Chapter 1

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"Annette, may I see you in my office for just one moment?" The loud masculine voice sounded over the intercom at Annette's desk.

The pretty, young, Strawberry-blonde secretary inhaled deeply and picked up the notepad on the corner of her desk. As she made her way to the office she smoothed out her light blue blouse and unfastened the top button revealing a small amount of her ample cleavage. Subtly she twisted the button, turning on the small recording devise that she concealed on her body and quietly entered the office of the man she worked for. The same man that she had been hired to record, in hopes that sexual misconduct and harassment charges could be brought against the vile scum who had gotten away with it on many occasions because his pockets were deep.

"Annette, how are you today? " His smile and question seemed genuine and he motioned her to sit in the chair that was in front of his desk.

"I am fine thank you, is there anything that you need me to do for you Mr. Diamond?" She asked in her most provocative voice.

"Please, call me Eric." He smiled again; this time it was a smile that would knock most women off of their feet.

Eric Diamond was a devastatingly handsome man; his violet eyes were amazingly vibrant against his incredibly smooth creamy skin, not to mention his platinum blonde shoulder length hair. Annette often had to remind herself that she was on an assignment, the man was remarkably charming.

"Alright… Eric, what can I do for you?"

Eric stood up and walked around his desk circling around Annette.

"Well since you offered." He leaned down and whispered in her ear. She turned to him with wide eyes, feigning a look of confusion.

"Excuse me?" she acted insulted.

Eric stood up straight.

"Ms. Driver, I had some new security equipment secretly installed over the weekend. It takes several different images Thermal, x-ray, and a few more. So imagine my surprise when my Personal assistant walks in this morning and security notifies me that there is something suspicious inside her shirt. I have to say that I was taken aback." He was now standing in front of her, almost sitting on his desk. With a very serious look he leaned forward inches away from her face. "Who sent you and what were you trying to find out?" His voice hid most of his anger.

She knew the jig was up and after a long sigh she finally began to speak

"I work for a private investigator who is investigating the many charges of sexual harassment and misconduct that you seemed to wiggle your way out of." She was beginning to get scared.

"I see… Ms. Ember, Please unbutton your top so I can see what exactly you are wearing that has security so concerned."

She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open so Diamond could see the audio recording device that was strategically placed on her body.

"What a neat little gadget!" Eric exclaimed. "Too bad I have to destroy it. This looks really expensive and high tech."

He was touching the different components of the device still secured on her chest and took great pleasure in feeling her shudder every time he touched the wires, inadvertently touching her warm, ivory skin as well. The platinum blonde man smiled devilishly and leaned in to the blonde girl's chest.

"Whoever is listening, I want you to know one thing, if you want me you're just going to have to do better than this."

Eric stood, walked to the intercom on his desk and pushed the button.

"Security, please come and escort Ms. Ember out. She is not to be allowed back in the building."

A short silence followed and then a loud crash

The audio feed went dead.

"Son of a bitch!" The brown haired man that sat across the street from Diamond enterprises swore loudly. He couldn't believe that his operative had been caught.

He picked up the phone and dialed.

"Seyia, hey it's Taiki, They discovered the wire and are escorting her out of the building. I am waiting out front for her, but the investigation has failed. Please notify the client."

Taiki waited and waited he still had not seen Annette come out of the building. It had been over twenty minutes since she had been discovered. He knew that she would have found her way to his car, but so far nothing. After waiting another ten minutes he tried to call her cell phone…. no answer. He was really beginning to worry.

Little did he know that once Eric Diamond had destroyed the audio feed, his security goons had escorted Annette out the back door and into a van. They were headed to one of Eric's warehouse properties where she would be silenced permanently. Nobody crossed Eric Diamond and lived to tell of it.

Across town

In a loft on the outskirts of the city, a beautiful blonde sat on her sofa typing rapidly on her laptop trying to finish the work she had brought home from the office, her headphones streaming her favorite music concealed any outside distractions, so much so she did not hear the front door of the apartment slowly creak open. The silent intruder slowly and cautiously positioned himself behind the couch where the woman was sitting. The scarf that he held was tightly doubled around each fist, in one quick motion he pulled it over the head of the unsuspecting blonde and tightened it around her neck. Lucky for her, reflexes had allowed her to react fast enough to get her hands underneath the sheer fabric of the scarf before he pulled it tight. She felt his breath tickle the back of her neck and threw her head back colliding with the front of the attackers head, causing him to release his grip on the scarf and his hands cupped his head.

