artificial setting. For what reason?

As I took a seat on the bench to pass the time I remembered Uru's words. This is only going to be as easy as I am calm. I repeated that over and over in my head as I saw a familiar girl walking towards me. She had also decided to come early. Isn't telling me to stay calm after not bothering to let me know how much she remembered expecting too much?

The bench creaked as the weight on it increased. Haruhi had sat down next to me. Not just next to me, but next to me. Time drew out like a blade. Her appearance was exactly like she was in the reality. Silky, black, waist length, ribbonless.

"I'm… sorry." I said deciding to keep out the details of the reality and bringing the events before it to matter. "I went too far didn't I?"

Still no reply, Haruhi's face hadn't changed since the time she ran off after tackling me. She was staring off into the dark horizon. I mean her expression was still so unreadable to the point of frustration. The bangs covering her eyes didn't help at all. It made it all the more uncertain. I took a deep breath and continued.

"And thanks." I said, giving up apologizing. "You… saved me."

I almost added 'lots of times' at the end of that sentence. Insert uncomfortable two minute silence here.

"You saved me too." Haruhi said looking down.

I didn't realize until she broke a smile that she was holding in much more than she had to show. That smile told me everything I needed to know. Yet there was so much it didn't tell me. But that was enough. There was a tingling feeling in my pocket. I reached inside and pulled out a long strip of snow white cloth.

"Here" I said, handing it over to its owner.

Haruhi took it and tied her hair back as she usually does. She was unusually skilled at handling her long hair, as if she had been doing it for a while. As she finished and her hair had fallen back down to waist level, I couldn't help but feel a hint of disappointment.

"What?" Haruhi asked noticing my expression. She had her hands behind her head making adjustments. "Not what you were hoping for?"

"Sort off." I said honestly.

"Tomorrow." She said. "I'll do it for you then."

"What do you mean?"

Haruhi suddenly leaned over and onto me. This was so sudden and shocking that I had a delayed reaction with a hundred year lag. Her warmth was felt easily through our jackets. The top of her head was touching my ear.

She whispered closing her eyes and getting comfortable on my side, emphasizing each syllable.

"Afterschool at work."

Oh damn…

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