Hi! This Story is going to be based around four Characters, mainly Starscream and Megatron, and Thundercracker and Soundwave. My other Fanfiction Seeking a Seeker I'm going to leave for a while because I realized that I managed to mess it up already so I am fixing that while working on this!

Based on G1. If you would like to see some characters or some random scenarios that fit then feel free to tell me.

Warning: Slash for future chapters. M rating will be apparent later on!

Thundercracker ducked as a body sailed over, inches above his helm. He quickly ran a servo over his helm to make sure it was in one piece. Foreign energon had splattered across his chassies.

" Get out!" Megatron stormed around him, red optics set in a cold glare directed at his SIC.

" Megatron! How dare you!" Starscream screeched as he scrambled to his peds. He was covered in energon and oil from various wounds across his frame. There was a gaping hole in his left wing. His right wing flicked, Thundercracker, being a Seeker and none other then Starscream's Thrine mate regonized the sign. Starscream was furious.

" Starscream, get out before I have you dismantled for scrap!"

" This isn't over!" The tri-coloured Seeker spat before stomping from the command centre.

Soundwave watched him go silently as did Blitzwing and Rumble who were present. Thundercracker wasn't sure what they were doing, most likely they heard the fight and came to watch. That wasn't unusual.

Megatron vented heavily and rubbed his helm roughly. He turned to Soundwave, who nodded. Megatron smirked then turned to Thundercracker.

"Thundercracker can't you control that Trine mate of yours?"

" Sir, he is my Trine Leader." The blue Seeker replied giving his leader an even stare.

Megatron looked thoughtful before frowning.

" Why did you choose him? He is a fool, an arrogant fool! I don't see any logic in that Thundercracker and you by far are one of the more sensible Seekers." He sneered.

" Starscream wasn't always like this sir. The war changed us all."

" Why don't you leave him then. You could become Trine Leader!"

" That's not how it works sir. "

Megatron looked to Soundwave and Thundercracker felt a probing in his processor and calmly silenced his mind. Without turning around to look at the tape deck he knew Soundwave didn't catch it, that stray thought that would always appear in these situations. A thought that must not reach Megatron.

"Very well, however I may end up offlining that incompetent fool one of these days so keep that in mind unless of course you fix him. Dismissed." He barked and exited the command room.

Thundercracker stretched his wings. They were dented and scratched. The battle with the Autobots had been humiliating! They had only stood up to them for less then two Earth minutes before Megatron had called a retreat. Deep down Thundercracker knew this was Megatron's fault. He had brought Starscream down to fight on the ground and leave the aerial troops without a proper plan. They were slagged before the fighting even got started. Of course Megatron deflected the blame onto his Air Commander.

Thundercracker made his way to the Medbay. Thrust and his Trine were walking up ahead, most likely going to the same place as the blue Seeker. They were mummering and sniggering and only when Thundercracker got closer did he hear what they were discussing.

" He is such an idiot! How did he ever become Second in Command?" Ramjet sneered

" And his voice, wait maybe that's why! Because nobody could not not listen to it!" Dirge added laughing.

" Silence you two!" Thrust spat. Thundercracker nearly offlined. He hates Starscream!

" Why do you like him?"

" More like how could you like him?" Ramjet scrunched his face in disgust.

" I mean, yeah he is real good looking and all but I mean come on! He is an aft! I can barely stand him!"

" I said silence!" Thrust hissed and entered the Medbay. His Trine mates followed after giving a look to each other. It almost looked like a sad smile on both their faceplates. What is going on?

Thundercracker hung outside for a moment. So Thrust sees something in Screamer does he? Thundercracker shrugged. Perhaps if he could get the two . . No that was Skywarp's job! He would never do that kind of thing. But what was with the sad smiles? Do they know something? He'll get Warp to corner them later.

Just as he entered the Medbay he realized with a shock that Megatron had followed his Second down and both were glaring at each other. Starscream was shivering due to the lack of energon and a new gash was visible on his chassies. The burns suggested a certain weapon was used. Said weapon was smoking. Thrust's Trine were in the corner and the medical gestait were scattered throughout the bay. Hook was behind Starscream. He looked nervous but was unsure whether or not to move aside or interfere.

If only he could help! Thundercracker thought before turning and heading over to Scrapper. The pain in his spark gnawed at him and he sent reassurance through the trine bond to his leader.

OooH Secrets, secrets! Lots and lots of secrets!

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