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Allen sighed and tried to smooth away the creases that had made their way into her previously wrinkle-free uniform. They, however, did not deign to disappear. She sighed and rubbed her temples; everything was going wrong today. She was having a bad hair day, her feet ached, Jerry was not around and so lunch had been barely edible, Mana was crying, and little Alma had been bitten by a friend. Worst of all, Kanda had forgotten that it was their wedding anniversary.

She woke that morning with a bright and cheery smile, turning toward Kanda's side of the bed. Stretching her arms out, she noticed his absence from their room. He was not, as was his wont, at the dressing table tying his hair up and out of the way, nor was he relaxing in the bath. A part of her hoped that perhaps, just perhaps, he might be in the kitchen making breakfast for her, but that hope was dashed when she walked out of the bedroom.

Kanda, in fact, had positioned himself at the computer desk, actively researching something about babies born out of wedlock. Why he was even reading something of that nature had worried her, because Kanda had never been one to be that curious about all things sundry. Nevertheless, she continued to hope, throughout the process of preparing breakfast, that Kanda might have a surprise waiting for her. He would give her a ring, perhaps, or even a kiss.

And a surprise he had indeed given her – just that it was a nasty one.

He really did seem to have forgotten all about their anniversary. That she could put up with, but what she had just realised made her boiling mad. She had arrived for lunch and found him talking animatedly to Lenalee at a bench in the cafeteria, and he merely nodded at her when she sat down. Kanda was actually laughing – and he hadn't even bothered to smile at her all day!

The mounting anger was somewhat dispelled when Lavi arrived, because he managed to cheer her up, but as soon as she finished her lunch Allen decided to make herself scarce before she could do something she would regret later.

Now she stood outside the playground located within the Headquarters, watching her children play with the children of other employees of the Order. They were having fun, it seemed. From what she could tell, they were playing house; it looked so innocent, so happy. So different from the myriad emotions (jealousy, anger, depression) that she was feeling right now.

She was getting old, after all. Her hair had always been white, so that didn't matter much, except that it was getting brittle and less glossy than it was when she'd married Kanda. Her skin, too, was losing its tautness. Her face was haggard, that she knew, and there were dark circles under her eyes. She looked tired, married, and unwanted. She was unattractive in Kanda's eyes, in all likelihood.

Next to Lenalee, glowing, pretty Lenalee, she was matronly. True, she had kept her figure well; she was still slim (from all the training she had to undergo), and she had little hint of a tummy, but her haggard face might have drawn Kanda to Lenalee's still youthful-looking features. But of course Lenalee was able to stay youthful. She had no children. Allen supposed that being divorced, Lenalee could very well appeal to Kanda, since she was now no longer strictly out of bounds.

But what of Allen, and their children? Couldn't Kanda spare a thought for them? He'd once promised to love her for eternity, as they took their matrimonial vows some seven years ago. Why did Lenalee – what was she thinking?

Allen sighed again and rested her head against her arms. She was weary. She didn't want to think about the issue anymore. It could be that her imagination was running away with her.

Oh Mana... it's so hard to walk on sometimes.


The evening sun was beautiful that day, vibrant and cheerful even as it sank into the watery depths below the skies. Allen paused to stare at the setting sun, before she realised that her children were gone from the crèche.

With all the speed she could muster, she ran to the employees' lounge. Spying Miranda, she rushed up to her.

"Have you seen Kanda, Miranda?"

"Yes, Allen. Kanda brought Mana and Alma off with him! Lenalee and Lavi went too," Miranda told her.

Thanking Miranda, Allen made off for the bus stop.

With Lenalee? Allen thought, as she waited for a bus. And with Lavi? Why? Was Kanda trying to let Lenalee take my place for an evening? Did he bring Lavi along to preserve a semblance of normalcy and respectability?

"Allen." Tyki Mikk smirked at her, his golden eyes clear as a pond after rain. "What are you doing here?"

"Uh, I need to get home?"

"Do you need a lift?" His golden eyes were positively smouldering.

Despite her wariness around Tyki, Allen decided to accept the lift. Today's events called for special intervention, and who was she to refuse god-sent help to catch her philandering husband in action?

She was silent throughout the journey, immune to the pretty scenery around her.

"The fall is the prettiest season, I always think," Tyki said, his voice sweet as honey. He glanced her way.

"It is," Allen answered, "there're so many colours."

"Are you upset?" Tyki probed. "Where's Kanda?"

"Just drive, please?" Allen pleaded. "Don't ask me anything..."

Tyki looked at Allen's flustered expression, opened his mouth as if to say something, and promptly closed it again. "You should just elope with me."

"Haha," Allen said weakly. "No."

"I'd twine red roses into your hair every day, if you want me to," Tyki continued.

