Neo Larkin's Spur story about LINK and THE LEGEND OF ZELDER.

Good day! My mane is Noober, but Imp shore you already knew that! HA welcome to my fantastical fan fiction its going to be GRREEEEATE (Toney the tigger) my computer teaches just taught me how to properly cite sources so here we go with the story!


Once upon a time link (legend of Zelda) meandered threw a chock let rain (YouTube) FOREST. So Zelink wanted to go. Link saw that a miniature coo choom train was a cuggen along yawl! On the end of the train was a little girl (and by little girl I mean like MIDGET like a FIVE YEAR OLD MIDGET) the little girl was being dragged by the little train. Link was worried, and he wanted to safe the little girl but he didn't knowhow! And them the little girl's parents came, and found their little girl. "Oh dearly me oh my god!" they said all in unison "we have found our little girl "the little girl looked sad and looked sad. "Don't worry about it you wart! Well make it up to you. Let's go to the children's museum!" they all sided. The entire sudden Link was the conducer of the little train. He sat on top of the train like a hor se. the train JUST COULD NOT TAKE THE WAIT! So the train fell in the Danube, and link felt like he was going to drown!" linked per chanced on a ALIGATOR (from nature) and it was abbot to EAT HIM!" and link did not have sward! But it was OK because it was just a dreamy dream. Link woke up from his dream. He noticed Zelda (legend of Zelda zeal) lying nasty to him "whets wrong homey?" the Zelda asked "oh nothing said Link" said link. And then they bonked. Bonkling wasnot fun for the both coz he was had a head acke. "Stop it!zelda!'' link started to cry. He wasnot happy. "Link im` the princess don't tell me twat to do.''she said. Link then took his sword and took it to town. "can you fix my sward I have head acke/?:" Sure" sad the man. He took the swrord. Then took it to his shope to fix and then get it fixed. Zelda "link you dummy you can't gjive it to him, hes gannon!'' no. "I'll do what I want my sward'' gannon told him that he was defeated "you cannot defeat me said gannon". No. "I can defeat hyou because I have all tree pieces of the puzzle'.' No. "no." said \gannon Zelda said "I forgot to go shopping! Later": Zelda laughed away. But "zelda, I need your puzzle piece. Here it is.' He put the puzzle {link} to gether and then` defeated gannon. 'why'd you beat me? That's not far. " "Well excuuuuuse me princess (lendgend of Zelda cartoon)" yes? Gonnan took naruto's sherigan wind and flew away. No. gonnan flew off` link` dind't know where Zelda was. And Zelda was kidnapped because this is what link worried about.