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The doorbell rang, bright and cheerful amid the drowsy evening calm.

Kanda looked up at the clanging sound, trying to see past his matted fringe. Allen laughed and reached over, taking care to keep her rounded abdomen away from the stove, to push his fringe to the side of his face.

The doorbell rang again, and Kanda put down the knife in his hand, looking at Allen uncertainly.

"I'll get the door." Allen smiled, shaking her soft white bangs out of her eyes. She made her slow way to the front door, all the while kneading her back with her hand.

"I'm coming," she called as the doorbell rang yet again, "give me a minute."

With some difficulty and much effort, she reached the door and wrenched it open.

"Allen-chan!" Lavi cried, bouncing in with great energy, looking as immature as he possibly could despite the premature touch of pepper-grey at his temples. "It's great to see you again! How's life so far? Is Yuu-chan treating you okay? Man, I'm hungry. I smell… is that soba?"

Allen chuckled at Lavi's tirade, before she greeted Lenalee with a quick peck on the cheek. "Come this way, you two. Though I think you already know where the dining room is…"

"You're right there, Allen!" Lavi announced. "I know your house like the back of my hand!"

Allen laughed and showed them into the dining room. Lenalee immediately started cooing over little Mana; she picked him up in her arms and tried to get his wavering attention. Lavi, as always, bent over Lenalee's shoulder and made faces at Mana, to Allen's great discomfort.

"Lavi…" Allen muttered, "Get away from Mana."

"Why, Allen-chan? Mana is so cute!" Lavi insisted, now poking at Mana's dimples.

"Because I said so." Kanda's voice travelled over, menacing as always.

"Yuu-chan!" Lavi cried, abandoning his attempts at making Mana cry. Kanda was wearing an apron? "You look so…"

"So? So what?" Kanda advanced towards Lavi, knife held at the ready. "You want to say it out loud?"

"Kanda… Mana's looking." Allen said helplessly.

"Che." Kanda continued to glower at Lavi, though he put the knife down rather unwillingly.

"So, Yu, you cooking soba?" Lavi asked.

"Maybe." Kanda answered, his eyebrows twitching with annoyance. "What's it to you?"

Allen coughed slightly; in that instance, Kanda hurried over. He drew a chair out and helped Allen into it, supporting her round and swollen abdomen with his muscled arms. "You okay, Moyashi?"


"You'd better rest here. I'll finish dinner. Try to keep an eye on Lavi."

"Yuu-chan, how could you say that? I'm no trouble at all." Lavi whined, but Kanda took absolutely no notice of him.

"Lavi," Allen laughed, "will you never change?"

"Allen," Lavi asked solemnly, "will you never change?"

Lenalee then chucked a sweet at Lavi's head. "Lavi, don't tease Allen. If you make her go into labour early you'll get it from Kanda."

"Enough about me," Allen smiled, "how's life?"

"Monotonous." Lavi answered. "I'm single and available, though, so feel free to call me up for a date if you need one, Allen-chan."

Allen snorted. "You, dateless?"

"Yes. Don't hit your friend when he's down!"

"It's true, Allen." Lenalee interrupted them. "He is dateless."

"Oh. Poor you!"

"And Lenalee's going to be married soon!" Lavi interjected.

"Really? Who's the lucky guy?"

"Bak Chan." Lenalee blushed slightly. "Lavi, you shouldn't have blurted the secret out!"

"Oops. Sorry."

"But we're glad to see you looking fine and dandy, Allen-chan." Lavi continued. "Glad to see that Yu is treating you well."

"And you're going to have another child!" Lenalee cried. "That's just lovely!"

"Kanda deserves to have some recognition too." Allen added. "He's been really sweet and nice."

"Like, by cooking diner?" Lavi asked, a wicked glint in his eyes. "Oi, Yu-chan! When I'm pregnant, will you help me cook, too?"

"What crap are you talking about, baka usagi? I am going to skewer you if you give me one more second of your shit-talk!" Kanda shouted from the kitchen amid sizzling noises.