Red roses... twined into hair... Allen could see it in her mind's eye. Only, it was Kanda who was doing the twining. Lenalee was sitting on Allen's favourite chair, and their bedroom was lit by a few candles, throwing only a dim light onto the sheets. Lavi and the children were nowhere to be seen. So Kanda had brought Lavi along to babysit. So Lavi did know? And he hadn't told her?

Kanda's deft hands finished plaiting the roses into Lenalee's long dark hair.

"Your hair's pretty," Kanda told Lenalee, his breath ghosting over her cheek, "much better than the Moyashi's."

"Oh Kanda, you shouldn't say such things about your wife..." Lenalee giggled, her face contorting into the visage of a woman with red, red lips and smoky eyes, and a hungry look.

"She's only my wife in name... you are my one true love." Kanda lunged forward and brought Lenalee into his embrace.

They kissed, then, and Kanda's hands slipped down Lenalee's bosom, and a button ripped shamelessly from its rightful place rolled under the bed, lodging itself in a crack. The candles burned, and the light shimmered.

Allen found it hard to breathe; she was choking.

"Allen?" Tyki asked again. "Are you alright?"

Allen fell back to reality with a jolt. She rubbed her eyes and glanced at him. "Uh, yeah. You were saying?"

"You're home." Tyki nodded. "Goodbye. I'll see you around."

He blew her a kiss as she stumbled out through the car door. Allen waited at the porch till she heard Tyki's car drive off. Taking a deep breath, she swung the door open silently; she was now ready to march into her bedroom to confront the adulterers.

Much to her surprise, the lights went on as she walked into the hall. Lavi peered out of the dining room. Allen could see Mana running around behind Lavi; she could hear Lenalee's voice telling the children to quieten down.

Lavi grinned at her, and almost winked. "He's in the bedroom!"

Lavi shut the door, leaving Allen bewildered. She walked cautiously into her bedroom...Then she saw only Kanda, standing, looking at her, with a bouquet of white roses in his hands. His eyes were soft, and he was smiling, and now he was walking toward her.

"Happy anniversary," Kanda said, holding the bouquet out.

She accepted it, unsure of what to think. Had she been scaring herself, unnecessarily so? There was no sign of Lenalee around, and, she glared at the crack under the bed, but could see no sign of any misplaced button.

Instead, on the desk beside the bed stood a table laden with dishes, and Allen gasped.

"What's wrong?" Kanda asked, his arms now around her middle.

Allen took a deep breath, and looked into his dark eyes. "Are you having an affair with Lenalee?"

"What are you saying!" Kanda looked shocked, and his brows formed an almost straight line.

"I... what am I saying!" Allen sat down on the bed, and tried not to let the tears show. "I've been a silly fool."

"Let's hear about it." Kanda sat beside her and took her hand. "What happened?"

Allen told Kanda all her suspicions – how he had seemed to enjoy talking to Lenalee much more, how he had seemed to forget their anniversary, how jealous she had been, eating herself inside out with envy and anger...

He hugged her. "You silly little Moyashi. I can explain all that later. Anyway, I meant to surprise you with this dinner. But it hasn't turned out the way I thought it would, has it?"

"It hasn't." Allen smiled, her gray eyes brightening. And then her stomach growled.

"You're hungry." Kanda drew her to the table. "Let's eat first."

As he watched Allen eat, Kanda started to explain the unusual circumstances.

"I'm not in love with Lenalee," he told Allen reproachfully, "you know she's been rather down ever since the divorce from Bak was finalized. Last week, she came to me with a secret.

"Lenalee's pregnant. Don't look at me like that – it's not my child."

"Then who – "

"Lavi. He's the father."

"Lavi?" Allen nearly choked. "When did he and Lenalee..."

"They did it some weeks ago in a drunken stupor. Lavi was trying to cheer her up and they got carried overboard. Lenalee told me of her predicament; that's why I've been trying to help her and cheer her up the past week."

"I see," Allen nodded, "why she would go to you. You're her oldest friend."

Kanda smiled slightly. "I didn't expect you to get jealous so easily. I'm... sorry."

Allen stood up, smiling too. She walked to Kanda's side, and slid her arms around his neck. "There I was worrying like a silly fool. I love you, Bakanda."

Kanda leaned back into Allen's embrace. "I... feel the same way."

Allen laughed. "Still having issues saying I love you? You poor tongue-tied idiot. Don't retaliate, Yu!"

Kanda sent a fake glare her way, and she laughed again. That was what it was like, Allen thought, to be in love. To have a warm and fuzzy feeling when she looked at Kanda, to feel safe in his arms, to feel loved and young again. It was heaven, and she wouldn't trade it for the world.

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