Chapter 12

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Henry looked awful after a long night of torture.

His left eye was swollen shut and his lip was fat from the previous night of gentle persuasion Darien had bestowed upon him.

Darien on the other hand looked great; a freshly shaven and clean he stood in front of the nearly broken down man. Darien didn't feel a bit sorry for the guy; this would all be over and done with if he would just talk.

"Good morning Henry, how did you sleep last night?" A chipper Darien asked kneeling in front of the stubborn man.

"Fuck you Shields." Henry returned

"I see that you are still in a foul mood, maybe it's time for an attitude adjustment."

Darien walked over to where he had left the bat, and picked it up. The heavy, metal bat was dinged and dented; it looked like it had seen better days.

"I decided that I need you walking, so breaking your legs just won't do."

Darien twirled the bat in his hands.

"I knew that you couldn't do it, you don't have the balls." Henry laughed triumphantly

"I think a couple ribs might do the trick."

The bat collided with Henrys side rendering him breathless and instantly breaking several ribs.

"You…. are a…. lunatic." Yelled the slumped over man, gasping for breath.

"Tell me what I want now!" Darien demanded holding the bat up to strike Henry again.

"Ok,Ok…. He is on a private beach on the coast of Brazil. I will give you the coordinates just get the fuck away." Henry pleaded, now coughing violently.

Darien threw a piece of paper and pen at Henry.

"Write them down"

Serena wiggled out of the unwanted embrace of Eric's sleeping body. The rising sun was just visible over the horizon. She stepped out onto the veranda and the salty ocean breeze hit her; she loved the ocean.

It was the only good thing about this prison.

Her long, white nightgown danced in the warm wind and clung to her legs. Serena had decided today that she would begin to make the best of her situation and attempt to play nice with Eric.

She wondered when Darien would come for her, though she didn't doubt he was looking; she felt lonely and abandoned nonetheless. Serena knew that she needed to face facts, and the fact was that Darien may never find her.

"Serena what are you doing up sweetie, come back to bed." Eric groaned a he stirred under the sheets.

"The baby was kicking and she woke me up. Go back to sleep Eric, I am fine."

A few minutes later he was snoring again.

Quietly Serena snuck out of the villa and took a walk on the beach. She was gone around half an hour when she noticed a small plane flying overhead. Desperately, she began waving her arms, trying to signal to the plane that she was in need of help; but soon Serena realized that they were too far overhead to see her.

When the sound of the plane could no longer be heard she fell to the sand and began to cry.

It was hopeless.

In a private jet on his way to a small Brazilian airport, Darien was loading ammunition into the clip of his gun. He had turned Henry over to the bureau several hours prior and had left before Arty could ask any questions about what happened to the badly beaten Henry or where Darien was going.

Darien was suited up in all black gear along with his Kevlar vest and helmet. He didn't know what to expect once he landed, but he would be prepared.

Upon landing on a rough tarmac, a helicopter was waiting to take him within a couple miles of the specified coordinates; he would walk the remainder of the way to the villa.

After he had Eric in handcuffs, he would signal the helicopter to pick them up. Darien knew that extradition and paperwork would take too long; he wasn't here as an agent, but a civilian. He would not rest another day without his Serena.

Walking through the dense forest was a feat in itself. The one mile hike to the beach was not without heavy brush and protruding branches that sliced his skin through his pants; once he made it to the sugary white beach he knew that he was close.

He noticed fresh footprints in the sand, small barefoot steps; he guessed they were Serena's footprints.

Darien stayed low as he approached a long boardwalk where the footsteps led. He pulled out binoculars and looked in the direction of the huge house. He could see a large pool and Eric sitting in a lounge chair beside the pool, then he saw her. His Serena, she was very darkly tanned and her belly had grown much more round. She wore a long white sundress that floated in the breeze and her sun bleached hair was pulled up into a tight bun; she was breathtaking. Darien pulled his gun out and slowly made his way towards the house, creeping along the dense tropical landscaping that led up the side of the house.

"Would you like some lemonade Eric?" Serena offered as she walked towards him with a large glass of lemonade.

He was reading a letter; she assumed that it was about his company Diamond Enterprises.

"Sure" He took the glass cautiously and smelled it.

"You didn't poison it did you?" He laughed.

"No, I just thought that I would do something nice."

"I see. Thank you." He smiled, took a sip and went back to reading his letter.

Serena heard a rustling in the bushes beside the pool; she turned to see what it was but couldn't make out anything. She decided that it might have been the monkeys playing in the forest.

"I am going inside for lunch then to work in my office, care to join me?" Eric said getting up.

