This happens three weeks after the last chapter. I decided that I wanted to build Jonathan and Tabitha's relationship up and I really like writing them from this age.

My entire life i've always felt out of place, mostly due to the fact that i'm a witch. I never was really allowed to do all the things that normal kids got to do because my parents were scared that I would be too good. My dad always wanted me to do thing without witchcraft, and so if I did any sports or anything I couldn't use magic. I didn't really want to do sports or anything else for that matter, since I could never be who I really was. So in the end I never really had friends as I grew up. I wish I did, but I didn't.

It about the third week of school and I was walking in the cafeteria, trying to find a place to sit. Usually I sat at a table by myself, or I would secretly pop back home and eat in my room. Today I decided to at least try the cafe on last time, before I give up and just eat at home from then on. I walk past a table with the "popular" kids. The popular kids hated me. They all called me a loser and a friendless freak. But today I heard no rude remarks, instead, "Hey Tabitha! Come sit with us!". It was Jonathan.

"Umm, ok". I said. I was overjoyed that he wanted me to sit with him. Actually I couldn't believe that he even noticed me. I quickly walk over to his side of the table and squeeze between him and some other guy. I expected Jonathan to talk to me after that, but no. Nothing. Instead Rachel Morton- the head of popularity- decided to take a swing.

"You're Tabitha right?"

"Yes." I couldn't believe she even knew my name.

"So, Tabitha, you don't really have any friend right."

"Ummm" I stutter, trying not to cry.

"Ha, have you even had your first kiss yet?"

"Yes" I mumble.


"I said yes." I say louder this time so she could hear. It got the attention of other people to.

"Really? Who."

"Actually Jonathan." I say, my whole face turning red as I turn to look at him. Jonathan stares at me, with his mouth wide open. I don't know what I did. Its true he was my first kiss. I guess he must have been embarrassed that everyone knew he kissed me.

"You jerk! Thats my BOYFRIEND!" Rachel stands up and grabs my yogurt off my tray and flings in at me. Yogurt gets into my hair and on my clothes. I stand up and run out of the cafeteria as fast as I could so nobody could see the tears.