|ê"Ô° High School °Ò"ê|

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I turned over in bed. It was quite irritating really, the fact that I had to get out of the place; considering the rays which sneaked into my room through the little spaces between my room's curtains.

Rubbing my eyes in an angered fashion, I willed them open irately. Unaccustomed, that's what I was. Unaccustomed to being in the last part of schooling.

The myriad thoughts which plagued my mind then, can't be put into words, for all I'm capable of conjecturing.

My half-open eyes flew to my bed-side table, and glimpsed the alarm. The corners of my lips turned upwards, as I looked at it, leaving me devoid of all the nervousness I'd felt until yesterday.

So, I was starting High School, eh?

A laugh escaped me.

Weakly attempting to throw the covers off, I sighed again. My seniors had always told me of the variety of possibilities this brought with it. I'd laughed at them before, mocking them at how filmy their thoughts about school seemed to be. Perhaps not the best thing to do, considering they said 'You'll see' and then started staring at the nearest 'Pretty-Chick's' backside. But, ah well, I guess it didn't go without saying that they'd somewhat succeeded in getting the whole idea into my head anyway.

Clambering out of bed, I slipped my feet into my slippers. Now, I'm not 'Overtly Immature' or anything, but I guess you'll have to adjust yourselves with the fact that I wore Anime-Slippers. You know, the ones with the fluffy heads and all. The heck?

Once out of bed, I stretched my arms, and went over to my room's window. Pretty quiet it was, that morning.

My lips bent into a grin.

Fortunately, nothing weird had happened until the-


My eyes shot to the door, and began to glare at them.

Buh Bye Perfect Way to Start High School.

So we were the children of these three supremely-powerful-goofs, namely; Poseidon, my dad, Zeus, Pinecone face's dad, and Hades, Bastard's dad.

Uhh, sorry! You probably don't know who I'm talking about. Well...

Pinecone face is my cousin sister, daughter of Zeus, like mentioned before. She's quite pretty, and humorous, if you think humor extends to the realm of beating half the school's student strength into next week every day. But, in a sense, if you really got into the deeper side of her, you'd find that loving creep half the world goes crazy for.

Unfortunately, the 'half-the-world' comment doesn't apply to her, considering the external facade of hers I mentioned before.


Bastard. Well, his real name's not 'Bastard', its Nico. But I prefer using 'Bastard', simply because of the insanely creepy things he liked to pull on everyone around him. Unlike the Thalia, and me, Nico was, well... confident in his schemes to say the least. He was utterly, and completely, obsessed with the variety of ways in which one can pull 'shit'.

Get the idea? Hope you don't. I'd die of shame otherwise.

Anyway, moving on, we'd graduated middle school a couple of months to the day, from Goode Junior High. And had now moved on to, *gasps*, Goode High!

Sorry, I just like to go crazy once in a while, helps with the ever-surmounting pressure of leading my life, you know.

I'm sure you'll see what I'm alluding to pretty soon.

As soon as our car's engine stopped, a loud yell reached my ears.


Smiling, I climbed out of the car, to see a guy with coffee-colored skin running towards me. I laughed, raising my hand just in time to have it slap against the one of said guy.

"Grover! What's up?"

The guy grinned.

"I'll tell ya what's up! We're starting High School, man!" he shivered, his smile intact, "Gives me the jitters already!"

Another laugh escaped me.

"Excited are we?"

He winked.

"You bet bitch!"

I swung my arm over his should, and performed a sort of 'mock-falling-down-to-the-ground'.

"Oh my gawd, it hurts my brain! The ever increasing traumas of school life! What's a poor ass going to do!"

"You're gay."

I scowled, turning my head towards our car's rear window.

Grover laughed.

"Morning Nic!"

Nico smirked, and nodded.

"Anyhow," said Grover, breaking me out of my murderous mental tantrum, "Wanna go in?"

I blinked.

Inside the school, eh?

"I thought you'd never ask!"

Phew. The previous one was utter bull, if you ask me! Anyway, here's the new one peeps! I'm gonna rewrite the whole damn story!

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