"No thank you, I am going to the beach."

He kissed her on the cheek then retired inside.

Once Serena was sure Eric was preoccupied with lunch she began to investigate the shrubbery. She heard the rustling some more then saw something black take off toward the beach. She ran down the boardwalk to catch it and once she made it to the hot sand, she saw that it was a person.

The person, dressed in black, stopped running and turned to look at her. He took off his helmet and dropped it in the sand. Serena instantly recognized the head full of silky, raven hair.

It was Darien.

She ran to him and into his open arms, crying hysterically.

"Serena." He held her and kissed the top of her head.

"Darien, I didn't think that you would ever find me." She could hardly speak through her tears of joy.

"I know." He captured her lips with his own. It felt so good to hold her and taste her. He kissed every tear and bent down to kiss her large belly.

"I love you both." He whispered to the baby in her stomach.

A small applause came from behind them. Darien jumped up and drew his weapon.

"Eric." The reunited couple said in unison.

"Good work Agent Shields, that was so… touching." Eric held a gun in his hand and it was pointed at Darien.

"I could see everything from the house. You aren't leaving this island, either of you."

"Eric, please… I need for you to let us go." Serena tried to reason with him.

"You can stay here and nobody will bother you or come for you." She finished.

"Ha. I thought you were finally beginning to love me" He scoffed and pointed the gun at Serena.

"No, Eric I could never love you. I was trying to make the best of a seemingly hopeless situation."

Eric huffed

"Shields, you have five seconds to step away from her or I will shoot her, then I will shoot you." Eric was tired of talking.





Eric went down as a bullet lodged in his chest. Darien walked over and stood above the fugitive.

"Are you ready to go back with me?" Darien asked the man who was gasping for air. He had shot him in the chest but it was not a fatal shot, it just hurt like hell.

"I will never go back, forget it."Eric whispered pulling the gun in his hand to his skull.

There was a large bang. The bullet entered his brain; killing him instantly.

"NOOOOOO." Serena cried as she rushed towards Eric.

Just like that it was over.

Serena clung to Darien as she watched the life leave Eric's eyes.

"Go in the house and get some sheets and blankets, we need to take his body back to the states."

Serena came back with an armful of blankets, sheets and rope; Darien worked quickly to wrap up Eric's body.

"Are you alright?" Darien asked the clearly shaken Serena when they had finally loaded everything into the helicopter.

"I will be, just give me a moment." She sat in silence for a while

"Darien, do you think that he would have shot me?" She finally asked.

"I don't know, but I sure as hell wasn't going to take that chance. Serena, you and our baby are the most important things in my life. Coming here I knew that Eric Diamond would not leave that beach without a fight."

"I know." She reassured herself.

As happy as she was to be back with Darien, it made her sad to think of how it ended for Eric Diamond.

When the helicopter landed, Serena and Darien were transferred to a small private plane that would take them home. Eric's body was secured in the cargo hold.

Serena laid her head down on Darien's shoulder and fell asleep. It was the most peaceful and sound sleep she had had in over five months.

It was finally over.

Once the plane had landed Darien called The Bureau and they met him at the airport along with the medical examiner.

Serena was immediately was taken to the hospital so that she and the baby could be monitored. The baby and Serena were both fine. At 27 weeks along the Doctor said that she looked great.

With no trial to testify for, Serena immediately resigned from her post and began supervising the renovations to Shields Estate.

Eric's younger brother Samuel took over the family business and cleaned up the mess that Eric had left. The company was restructured and downsized to fund the "investments" that his brother had made.

Darien took some time off after the couple was settled into the house to take Serena on a getaway before the baby was born. She agreed to go as long as it was anywhere but the beach. He took her on a secluded mountain getaway. They decided while there to get married in a quaint little wedding chapel that overlooked the side of the snowy mountain.

Belle Marie Shields was born a few months later. She was healthy and beautiful just like her mother.

Darien and Serena were the happiest they had ever been with their little family. Looking back over the previous year, so much had happened that put both their lives and relationship in jeopardy; but in the long run seemed to make them stronger.

Darien leaned over to kiss his young daughter who had fallen asleep in his arms, he brushed the small wisp of blonde hair behind her ear and carried her to her bedroom; gently placing her in the crib. She would be awake in a few hours to eat again so he joined Serena, who was already asleep in their bed.

"Darien, is she asleep again?" Serena asked groggily

"Yes, for now."

"I love you, I am so happy that we are together as a family." She whispered as she cuddled into his chest.

"I love you too sweetheart; I am happy too and promise to live every moment for you." He kissed her before they drifted off to sleep.