"YOU BITCH!" He yelled and pushed all of his weight on the back of the couch causing it to flip backwards sending the occupant propelling towards him, she threw her feet up landing them directly into his manhood. He hunched over in response to the painful blow to a very sensitive area. The young blonde was sprawled on the floor. She spun her legs around and knocked his feet out from underneath the intruder. He landed with a big thud on the floor. It knocked the breath out of him. Triumphantly she pressed her foot into his chest further constricting his lungs from properly recovering. The Dark haired man grabbed her ankle and pulled it out from under her, she fell to the floor lying next to him. Before she could recover, the man stood up and grabbed a handful of the blonde's hair near the scalp. He pulled her by the hair, standing her up and roughly pushing her against the wall. Swiftly he pulled out the knife that was in his pocket and flipped the blade out; he placed the cold, metal, sharp edge to her neck.

"Well Special Agent Tsukino, I believe that I have won. Do you have any last words before I gut you?" He snarled still trying to catch his breath.

She laughed crazily and pulled out a small gun from her waistband and placed the barrel to his head, slowly pulled the hammer back. Her smile was confident.

"No, I win."

She pulled the trigger


The knife was no longer on her delicate peach flesh. It hit the floor with a loud thud along with the gun.

"I can't believe you aimed a gun at me and pulled the trigger!" The dark haired man yelled as he backed away from the blonde

"Oh Darien, stop being a baby! It wasn't loaded and you had a knife pressed to my neck. In fact, I think that you drew some blood." She retorted.

In an instant the blonde was pushed up against the wall again.

"Oh yeah, I think that I see what you are talking about. Let me examine your neck a bit more thoroughly." His breathe was hot against her skin as he pressed his lips against the delicate flesh of her neck and began streaming long kisses towards her breasts.

She moaned in pleasure as she felt the bulge inside his pants pressing into her, making her hot and dripping between her legs. She wrapped her amazingly long legs around his waist and allowed him to carry her into the bedroom, within seconds he had removed her clothes then took care of his; climbing on top of her he thrust his substantial member into her tight chamber. Her walls constricted around him begging for more, he obliged plunging in and pulling out. Her cries rang out begging for him to ravage her body. He continued for what seemed like hours until finally they both had reached their climax. The two fell asleep in each other's arms, silently dreaming of their red-hot tryst.

The next morning Darien was in the kitchen making coffee while Serena was taking a shower. He loved her so much, but she was the most difficult, stubborn woman that he had ever met.

His eyes followed her form that was only covered by a towel as she walked out of the bathroom and sat down at the table across from him. She began to fix her coffee; always 4 teaspoons of sugar and 4 teaspoons of cream.

"So Serena, when are you finally going to let me marry you?" Darien smiled; this had become the topic of conversation for several mornings now.

"My stand on the subject hasn't changed Special agent Shields, need I remind you of how the Bureau frowns upon interoffice relationships. I love you and you love me but we also love our jobs. How could that work?"

"I told you before, I will quit. I don't work for the money, you know that. I have a rather large inheritance that will allow me to live comfortably."

"Darien, I am not going to let you quit, you have spent your entire career trying to get to where you are now. You are one of the lead agents of the Tactical Response teams, how can you be alright with giving that up? You have worked so hard." Serena responded.

"I would give up anything to be with you Serena; I love you more than some stupid job. You wouldn't give up your job for me?"

"Of course I would Darien; I just don't think that now is the time. I have to get ready for work, you should too." She stood up from the table and entered her bedroom to get dressed she wore a navy blue suit with a soft pink shell underneath and tied her long pale blonde hair into a bun, securing it with bobby pins. She fastened her gun belt on and concealed her personal weapon to her calf. It was a derringer she had to reload it since last night when she had emptied it during their "foreplay" session. Serena fastened her badge onto the belt loop of her pants and walked out of the bedroom; Darien was still sitting at the table.

"You have to be the most beautiful federal agent I have ever seen." He said as he took another sip of coffee.

"You should probably do the walk of shame over to your place across the hall, you are going to be late for work." She warned.

"OK, ok" he sighed and pushed himself up. "See you at the office. I love you."

He kissed her goodbye and went across the hall to get dressed for work.

"I love you too."