Trigger Happy

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A/N: This is because I was upset I have written a Bloody Jack fic in over six months :(

I never meant to do it.


It sat there.

Winking at me.


Whispering against my skin.

'Do it Jacky, you know you want to.'

Mary would whisper inside.

'Imagine taking all those coins from his pocket Jacky. Oh just imagine the treats we could buy.'

I had smiled.

And listened to that shining winking smiling object.

And Mary.

That evil little girl.

And the powder flew.

Mary smiled hearing the ring of the smiling winking item.

And he fell like a tree.

Mary overcame me.

She ignored his pleas.

Begging for me.

The one person he thought he could trust.

To not finish him off.

But it was to late.

And Mary was smiling like the devil she was digging all his coins out of his pocket.

But of course I appeared once more before me and Mary left.

And I lent down to his ear.

Whispered, "I love you."

And softly kissed Jaimy on the lips.

Before Mary took my time and dragged me away.

Death on our shoulders.

And bloody coins in our pocket.

With our trigger happy finger twitching against the smiling winking weapon.

Waiting for its next victim.