"Bakanda! No profanities please!" Allen said.

"Che." The banging of plates followed. Allen winced slightly; then Kanda spoke again. "Dinner's ready."

Kanda appeared with two trays of food. Allen put Mana between herself and Lenalee.

As Allen was thus occupied, Lavi caught Kanda's eye. The moment Kanda sat next to Lavi, the redhead let lose his curiosity. "So… how's the guitar coming along?"

"Fine." Kanda mouthed the words with quiet precision. "Thanks for teaching me."

"No problem, buddy."

Dinner passed in a blur of conversation, and Lenalee laughed to see the amount Allen ate. She was envious, though, when she saw the way Kanda constantly helped Allen refill her plate, and by his concern with Mana's fussy eating habits.

When the time for parting came around, Kanda helped Allen walk to the door, his arm coiled firmly around her waist.

"Bye, Allen, Kanda." Lenalee smiled.

"Bye." Lavi grinned at his friends. He leaned in to whisper to Kanda. "Good luck with your strumming!"

As soon as their friends had left, Kanda helped Allen into their bedroom, supporting her till she sat on the soft, scented bed, a tired heap of limbs and abdomen.

"Rest first, Moyashi, if you're tired. I'll clear up and all that."

"Kanda…" Allen sighed, "I should help you…"

"You're tired." He turned and left the room.

Allen smiled at his retreating back, before laying her head on the pillows. He was right; she was tired.

When Kanda went back into the bedroom an hour later, Allen was already in sweet slumber. He walked over to the bed, sitting softly on the edge so as not to wake her. One calloused hand reached out to pull her hair tie off her hair. Moyashi always forgets to take it off…

Kanda smiled slightly as Allen's white hair fell around her shoulders. It was long now, and it curled ever so slightly at the ends. Unable to help himself, he entangled his fingers in the soft trails of white hair. Another hand he placed atop her round stomach, kneading it gently.

Allen felt the soft pressure on her huge baby bump; she opened her eyes, very surprised to see Kanda being so affectionate. "Kanda?"

"Moyashi. You're awake."


"Is it painful?"

"No." Allen smiled softly. "It's a nice feeling."

Without warning, Kanda pulled Allen into his embrace, warm arms around the curve of her abdomen. "It must be uncomfortable. It'll be over soon."

Allen took Kanda's hands in her own, placing them directly above her stomach. "Can you feel him?"

"I don't think so. You should be sleeping, you know."

"I can't, now."

Kanda remained silent for a while. Then he spoke up. "Shall I sing you a lullaby?"

"Sing? You?"

Kanda made no reply, but he took his arms away from Allen's body. Walking over to the corner of the room, he drew a guitar out from its casing.

"Where did you get that from?" Allen asked, surprise etched into her features.

Kanda smirked; he sat down and began to strum a few lines, before settling on one he liked. Allen lay on her side, eyes open in surprise and happiness as he sang her a simple ditty. The tune swirled around them both, and she remembered the time when he gave her twenty paper roses, folded into being through sweat and pain, in a wintry park.

She clapped when it ended. "Thank you, Bakanda."

"Che, Moyashi, go to sleep." Kanda said, placing the guitar on the floor and putting his arms around her again.

Allen nestled contently into his embrace. Kanda rarely told her that he loved her, but little actions like these were enough to keep her heart with him. Maybe someday, he would open up enough to tell her that he loved her. But right now, she was content to lie in his arms within the soothing walls of their own tiny little utopia.

A/N: I had to write this; without writing this sort-of-sequel, I could never have been able to feel like I've finished Roses After A Flood of Tears for good. I don't know, but I do like characters to get their happily-ever-afters. At this point, I don't feel like I care about the pacing/ characterisation/ stylistic coherence of this fic. After all, I wrote this for the fluff, and I do miss writing fluff without having to care about whether the fic is lyrical enough.

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